Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama and the facts

FACT CHECK: Obama's Job Creation, Deficit Claims Questionable
President Obama turned the page on 100 days in office with an iffy boast about job creation and claims of fiscal prudence that are hard to square with his spending.

Associated Press
Thursday, April 30, 2009
WASHINGTON -- -- President Obama turned the page on 100 days in office with an iffy boast about job creation and claims of fiscal prudence that are hard to square with his spending.
Obama spoke with abundant confidence about his chances for achieving the big-ticket items on his agenda despite economic calamity:
-- His assertion that his proposed budget "will cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term" is an eyeball-roller for many economists, given the uncharted terrain of trillion-dollar deficits the government is negotiating.
-- He promised vast savings from increased spending on preventive health care in the face of doubts that such an effort, however laudable it might be for public welfare, can pay for itself, let alone yield huge savings.
-- He pitched a remedy for Social Security's long-term crisis that analysts say won't fix half the problem.
Obama held a prime-time news conference Wednesday and addressed citizens at an Arnold, Mo., high school, using both events to review progress at the 100-day mark and look ahead.
A look at some of his claims:
OBAMA: "We began by passing a Recovery Act that has already saved or created over 150,000 jobs." -- from news conference.
THE FACTS: This assertion is dubious on several levels. For starters, the U.S. has lost more than 1.2 million jobs since Obama took office, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even if Obama's stimulus bill saved or created as many jobs as he says, that number is dwarfed by the number of recent job losses.
But Obama's number is murky, at best. The White House has not yet announced how it intends to count jobs created by the stimulus bill. Obama's number is based on a job-counting formula that his economists have developed but have not made public. Until that formula is announced --probably in the coming week or so -- there's no way to assess its accuracy.
Whatever the formula, economists who study job creation say it will require some creative math. That's because Obama has lumped "jobs saved" in with "jobs created." Even economists for organizations that stand to benefit from the stimulus concede it probably is impossible to estimate saved jobs because that would require calculating a hypothetical: how many people would have lost their jobs without the stimulus.
OBAMA: "We must lay a new foundation for growth, a foundation that will strengthen our economy and help us compete in the 21st century. And that's exactly what this budget begins to do. It contains new investments in education that will equip our workers with the right skills and training; new investments in renewable energy that will create millions of jobs and new industries; new investments in health care that will cut costs for families and businesses, and new savings that will bring down our deficit." -- news conference.
"I've personally asked the leadership in Congress to pass into law rules that follow the simple principle: You pay for what you spend, so that government acts the same way any responsible family does." -- in Missouri.
THE FACTS: While the budget does set a roadmap for achieving the president's goals, it says nothing about how to pay for his health plan, expected to cost more than $1 trillion over the next 10 years. And while the deficit, under the plan, would drop to $523 billion in 2014, it achieves it with unrealistic assumptions, such as projections that spending in Iraq and Afghanistan will amount to only $50 billion a year.
OBAMA: "Number one, we inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit....That wasn't me." -- in Missouri.
Congress, under Democratic control in 2007 and 2008, held the purse strings that led to the deficit Obama inherited. A Republican president, George W. Bush, had a role too: He signed the legislation.
Obama supported the emergency financial bailout package in Bush's final months -- a package Democratic leaders wanted to make bigger.
To be sure, Obama opposed the Iraq war, a drain on federal coffers for six years before he became president. But with one major exception, he voted in support of Iraq war spending.
The nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has estimated Obama's policy proposals would add a net $428 billion to the deficit over four years, even accounting for his spending reduction goals. Now, the deficit is nearly quadrupling to $1.75 trillion.
OBAMA: "I think one basic principle that we know is that the more we do on the (disease) prevention side, the more we can obtain serious savings down the road. ... If we're making those investments, we will save huge amounts of money in the long term." -- in Missouri.
THE FACTS: It sounds believable that preventing illness should be cheaper than treating it, and indeed that's the case with steps like preventing smoking and improving diet and exercise. But during the 2008 campaign, when Obama and other presidential candidates were touting a focus on preventive care, the New England Journal of Medicine cautioned that "sweeping statements about the cost-saving potential of prevention, however, are overreaching." It said that "although some preventive measures do save money, the vast majority reviewed in the health economics literature do not."
And a study released in December by the Congressional Budget Office found that increasing preventive care "could improve people's health but would probably generate either modest reductions in the overall costs of health care or increases in such spending within a 10-year budgetary time frame."
OBAMA: "You could cut (Social Security) benefits. You could raise the tax on everybody so everybody's payroll tax goes up a little bit. Or you can do what I think is probably the best solution, which is you can raise the cap on the payroll tax." -- in Missouri.
THE FACTS: Obama's proposal would reduce the Social Security trust fund's deficit by less than half, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.
That means he would still have to cut benefits, raise the payroll tax rate, raise the retirement age or some combination of these measures to deal with the program's long-term imbalance.
Workers currently pay 6.2 percent and their employers pay an equal rate -- for a total of 12.4 percent -- on annual wages of up to $106,800, after which no more payroll tax is collected.
Obama wants workers making more than $250,000 to pay payroll tax on their income over that amount. That would still protect workers making under $250,000 from an additional burden. But it would raise much less money than removing the cap completely.
OBAMA: "My hope is that working in a bipartisan fashion we are going to be able to get a health care reform bill on my desk before the end of the year that we'll start seeing in the kinds of investments that will make everybody healthier." -- in Missouri.
THE FACTS: Obama has indeed expressed hope for a health care plan that has support from Democrats and Republicans. But his Democratic allies in Congress have just made that harder. The Democratic budget plan that Congress passed Wednesday gives Democrats the option of denying Republicans the normal right to block health care with a Senate filibuster. The filibuster tactic requires 60 votes to overcome, making it the GOP's main weapon to ensure a bipartisan outcome. The rules set by the budget mean that majority Democrats could potentially pass health care legislation without any Republican votes, sacrificing bipartisanship to achieve their goals.

