Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paper Doll and others

Ladies and Gentlemen. The Mills Brothers. Enjoy. These guys are AWESOME! I'm bragging when I say I know all the words. Great harmony. I bought their greatest for me as well.

PAMOKC, did you listen to this?

I'm "In the mood"

I grew up with this. My mom loves Glenn Miller and so do I. Bought her this and the Mills Brothers greatest hits on CD. She tried to put it on her record player and they wouldn't work. "Chip! It's just making a scratching noise" "PUT IT IN THE CD PLAYER AL!" "OH! OK It's working now" I love them as well. Yes, I'm Crowned up and listnening to music late at night and its FRICKING AWESOME! God how I love my life. Mills Brothers to follow.

My sister knew Glenn Miller personnally. Baby sat his kids. OK, that's a shot at how old she is. She didn't babysit his kids. They were grown and in college by then. My dear sister how do you like this? God how Alvina has great taste in old music.

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm back from state 39.

I'm back from beautiful Williston, North Dakota.  It's a mere 7 hour drive from here. OUr computer at the new location wasn't working so I've been without the internet since Sunday.  Williston is not what we all would call "metroplitan".  No internet cafe's and I dont have a laptop so I haven't been able to check emails or blogs or jackshit for almost a week.  There aren't any motel rooms to be had there either.  Oil boom is going strong.  Fortunately I had a camper to stay in and a place to shower. So I had that going for me and that's a lot.

I don't know who invented XM radio but there is a special place in heaven for you.  Auto post didn't work.  Wow! What were the odds there?  As it is Friday I'll pass on posting my MCW.

Here's what I'll tell you about ND or at least Williston. Everyone smokes. It was like being in a Mad Men episode.  Anyway.  I'm going to go visit as many MCW posts as I can.  Gonna have some more Crown.  Thanks to all for the great comments on my last random thoughts post.  This blogging community is the best.  All of your comments are heartfelt and appreciated.

I'm going to go to Buzz's site and try to post on all the MCW's I missed.  All of you are the best.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Random Thoughts #21

Things that crossed my mind while wondering how I got to be so lucky.

Finished the LBOH this past week as you all know.  It's hard for me to describe this event.  I have the explanation of how it all started on digital audio.  How it came to be about, etc.  What's hard to describe is the friendship.  We've all had our "best friends" when we were growing up.  What I (we) have is truly different.  I'm not trying to denegrate anyone else's friendship here.  My only point is this, find me some guys who grew up together, or girls, who have met success, spread out across the country, and still make time to get together once a year to celebrate their friendship like we do. I'm talking from 1st grade through high school graduation and beyond.  I'm only bragging because I'm lucky enough to be in this group.  All the guys reading this are invited to next years LBOH.

When I've been drinking, which is almost every Friday, I get sentimental. I just love these fuckers.  Talked to Ralph tonight and Danny yesterday.  At our 20th class reunion, one of the girls in our class asked me how we have managed to stay so close after all these years.  I told her " We make the effort. I call Skeets and Ralph. They call Delm and Adrian. Ernie calls me and we always know whats going on with each other." Its a simple formula really.

MCW theme,Top Chef, and a couple odds and ends.

OK loyal readers, here's the deal.  I'm heading to North Dakota on Sunday to drum up some work in the oil patch.  I don't know when I'll be back next week.  I'll try to auto-post my MCW theme as I don't know what kind of computer access I'll have. 

Drove to the Ruby Dam this morning and closed a pretty good rental contract.  Boss is happy so that makes me happy.  Much work to do in ND with the Bakken Oil Field going strong.

Here's the theme and it's for the ladies and I hope I can explain it well enough (sorry Buzz, don't hate me because I'm beautiful).  Pick the romantic comedy you would like to have starred in and why.  Maybe it's not your favorite but it has the actor/Diane Lane actress you most want to smooch.

Top Chef was booooooooooring again this week.  The guest jugs judge was giving Gayle and Padma a run for their money and that was the highlight.  Oh yeah, whatshisface helped Tameesha get knocked out of the compettion.    That's it.  Heading to Miles City on Sunday for golf and steaks and then on to Williston to ply my wares.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Here's a few more pictures from the 21st annual LBOH.

After the break.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

LBOH Wednesday night photos

For those of you who might be new to this below average blog, here's the quick story.  I was fortunate enough to grow up in the greatest town in Montana, if not the world.  My home of Malta.  I was even more fortunate to grow up with the best group of friends a man can have.  We've been friends since we were 4-5 years old and been close ever since.  After high school and then college, we knew that we had to keep this together so Adrian came up with the idea of one weekend a year that was just for us.  No wives, no kids.  The top of the invitation read "Lonely Bachelors and Oppressed Husbands unite for a weekend of solidarity" and the moniker LBOH was born from that. The party has grown since then and that's even better. This year was our 21st year in a row of getting together.  Here are pictures from Wednesday night.  Just a couple as not everyone was there.  Enjoy.  PS, thanks to Uncle Scott for taking the majority of the pictures that we'll see. A few more pictures after the break.

