Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Story of Old Shep

Over at Bite the Apple Moi has a nice pictorial from this week's Mute Monday from a trip she took on the Missouri River. There is a statue of a dog. That dog is Old Shep. I was going to try to tell the story but thought I'd just post this link that does a great job of telling the story.

All of my Montana followers are familiar with the story as Old Shep is a legend but those of you who don't live here need to take a minute and read this great story. Its short, but get the tissues close by. This is the reason that if there aren't dogs in Heaven, there should be.

Thanks to Moi for her post that gave me this idea.

Mute Monday 5/26/09

"Trip" (yes, I know it's Tuesday)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Notre Dame is a joke (like we didn't know that)

Well, you have to hand it to the most overrated football program in the history of the NCAA. At their website there is a nice profile of head numnut Charlie Weiss. Funny, how this profile has no mention of the 2007 season. Oh, they go on and on about how well they did with their powder puff schedule in 2005 and 2006 and how they went to BCS bowls where they were CRUSHED like the bug program they are, but nothing about the losing season in 2007. How many wins again? Three? Two more than they should have had. Then in 2008 they qualify for some bowl game that only 17 people tuned in to watch, won the game and thought they had won the national championship. I guess when you win your first bowl in a decade and a half you can get excited.

Excuse me but why aren't they mentioning Charlie's last two seasons? Aren't they embellishing his accomplishments just a bit? Didn't they fire George Leary for his lies? This great institution doesn't have a double standard does it? No. Not Notre Dame.

Weiss takes a much needed "nutrition" break while on a recruiting trip.

According to ND fans, who are counted as the least knowledgeable and most obnoxious in all of college football, ND had another great recruiting year. Oooooooooooooooooh. Seven wins against one of the easiest schedules in all of college football isn't out of reach this year ND fans. Get excited about playing in the Syrup Bowl in Montpelier this year. Yippee.

Notre Dame is the first school to hand out "competition" ribbons to all of their football players. Mediocrity has truly found its home in South Bend and I couldn't be happier. Another 6-6 season is just around the corner. Be proud Irish fans.

This statue of Charlie Weiss was erected to commemorate his first,and probably only, bowl win.

On the road again

Friday afternoon can't get here fast enough. This week's adventure will take me to the Flathead Valley. Great, great golf and lots of it. The weather doesn't look to cooperative but I'll make do if that happens. Another road trip, another 300 + miles of driving one way. The good news is that this time I'm riding. This is the alternate route that Mapquest recommends. This takes you up the Seely-Swan Valley. Much more scenic but not as fast. I may take this way home.

I have a tee time at Meadow Lake Golf Course for 1:50 tomorrow with my good friend Tom G. who is working in Whitefish and two tee times for Sunday. Dollar bills baby!
Follow the yellow line.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Letters to the editor #3

Scott *******, the gift that keeps on giving.

A couple of weeks ago, I commented on a letter-to-the-editor in our local paper. He's back again . This guy is so stupid that he needs directions to put on his underwear. My poetic words are in blue. God this is going to be fun.

Glad you protested, but tea party ideals still wrong
I am pleased to see that there will be tea party 2.0 coming soon. That makes two of us. Perhaps this time, if they are serious about eliminating socialistic programs that increase our tax burden (did you know liberals pay taxes too? We all know you do Scott, you just want the money to go to the NEA and stem cell research ) they can propose the elimination of social security,You will get no argument from me and the vast majority of conservatives who would take the same money they are contributing, save it themselve and have more of it when they retire. Medicare, Medicaid, the earned income tax credit, etc. All of these socialist programs are a huge tax burden and have done little for our nation, right? Well they are socialists and they would have done more if mostly democrats and some moderate republicans hadn't raided the funds the last 40years.

I also recommend not using public roads or freeways (another huge tax burden) a stupid argument from a stupid manand eliminating armed forces most conservatives want more armed forces and public education at last we agree on something.. With the taxes you save, you can build your own school systems, roads, and armed forces . And I am sure that states like Texas, whose Republican governor has threatened succession over this matter taken totally out of context, but then you are a liberal and facts make your skin crawl., will stop using record amounts of our taxes for disaster relief (13 requests for federal money under Rick Perry) Just so you know how things work Scott, Texas citizens paid taxes into the relief fund so they are entitled to it as much as anyone. It not just for rebuilding below sea level shitholes like New Orleans. BTW, he's requested the money but has Barry given him any?