It's not all George's fault

Let's get a few things straight. G.W. Bush was not, and never has been, a conservative. Like his father, he is a moderate. Unlike his father, he ran as a conservative thus the reason he won two terms. GW may be a little right of center but the folks who compare him to Ronald Reagan are morons.

The mortgage crisis began under Bill Clinton and on this part of the crisis there can be no argument. Clinton signed the legislation that eased lending restrictions so that anyone with a 500 credit score and an $8 an hour job could buy a house with no money down. The Econonmist had several articles from 1999 to 2001 that all but predicted the mortgage collapse. Hmmm, this is before Bush is president.

When Bush took office, Jim Jeffords, under bribery from the democratic party, became an independent and helped the spineless wimp from South Dakota make sure there would not be any hint of bipartisanship or any legislation that may help the country in any way. Meanwhile, the housing industry boomed and the people beating the drum of economic failure were dismissed as gloom and doomers.

When America temporarily regained its sanity two years later and put Republicans in charge of both houses, the Republicans responded by spending money like cowboy in a whorehouse. This led to the dumbocrats being put back in charge of congress four years later and ultimately to the election of a complete buffoon for president. During the interim democrats were vehement in their protests that nothing was wrong with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae which, as we all know, is quite the contrary.

What's the point of this rant? The point is that this current economic situation is the fault of both parties and for democrats to continue to lay the blame of our present situation at the feet of the previous president when they themselves are at least 50% to blame is the height of hypocrisy. Hypocrisy, as we all know, is the foundation of liberal ideology. Too bad there is no compromise when the future of the nation is at stake.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Try being a leader. Its what you are supposed to do.

So I found this article at I'm sorry for Barry. No, not really. He is a complete and total failure. By even making comments like this he is proving without a doubt that he is incapable of being a leader. This will be the longest and most devastating four years in our history.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Tunes 4/28/09

Last week was groups with numbers in their names. The Prodigy kind of got carried away with some of the groups I omitted and in my humble opinion the only group of note that I missed was .38 Special. Apologies.

This list includes "One" by Three Dog Night and "Two Divided by Love" by the Grassroots. Two of my favorite songs with numbers in the titles.
So here it is. Enjoy.

The trifecta quiz for this week. MHS graduates cannot compete.

#1 - Name the song that got me so wound up before my wrestling match that you were all but counting the lights in the first period.