Ernie and Ralph talking about life, kids, etc.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Worst Movie Ending -

It was kind of a tough choice for this.  I was originally going to choose Unforgiven but I've already hammered on it.  Besides, it was a bad movie from the get go.  So instead I chose the ending from No Country for Old Men.  I didn't like to do it because the movie was incredibly good.  I understand the purpose of the story and everything, it just made the movie end shitty.  I think if they would have had Tommy Lee telling the story while whatshisbadass was leaving the house after killing Luellen's wife that it might have been better but just the way it was with him telling the story and ending like that, really made me go "what? That's how you're ending this?"  I did the same thing at the end of The Departed so this was really a coin flip for me.  Make no mistake, this is a great film, I just thought the ending sucked.  I'll have a theme for next week picked in a day or two, until then, here is Tommy Lee with the "dream" story.  Don't listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery.

21 and counting

Sunday morning with the crew.

I survived the 21st Annual Lonely Bachelors and Oppressed Husbands weekend (LBOH).  I officially began lbohing this year at about 5 PM MDT last Wednesday.  When the LBOH moves from its noun form ("when is the LBOH?") to the verb form ("God, I love lbohing!")  the party is started.  Have some other great pictures I'll post later.  Glad to be back in the blogosphere. 

Remember that MCW theme this week is "movie with the worst ending".  Its good to be back and I'll try to get caught up on everyone's stuff this week.

L t R - Frenchy and Uncle Scott, who went to HS together in Minneapolis.  Then Skeets, MRM, Ernie, and Delm, who graduated  from MALTA HIGH SCHOOL together.  This is Wednesday around midnight.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Haiku Thursday - oil spill

Golf while oil spills
Blaming his predecessor
Teeing up in Maine

Oil spill no concern
It affected gulf, not golf
thats par for the course.

Movie Clip Wednesday - best/favorite theme song

I'm a little late going today.  Had to pack for the 21st annual LBOH weekend and when I was done jumped right into the rack without post my pick for MCW.  Boxer is still busier than a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest so this week's theme is best/favorite movie theme song.  I should have limited this to a certain decade as it was almost impossible to pick one from the thousands of movies we've all watched.  I was going to go with "Jessica's Theme" from The Man from Snowy River but then remembered it was the same music my ex-wife used to walk down the aisle.  In the words of George Costanza "Everythings tainted now!"  So I picked two. I did this because I really wanted to post "Grease" but figured it was an automatic blog jinx.  So I went to another great but underappreciated theme song from one of the top five westerns of all time The Man who shot Liberty Valance The Duke, Jimmy Stewart, Lee Marvin, some pretty hot chick from the 50's.  It doesn't get any better.  Here's Gene Pitney singing what Burt Bacharach wrote.  Hard to believe the last part. 

Here's Frank Valli because GREASE IS THE WORD!.

That's it for me loyal readers of the drivel. I'm heading to LBOH camp this afternoon and won't be back until Sunday. Look at the bright said (there's a not bright side if I'm going to be gone for 5 days?) you will be spared a really shitty write-up on this week's Top Chef. Thanks for playing. Next week's theme is movie with the worst ending, at least in your opinion. Hmmm, Back to the Future part II, Unforgiven, The Departed so many to choose from.  Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.  I hope to be sobered up and posting by this time next week.

Monday, July 12, 2010

MCW - theme for 7/14/2010

Alright, I'm under the gun a little bit.  I have the LBOH this weekend.  Ralph gets here from Reno Wednesday around 2 and we are heading into camp as soon as I leave the salt mine at 5 that afternoon.  Lots of mass quantities to be consumed. 

I picked what I thought was an easy theme.  Best/favorite theme song. I am going to ban "Gonna Fly Now (Rocky's Theme)"  because at the state wrestling tournament when I was a junior they played it at the awards presentation for every weight class.  Soured me on the song so its banned.  Anything other theme song is fair game. 

I'll be up Tuesday as I'm leaving Wednesday.  I'll also have a theme for next week already.  God, I'm good under pressure.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Weird Al and Me

As I was driving home from my defeat last Saturday in Billings, John Denver came on the XM with one of my favorites Take me home, country roads.  I've always had a little parody in my head for Malta, the Center of the Universe so I finally sat down and penned it.  You can sing my version the next time you hear this on the radio. After the jump.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top Chef DC - Week 4

I can't believe how much this season is sucking.  It's boring as hell.  Angelo is a complete douchbag and I have never rooted against anyone as hard I am rooting against him.  Is he a good chef?  As the 8-Ball says "all signs say yes"  of course if you asked the 8-Ball, does every other contestant want to kick him in the balls you'd get the same answer. 