It was great to hear that the protesters opposed the policies of George Bush (at least for the final six months of his term) except that some of the leading voices of our local group strongly supported him very publicly throughout his presidency Virtually every person there would vote for GWB again given the gutless know-nothing candidates the dems ran.

And just so we are clear, I am not criticizing you for protesting sounds like you are, or suggesting that you should not voice your opinions. This is a fundamental right in our country. I am simply saying that you are wrong and just a bit hypocritical. Hmmmm. Liberalism. The entire ideology is based upon hypocrisy. Liberals will protect the rights of murderers but deny the rights of the unborn. Liberal leadership criticizes "tax cuts for the rich" but voted in favor of it and take advantage of every loophole they know exist when they vote for the legislation. They criticize military spending then make sure they are heavily invested in it (see both senators from California). They claim to believe in free speech but have been eroding the concept the last 20 years through PC speech and "hate speech". They want equality but endorse affirmative action. They demand tolerance but accept nothing that disagrees with their opinion. They want bipartisanship but never extend an offer. You can disagree and make your stupid points all you want Scott but to say the protesters are hypocrites when you are a liberal is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. Do us all a favor and gargle with Drano. Thanks.

Scott E. ****** Belgrade If this guy isn't the biggest wuss in 10 counties I'll kiss your ass in front of the post office and give you 10 minutes to draw a crowd.

I'm not saying this is Scott ******** but after reading his last two letters this has to to be close to an actual representation.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Link dump 5/20/09

12 unintentional funny sports headlines from Holy Taco.

From ask.men a new concept for exercising the brain.

From coed is this nugget about 10 things you do in your 20's that you'll regret in your 40's.

From Cracked, 6 coincidences that created the modern world.

From Human Events, Ann Coulter (the next Mrs. Gibbs) has an excellent article on our
"torture" methods. As some of you have already read, I was treated rougher at Catholic school.

This cool thing from Holy Taco about honest ads. Its about a 7 on the funny scale.

From businesspundit.com 25 rich athletes who went broke. Dorothy Hamill is still hot.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Tunes 5/19/09

I put this together when I was more than a little pissed off (see my previous post) so here's a bunch of sad songs. I wanted to do a sad song list anyway and this just gives me an excuse. The thing about these songs is that they are all huge hits. Alone again naturally was Billboards #1 song for 1972. FOR THE YEAR!! He stopped loving her today is in the top five of all time country songs ever and if you don't believe that then you have a big dump in your pants. Sad, depressing songs. Well, enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mute Monday 5/18/09

Friday, May 15, 2009

Road Trip #2: Going to see me Ma

I ventured to Malta which I mentioned last week to see my Mother and buy her dinner for Mother's day. I took over 100 pictures from the driver's seat of the griz-wagon and they were all keepers. Fortunately for the five or so people who read this drivel I narrowed it down to what you see below. Get a cup of hot joe or an adult beverage, depending on the time of day (or not) and dig in to follow me on yet another spectacular journey in the 41st state.

Golf clubs? Check! Shotguns? Check!

Old dogs get to ride in the front seat. Sad story for my best friend and companion of the last 12 years. My old girl is almost completely deaf and it almost brings tears to my eyes. She looks at me not with the adoring excited face that I've seen but with a puzzled glance of "why won't you talk to me anymore?"

The next three pics are a series. When you are just getting on the highway to drive for the next 4 1/2 hours and you hear this song you know it's gonna be a great trip.

The Yellowstone River. The Yellowstone is the longest continuous flowing river in the United States. By that I mean there is no dam. Just in case a liberal stumbles across this blog I have to keep it simple.

You have to like the Crazy Mountains. Just spectacular.

Storms like this one were ever present on my trip home. I didn't have to run my wipers much though as I seemed to always be between them.

This is the wind farm by Judith Gap. I took a better picture on my drive home which is posted below. I'm not quite sure but I believe these towers are 150 feet tall.

This is the griz-wagon parked in front of a blade from the previous photo. This gives you some perspective of how big those towers are. There's still about 10 feet of blade not pictured.

Eddies Corner!!! We're halfway to Malta. Pretty good grub here. They used to have the best hot beef sandwich on the planet but have slipped a little It's the quality of the meat!!!! Don't let me down like this Eddies. The high-light of my drive home is stopping for a hot beef and a 20 minute nap. Please don't make me drive through Lewistown for a Big Mac. I beg of you!!