#2 - Of all the artists on this list, which group do I think has the coolest name?

#3 - For all of you who read at least regularly, which song didn't I get to hear in Vegas?

Answers before 5 PM MDT.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mute Monday 4/27/09


Friday, April 24, 2009

This guy is a wussy

This letter was in today's local paper. Like most liberals, Mr. ******* would more than likely piss himself if confronted face to face by a Texan (or third grade girl) who might take offense to what he had to say. My comments are in blue.

Goodbye, Texas. We will be better off without you … after all, you gave us George W. Bush. They also gave us LBJ so maybe this doucebag is onto something. What bothers me is that after only three months out of power, Rick Perry and the Republicans are ready to secede from the U.S.A. They are using language not heard since 1861. Power hungry bunch, aren’t they? What does seceding have to do with being power hungry? Seems just the opposite to me. BTW Scott, you mental midget, if Texas was its own country, it would have the 6th or 7th largest GDP IN THE WORLD!!

The “protest” against taxation was a sham, orchestrated by the leaders of the party and promoted by Fox news. Hey Dipshit, if this protest is a "sham" aren't all protests shams?They could not offer solutions just like the democrats in every state the last 20 years … only complaints, while conveniently ignoring the tax cuts put in place by the Obama administration Hold on a tic. Hussein has tax cuts? Really? He proposed some, but I dont think its law yet.I may be mistaken so please continue. In the end they were protesting President Obama, who is already managing to turn around the disastrous deregulation policies of the past eight years of Republican control. Policies that lead to the economic freefall. Where's this turnaround you speak of. If nationalizing banks and taxing citizens to help businesses that should fail is turning us around then yes, I guess he his.

Why aren’t they protesting the party of deregulation? Umm, that would make as much sense as democrats protesting the war they voted for. Oh wait, they are doing that. Nevermind. The party that made it possible to grow companies so large that a single failure could destroy the economy; Not if we didn't bail them out, if they failed, we would recover. the party that gave enormous tax breaks to oil companies as they made record profits its called business Scott and profits are what they are supposed to do, they also paid record taxes so that losers like you can have your government jobs that contribute little if nothing to society; the party that is ready to leave our great country simply because they are not in power Pot, meet kettel; the party of fear see previous entry: the Republican Party.

Since many Republicans either don’t understand or don’t care how the stimulus works, let me try to explain it for you. Citizens (now known as consumers) pull back their spending, which slows down production (already suffering from credit issues due to bank failures). The uncertain nature of the economy makes us cautious with our money. This leaves the evil government in a position where they must spend to stimulate the economy, thus creating jobs, leading to purchasing, leading to revenue that lowers the massive deficit created by Republican policy. Come on, Republicans, get on board for the good of our country. Let me get this straight, consumers pull back spending, the government borrows money they cant repay, they create jobs that are dependent on taxes for funding, not private industry and this stimulates the economy and reduces the deficit? I don't quite see that happening.

Scott ******** Liberal Wussy and Dumb as a bucket of hammers.

Thats was fun Scott! I wish this guy would write a letter a week.

If you would like to glance at my local rag you can do so by clicking here.

Linked up for a Friday

From screenjunkies some very bad commercials. So bad they are funny. Great local stuff. The guy in the pawn shop commercial has a world class mullet.

Cracked has a list of 6 writers who authored great novels and were basically never heard from again.

With Leather took time to reminds us how pathetic Brady Quinn looked on draft day. I remember that. It was so cool

The sports pickle has a nice piece that makes fun of college basketball players.

The Onion has a nice article about where not to go for vacation.

Over at filmdrunk they have this cool clip from a helluva movie entitled "Black Dynamite". Looks awesome!

From dumb littl man comes this nice article about taking better care of yourself.

Over at the WashingtonPost there's an article that exposes liberals for the hypocrits they are. Wait, I said liberals and hypocrits in the same sentence. Thats redundant.

This article from is a great way to help us men succeed with the ladies.

Enjoy your weekend!!

It's Deja Vu all over again.

