Thursday, July 1, 2010

Top Chef DC - Week 3

Sorry I'm late in posting this.  My work cell rang off the hook at home Wednesday night.  If I wasn't a commission salesman I'd be pissed, but I am one and I'll take every call anytime.  Well, except golf league night.  And weekends.  And for chrissakes don't call me when I'm at 2 for 1's on Tuesday night or happy hour on Friday.  Or before 7 AM any day.  Basically just call me during normal business hours and I'll be glad to give you my "here's the deal" speech.  But not during lunch.

Ex-girlfriend calling wanting a carpet cleaner now.  It's pure pandemonium.  If I thought that was code for anything physical I'd be there in a heartbeat, but she honestly needs to clean her carpets.

From my notes: Prediction - Tracey is gone. 

I hate having to wear reading glasses. I really don't have to, but it is easier on my eyes.  I don't need anymore help in the "looking cool" category.

Tonight's quickfire is some pastry chef.  Johnny something zini.  Gail and the twins are here as well.  We are off to a great beginning.

A dessert challenge for the quick fire.  I kind of like it. Pies.  Do you think I could find the pie clip from Seinfeld that would fit here perfectly?  No I can't.  It's the 21st century.  It should be easier than this.  Automatic clips for every occasion and flying cars.  Who dropped the ball on this? Timothy kind of whining.  Hey Timbo, desserts are part of a meal at any fancy restaraunt.  Don't you serve dessert at your place?  Thought so.  These pies are a mess.  Kenny wins.  Finally.  Oh yeah! It's on.  BTW, where are the prizes for winning a quickfire this year?  They are even getting an autographed picture of the Morton salt girl.  Nothing.

The elimination challenge is a picnic.  Hmmmmmm.  Looks as though they are readers of our little blog community as this is obviously lifted directly from the last culinary challenge.  Hacks with no originality.

Amanda had a cocaine problem?  No shit?  How is she not the cook at the Whitehouse?  Seems like she has a lot in common with the president.  She could have used the pies to stop the leak in the gulf.

Why do they have to label the ovens?  Why aren't they assigned?  Am I the only one who thinks this makes sense?  How hard would it be to do? What do I know?  I'm just a simple cowboy from Montana. 

Coke problem or no coke problem, Amanda is kind of sassy.  Liking her in more ways than one.

The setting for the picnic is Mount Vernon.  I've been there twice and its a spectacular venue.  The Potomac is absolutely huge. The views are incredible.

Taste food and stuff.  Judges table.  Tracey says she is psychic and clairvoyant.  Wonder if she can see herself leaving this week.  I'm clairvoyant when I'm on the Crown.

Arnold is the winner.  He doesn't get jack shit for winning. Not a book or anything.  At least I have a skull cap that says "Mount Vernon" on it.

Gail getting on Timothy for making a bad meal and being half badass about it.  You go girl!  Tracey is not looking good for the cut.  AS I PREDICTED!

Tracey pack up your knives.  Whose psychic now?  I'll tell who.  MRM is.  She took defeat like a pro.  Very gracious.  I'll give her that.

Double elimination next week.  Then we'll start getting somewhere.

It's been real and it's been nice, but it hasn't been real nice.


fishy said...

It was a bit of a yawn for me. I actually thought the assignment a good one. A chance for creative expression and a chance to demonstrate a higher level of culinary knowledge. I actually thought they all blew it. I definitely agree with Tracy's departure.

Have a great holiday weekend and don't answer the business calls unless the commission potential is huge :-)

5Wood said...

If it hadn't been for Padma in her yellow dress I may have fallen asleep!!!

moi said...

Off topic here, but I just noticed in your sidebar that Sloan passed. Did you post about it? If so, I'm so sorry I missed it, and please accept my way-late condolences on the loss of your beloved friend.

Milk River Madman said...
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Milk River Madman said...

It was a yawner. Better dishes in the last challenge even Heff's.

Padma was wearing yellow? I cant get past her face.

Yes, I did lose my beautiful loving Sloan. I wrote a post in May. It's in my archives titled "I'm the best dog". I'm still very sad. Thank you for the kind words.

moi said...

Aw, dude, I was buried in work all May so no wonder I missed it. Thanks for sending me there. What a heartfelt tribute. I have volunteered at shelters for many years and often think we don't pick dogs, dogs pick us. Thanks for giving Sloan a chance. The fit turned out to be perfect, didn't it?

fishy said...

Moi is correct,
animals pick us, if we are blessed.

There is an ancient Indian belief that when a beloved animal perishes, their spirits join ours and stay with us forever. I believe this.

Big Shamu said...

Gail and the Twins. Love them.
Eating some pie. Love that.
Men who look like they are about to cry and say they are not gay?

So "come over and clean my carpet" was not code?

The code for a chain that loops 5 inches out of your pocket? Hipster Douchebag Hair Gel Addicted Doofus.

Milk River Madman said...

It was perfect.

Googgle "rainbow bridge" its kind of the same thing. Sloan's ashes are in a can that is in a velvet bag that is embroidered "until we meet again at the rainbow bridge"

Big Shamu,
You saw the chain too!! He makes HDHGAD's look cool.