In case you forgot where we're going its Malta. Capitol of the Hi-Line. Center of the universe.

The Mint Bar in Malta. Usually the first place I go when I get home. Every town on the Hi-Line has a "Mint Bar". Or a "Pastime" or a "Stockman's". Hmmmmmmmmm. Wonder if I know anyone in there. Better check it out. Looks like my brother won't see me until the morning.

Marion Hills Golf Course. I took a triple on number three for a 42. Shouldn't have got greedy and tried to cut the corner. Dammit!!

Looks like nephew Spencer shouldn't have had that last beer. Kid finished his dinner and just curled up and went to sleep.

My dear sweet mom with her twin granddaughters Sidney and Sammi. Or is it Sammi and Sidney? Couldn't keep them straight all weekend.

Dyer Coulee . Yeah, you can bury me right here.

You don't see Beaver Creek running with this much water very often. It's a beautiful sight. If it gets 80 this week up there you'll be able to watch the alfalfa grow from your front porch.

Sidney, Sammi and Spencer. Or is it Sammi, Sidney and Spencer. Dammit, dammit, dammit I can't keep them straight. You can hardly see the horns growing out their heads.

This used to be St. Mary's Catholic School. The scene of this story and this one. I almost have to brush memories away from my face when I drive by here.

The football field at St. Mary's where I honed my skills. You couldn't throw the ball towards the kid I was covering. It was a bad mistake and six going the other way. I was All St. Mary's for four years and All-City for longer than that.

Just a picture of an old house we used to live in in the 60's. I only put this up because I know my oldest sister in NYC is a faithful reader and thought she would enjoy this. LP, don't forget to tell me who to take in the race tomorrow.

I stopped by these old corrals on my way back to Bozeman. They are about 50 miles south of Malta. About 30 years ago I carved my name in them somewhere. I looked for about 20 minutes and couldn't find it anywhere. Some of the boards have been replaced. Along with one of my memories.

The Missouri Breaks. This is where the big elk live. And big rattlesnakes. Jim Craig (not the guy from Snowy River) and I killed seven in one day moving cows back in 1981. Seven. That's all we could get to. Killed them with rocks and our ropes. I hate snakes.

A storm looming over the Crazies.

A better picture of the wind farm. You can really see how many towers there are in this photo. This picture probably has almost 3/4's of them in it.

Well that's enough. I made it home and back safe and sound. Got to see my family and some good friends. Took the kids to breakfast without their mom and dad. It was our first outing together without their parents and we had a great time. They love their Uncle Chip and he thinks they're pretty great as well.

My next scheduled road trip is to Columbia Falls over Memorial Day Weekend. I'm going the the northwest part of Montana. In the heart of the Rockies. Some great scenery there, great golf as well and the best part is that I'm not driving so I'll be able to take better pics. Everyone have a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Island Belongings Part Two: Reading, Fiction

So, you're going to the island and you're going to need some reading material. You get to bring five books but there's a catch. None of the five can be your "favorite five". They can be books you've read but you have to leave your favorite five at home and take something else. Here's my list.

Chip of the Flying U by B.M. Bower. I've selected this book for obvious reasons. I actually own a copy of this book but have never read it. Might have to get around to that some day.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. There are great American authors and then there is Mark Twain. Probably the only reason this isn't in my favorite books of all time is because I haven't read it. I'm embarrassed to even admit that. I should renounce my citizenship and just move to Russia. Or become a democrat.

Sackett by Louis L'Amour. My favorite of all the books in the Sackett series. Tell Sackett is a bad man. Tougher than nails and mean as all get out.

Splinter of the Minds Eye by Alan Dean Foster. This is an AWESOME book if you like Star Wars, which I do. Luke really comes into his own. Foster tells a great story and its not even close to the last three crappy movies Lucas did to line his pockets.

That was then, this is now by S.E. Hinton. My favorite of Hinton's novels. Very intense and not what you might call a "cheery" book.

Well, that's this week's list. Five fiction books. At the rate I read I'll have to stay on the freakin island at least another six months.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Tunes 5/12/09

Here's to you Australia!!!

You have to like Australia. First they have a pretty cool flag. Not as cool as ours but hey, who does?

They have this really cool rock.

And any place that produces the likes of Elle Macpherson is first rate in my book. They scary thing is there are plenty more where this came from. Yowzah!!

So give a listen and enjoy some of Australia's best contemporary music performers. At least in my humble opinion.