The drive home last night

The drive to work this morning.
CMON!!. I was frikkin drinking beer on my deck two nights ago because it was 75 DEGREES OUTSIDE. This is a bunch of shit. The next person who tells me we need the moisture is going to get kicked in the nuts. Its April twentyfuckingfourth!
Maybe its a good day to do a random thoughts or a link dump.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Recession is Over!!

Hooray! The economy is saved. President Obamaclaus has ordered his cabinet to slash $100 million from the budget. This is just what the Doctor ordered. With this kind of forward thinking we will be out of this economic crisis in no time at all.

National health care? Paid for! Education system? Double all teachers salaries! Now that Homeland Security is going to buy their paper clips in bulk instead of one at a time, we are going to have money to burn.

President Teleprompter is truly a genius. This is the kind of fiscal responsibility that will cement his legacy for eternity. We will be able to pay back China in a couple of months. To think I once thought Ol' Barry couldn't even balance his own checkbook. My apologies sir!

Next up: surrendering to Iran. Gee, I need to brush up on my Arabic.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Tunes 4/21/09

Well, I went with bands that have numbers in their names. I tried doing a Miami Vice theme for Chef Troll but the playlist was pretty short. It is included here though. Enjoy.



Thursday, April 16, 2009

A poem

Bury me in Dyer Coulee

High atop a hill.

Hopefully the sun will shine

And the wind will be quite still.

Don't put me in the Corral Pasture,

Five Section or in Sunquest.

I want to be in Dyer Coulee.

I've always liked it best.

Maybe it's the name

That makes me like it so.

Or the horseback ride I took there

So many years ago.

I've traveled many miles

I kind of like to roam.

But when I see Dyer Coulee

I always know I'm home.

So go and dig a six-foot hole

And put me in the earth.

Lay me int the cold, dark ground

The Bible says gave birth.

I'm not in any hurry

To say my last goodbye

But Dyer Coulee is the place

To put me when I die.

I hope to see it again soon.

I saw it just today.

It warms my heart for home

So many miles away.

So bury me in Dyer Coulee

I really don't care where.

When I hear the cattle calling

I will know, at last, I'm there.

w.r.gibbs June 6, 2004

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It was 70 degrees Sunday

The view from my office window.

The drive to work.

So, it was 70 degrees here in Bozeman on Sunday. I of course was in Sheridan losing my retirement and a 20 year-old bottle of scotch to The Prodigy. Monday was a little breezy and it tried to snow all day yesterday. Well last night it got after it. In the quaint little village of Belgrage the snow was light and barely noticeable, here at the Salt Mine its 6 inches deep and still coming down. In Bozeman proper word is that its over a foot deep.

Hmmmmm. Not a lot of golf this weekend I'm guessing. Might have to call T-Grek and have a rematch of the bar Olympics at Mixers. Shuffleboard, pool and Big Buck. That is after I return from Billings fleecing Schmalor, Skeets and Big Ade in poker.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Tunes 4/14/09

Did a little meme thing. All songs or artists begin with the letter "c". Troll, I haven't forgotten about you being the big contest winner from last week. Just haven't gotten with you to see what you want to do.

C Section

Friday, April 10, 2009


Matthew 27:50-53

And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit. At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook and the rocks split. The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. They came out of the tombs, and after Jesus' resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many people.

Mark 16:1-8
When the Sabbath was over, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome bought spices so that they might go to anoint Jesus' body. Very early on the first day of the week, just after sunrise, they were on their way to the tomb and they asked each other, "Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?"
But when they looked up, they saw that the stone, which was very large, had been rolled away. As they entered the tomb, they saw a young man dressed in a white robe sitting on the right side, and they were alarmed.
"Don't be alarmed," he said. "You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him. But go, tell his disciples and Peter, 'He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you.' "
Trembling and bewildered, the women went out and fled from the tomb. They said nothing to anyone, because they were afraid.

Random Thoughts #6

Things that cross my mind while wondering if Lee Harvey Oswald really acted alone.

Debt is the failure to repay a promise from yesterday.

From What Would Tyler Durden Do "I feel bad for (Jennifer) Aniston. It's no wonder she’s still holding out hope. All Pitt did was cut off all contact four years ago then buy several houses with someone else and have six kids. He’s really sending mixed messages."

