Friday, June 29, 2012

Whew. A breather finally

I have not been home for a full weekend since before Memorial Day.

Nothing this weekend. Just a little work, some golf, pull some weeds. Maybe a glass of Canada's finest.

I bought a car. A 2004 Audi A6 with a twin turbo 2.6 liter engine.  Two words. Fucking Awesome!!!!! I'm glad I'm 49 because if I was 29, I would probably have five wreckless driving tickets by now as this car gets to 120 way to easy and I have no problem driving that fast. I decided a couple of months ago I wanted to get a car to drive for my road trips.  I have the money, I picked a number and then found it. Driving it is more fun than stepping on baby ducks.  Just a good time.

Work is good. I love the pressure.  There is a difference between pressure and stress. I'm not stressed. Sleep well every night. Will sleep better on my new temperpedic come Monday, but honestly love the pressure of the decision making. As long as there are not women involved, I'm a good decision maker. Didn't get here being a bad one.

My golf game is alright. Played in the Steamboat Two Man Best Ball with Danny for the tenth time and we finally won. We both played great on Saturday.  Sunday, we were a little wobbly. Not from any post Saturday imbibing, just didn't play well to start. We started with a five stroke lead.  After nine we had a one stroke lead. Our opponents were playing good, we weren't. It was a shotgun start on Sunday.  We started on hold 5. Signal Point is a nine hole track so you play it twice. After nine we were up one, we clung to that lead. We arrived at hole 9 the second time. Still up one, we only had five holes left.  I walked up to Danny "I need a birdie from you here."  I was struggling and so was he. We played 9 the second time and gained a stroke. We went to hole 1 and picked up another one. Now we are up three with three to play. They crumbled like crackers into tomato soup. Finally winning after so long was fun. Three years ago we had a three stroke lead and folded up like a suitcase and had our asses kicked.  Nice to rally.

I miss you all and hope this grand blessing of life is treating you fairly.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Catching up with a good friend

Big Sky Fly Guy is a friend of mine from years past.  We played pool together for 5 or 6 years.  Then he got married, quit playing pool and we fell out of touch.  The last time I ran into him was at the grocery store. I posted in May that I was switching to VO. BSFG's response was "When can we expect to see the first Blog at 'VO on the rocks?'

My response to him was"Great question BSFG. How about when you have your third child? Or when you can come over for a drink? My money is on the third kid. Just sayin."

Well I forgot he had his third child two years ago. So I suppose I have to change it now. Maybe.