So here's my highlights.  Tiffany was showing the goods a little bit at Whole Foods and I found myself openly rooting for them her.  Kenny is falling off the pace, Angelo is far and away the favorite and everyone else is pretty boring.  Andrea has a little two face thing going on.  I don't know what to think of it but Seinfeld explains it perfectly.

BTW "quirky" (is that the new PC term?) Arnold and Lynn are both sleeping in their own beds again.

And if blogger doesn't start getting it's shit together, I'm driving to their headquarter's and giving them a little attitude adjustment.  There will be a lot of shredded pocket protectors strewn about when I'm finished.  Who's with me?

Haiku Thursday - Summertime and the living is easy.

Skeeters buzzin thick,
Trafton Park, working the dish
Cold Buckhorn waiting

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday - best/favorite actress of the 1970's

Boxer's meme has been left temporarily in my less than capable hands.  I'm kind of like Homer Simpson running the nuclear power plant right now.  I don't know what I'm doing and I'm pretty sure it's going to end badly.  Sounds like most of my relationships as well.

My favorite actor from the 1990's is Kevin Spacey.  Not only did he star in one of my favorite movies of all time "The Usual Suspects" but..............oops............this is the week for best/favorite actress from the 1970's.  Almost stepped in it again.  

My favorite actress from the 1970's is Diane Keaton and it wasn't easy. Who's coming up with this stuff anyway?  I mean, I was alive in the 70's and went to a bunch of movies and I couldn't come up with a good one.  Most the "award winners" were people I wouldn't go watch because all of their movies were too serious.  After some research I made my decision on a couple of things.  Did I see any of her movies, did I like the movies and did I like her?  That really narrowed things down as I never saw anything Meryl Streep did.  Only saw one Julie Christie Movie and I watched a lot of Talia Shire including, Prophecy , but I had to go with Keaton.  It was a judgement call.  Plus I think she's just a touch better looking and in my world that's usually the tiebreaker.  Especially given that they are almost the exact same age.  I think Diane jumped on the Neutrogena band wagon just a a little bit before Talia. I'm guessing 15-20 years by the looks of things.  Anyway, here's a clip from Looking for Mr. Goodbar.  As usual I couldn't find the one I wanted from The Godfather so this is what you get.  Richard Gere in a jockstrap.

Reminded me of this clip from Strange Brew.

Another great clip from Strange Brew. "Some British new wave band. Beauty sound." Just for you TP.

Haven't quite decided on a theme for next week.  Still kicking a couple of ideas around but will have one up in the next day or two.  Kudos to Pam for getting her post up early thus avoiding a blog jinx.  Well played.

I suppose congratulations are in order

This past Saturday I travelled to Billings for my annual match play with 5Wood.  My streak of 5 consectutive wins was on the line and I've been playing pretty well lately.  I made the turn with a one hole lead but through a series of misfortune on the back (three straight holes with a ball in the water) 5Wood was able to take a 2 hole lead with 2 to play.  I won the 17th to make it 1 up in his favor.  If I win the 18th the trophy stays with me.  5 played an OK tee shot and hit the green about 40 feet short of the pin.  I missed left and gave myself nothing to work with.  I managed to save a bogey but 5Wood made his bogey as well thus winning the match 1-up.  As The Prodigy said, "great rivalries require that the other side wins every so often or it's not a rivalry."  It was a great match and the best we have both played since the "Match for the Cap" was started. 

Well played 5Wood.  I did say I wasn't going to mention anything on the blog if I lost but that would be sour grapes after the round you played.  It was fun and I'm looking forward to next year.  When the cap returns to its rightful place in my closet.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Random 4th of July thoughts #20

Things that crossed my mind while being thankful I'm an American.

I just walked outside to get something out of my pickup and could smell the gunpowder from the fireworks.  I love America!!

There is almost no greater sound to me than hearing my brother's kids say anything that starts with "Uncle Chip........"  Its fucking awesome.

I like the new guy, Jessie, in Burn Notice. It's always hard to introduce a new character byt they've managed to do a great job.

The Mint Brothers

Saw this video at Barstool Sports and thought it was pretty funny.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Top Chef DC - Week 3

Sorry I'm late in posting this.  My work cell rang off the hook at home Wednesday night.  If I wasn't a commission salesman I'd be pissed, but I am one and I'll take every call anytime.  Well, except golf league night.  And weekends.  And for chrissakes don't call me when I'm at 2 for 1's on Tuesday night or happy hour on Friday.  Or before 7 AM any day.  Basically just call me during normal business hours and I'll be glad to give you my "here's the deal" speech.  But not during lunch.

Ex-girlfriend calling wanting a carpet cleaner now.  It's pure pandemonium.  If I thought that was code for anything physical I'd be there in a heartbeat, but she honestly needs to clean her carpets.

From my notes: Prediction - Tracey is gone. 

I hate having to wear reading glasses. I really don't have to, but it is easier on my eyes.  I don't need anymore help in the "looking cool" category.