Bumper Sticker: Honk if I'm paying your mortgage.

Two actors died a couple of weeks ago. Ron Silver of cancer and Natasha Richardson from a freak fall while skiing. I don't really know a lot about Richardson except from what I read that week. I've seen Silver in a few things. Richardson was all over the news after her fall. It really was weird. She tumbled on a bunny hill while skiing, complained of a headache a while later, went into a coma and then died. A Tony award winner from a lineage of actors she is almost being treated as a deity.

Silver died from a rare form of cancer. You would barely know he even existed although his career has been long. Silver became more conservative after 9/11. He spoke out against the evil that is Islamo-terrorism. This isn't something you do as a liberal. If you change your mind, you are shunned, especially if you are in Hollywood. Even in death, they do not respect you. Its just another reason I hope the entire city is swallowed in a hole during the next earthquake. Fuck Hollywood.

I remember when we were little in the hamlet of Malta. In the summer, you could go play with your friends, but when the streetlights came on, it was time to go home.

What did my sisters do to get their allowance? I mowed the yard, my brother took out the garbage, which took less time all week then it did for me to mow one section of our corner lot, and yet they got the same money as me. This is before I fully understood capitalism. Of course back then at age 10 I was young and impressionable and would probably have joined the union.

"Socialism does not reward virtue." Milton Friedman

Another reason Malta was, and is, so cool is the curfew whistle. This was the "time to get home" alarm in the winter. 9:30 PM. Lots of times for me it was the "your late and are going to be grounded" alarm.

Baseball season started this week. I don't understand the scheduling. Why does Boston open at home in April? Bud Selig, you are a genius.

I am so glad that Obamaclaus is our president. He is such a forward looking thinker. I read in the paper yesterday that someone on his climate control panel says that we need to increase pollution to reflect the suns rays away from Earth. Umm, but didn't all the global warming people say pollution is bad? Doesn't pollution trap the hot air and cause the greenhouse effect? If this isn't enough proof that global warming is the biggest example of junk science since alchemy, I don't know what is.

I'm playing in a four man scramble, excuse me, four person scramble in Wyoming with The Prodigy and a couple of other guys this week. We will be at the Sheridan Country Club. The last time we teed up there in a tourney we took a 9 on the first hole. In a scramble. TP hit a culvert with a ball so hard that it gonged loud enough to break windows in the clubhouse. Good times.

I like Fred Couples. I like his demeanor and his golf swing but I'm getting over all the guys who tell me "you gotta love Freddy". No, no I don't. As a matter of fact, I hope he doesn't make the cut just so those guys will have one less thing to talk about.

"Political self-interest is not nobler than economic self-interest." Milton Friedman

A friend of mine took over the bar and restaurant at the Sheridan Country Club in Wyoming. Every Friday is "Guest Bartender Night". You pay $200.00 for ordurves and you get to run the joint for 3 hours under JN's supervision. You are giving a guy money to work for him? You must want to bar tend pretty bad. What a great idea and capitalism at its finest. Pure genius.

I watched the "Passion of the Christ" for the first time last night. Remember when the critics panned this movie for being to violent. I don't remember Mel being criticized for "Braveheart" or pseudo-Jew Speilberg being criticized for "Saving Private Ryan". No, the violence in those movies was "authentic" and "made you feel what it was like to be there". Well you Hollywood losers, Jesus Christ suffered beyond words on Good Friday. He was beaten, He was whipped, He suffered more than can be described. You can criticize this movie from other angles but for the violence? What a bunch of dipshits. Every time I think Hollywood is as stupid and out of touch as they possibly can be, they prove me wrong again. Yawn.

I do remember in Catholic school that the nuns would constantly tell us how much Christ physically suffered for our sins. The brutality in the movie didn't disturb me in the least. What moved me to fight back tears was that it was the Son of God they were beating. To sit and watch and know that this is what Christ endured for me moves me at this very moment.

Its a short random thoughts column. As mentioned I'm heading to Sheridan and I'm leaving by ten Friday morning. I have a couple of jobs to inspect by 3. So, if you're in the greater Sheridan area, stop by the Sheridan Country Club tonight between 5 and 8 and I'll buy you a drink. Hell, I'll even be pouring it as I'm guest bartending tonight.

Happy Easter.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Tunes 4/7/09

Why 1985? In the immortal words of Bluto from Animal House "burrrrrrrp. why not?" I bought my first house then, I had beautiful brown hair. Sigh. I was making $5.50 an hour and thought I had the world by the nuts. My how things have changed. I think Jen Haley from Whitehall graduated that year. Anyway, there is a song on this list that was (is possibly still) my self proclaimed theme song. The first person to respond in the comments section correctly can pick the them for next week's list. Hell, you can send me the list and I'll find the songs.

What's that you say? That sounds like you would be doing all the work for my blog. That can't be right. Ssssshhh. Just read the words and do as they say. Pay no attention to the man behind the keyboard.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Funny Photo Friday

I frickin love the internet. I need to learn how to photo shop. Could really put Ralph in some good shots. From public domain and Holy Taco. (How about the alliteration in the blog title? Nice huh?)

I love this one with Marvin Harrison. He has a custom made gun that gets fired and no one knows how or why. It gets found in the garbage of a car wash he owns and he's yet to be charged. Marvin, you figured it out. Just pay everyone to shut up and go about your business. I really like the added touch of having Prince Peyton as the wheel man.

The only thing the list is really missing is scars. I have a hernia scar that I keep trying to show this one woman I know. So far this approach is meeting with very limited success. As in none. I need a plan B.

This is funny because it's so anti PC. I remember when I was little, if you got really winded from running or playing of any kind, we said we were "fagged out". Even though that phrase comes from some kind of cigarette, you won't catch me using it unless I'm referring to Ghoulies.

As much as I detest the cult that is know as islam, this is just funny. It'd be cooler if this guy had "Mohammad" written on his frock or whatever it is he has on. But we have to respect islam. There is a lot of commentary on the liberal double standard of respecting this pseudo faith while disrespecting Christianity at every turn, but I'll save that for another day.

My brother sent this to me on my birthday a couple of years ago. It's just funny. Eric Estrada was on the 70's channel on XM on my way to toil in the depths this morning so it's odd that I post his picture on the same day.

Not as funny as the Winchester picture but not as blasphemous as a lot of crap out there.

I believe that this was totally staged. JMO.

I've had this for a bit. I'd hate to be this guy and playing in New York. I can hardly wait for the first time he plays in Boston. Brutal will be an understatement for how the chowder heads treat him.

Valentine's Day was a bit ago but funny nonetheless.

Have a sweet fricking Friday!!!!!!!

Maybe April will be better.

I haven't been much of a blogger the last couple of weeks. Had to use a lot of vacation time as our vacation calendar is quite strange here at the salt mine. Between being gone, trying to catch up when I'm back and this flipping weather, I haven't had much ambition to just sit and write. I have a couple of things in the hopper though. Should have a little St. Mary's story (Darrell and me being nasty), another Ralph adventure, working on some random thoughts and some commentary on the man who will be remembered for destroying America, otherwise known as Barry Obama.

In the meantime, I'll post some funny pictures and go from there. I have the city league pool tournament this weekend. As we have no chance of winning (none, zero, zilch, nada) I hope we get our asses handed to us early so that I can relax the rest of the weekend. On the other hand, it snowed last night, its 29 outside, I can't play golf so I just as well play pool and drink beer. I'm a better pool player than golfer anyway. I do need to swing a club soon though. Heading to Sheridan for the Masters with The Prodigy. We haven't missed a Masters together since Norman's collapse in 1996. Get to see his lovely wife and his daughter is 7 months old on Saturday. She's a mere 2 1/2 years away from lhaving me teach her how to spit and bait a hook. My goal is to get Hannah and Danika (adopted sister's daughter) sent to the Principal's office once a week for questioning why teachers are talking politics instead of teaching them how to read and write. Hell, if TP keeps doing as well as he is, he can hire me to be The Bean's private teacher. I like that idea. I like it a lot.

So, maybe I'll be a better blogger. Maybe I won't. Working on a couple of other stories from my youth. If I like the way they come out, I might put them up as well.