Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some Thanks to you all

I'm up and feeling full of the emotion of the life I have. Not that these videos have any meaning for Thanksgiving, they are just good. I've posted some before but I do like them so enjoy.

The Babys "Isn't it time" I'll listen to this again before I'm done.

CSN "Wasted on the way" Ralph and Delmer. Thanks for the tremendous friendship. I'm not who I am without you.
That was Ambrosia with "How much I feel"

Poco "Crazy Love" Ghoulies, if I could sing one song besides "Lasso you the moon", this would be it.

A toast

Happy Thanksgiving you malcontents. Eat well, enjoy your families. God bless you all.

The Milk River Madman

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gut me like a fish

I hate the university of Montana. They produce nothing. Journalism, political science, protesting. If the um blew up ( i can't spell decinagrated)  the earth would be fine.

The #1 ranked Cats lost. They lost. They were outplayed on both sides of the ball. I hate losing to these fuckers. They have dominated the conference for far to long. they are bad losers and even worse winners.

I hate it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

1984 just sayin

It's a big deal

Tomorrow my beloved Bobcats will take to the field to defeat the grizzlies of that other university in the state of Montana. This is a huge rivalry and like the 12th longest running one of all time. Or something like that. Wikipedia was no help.

The Montana State University Fighting Bobcats are ranked number one in the nation in the Football Championship Series (FCS formally know as division I-AA). The seventh ranked grizzlies come to Bozeman tomorrow to battle for the Big Sky Conference championship.

Tanaya, this is for you.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's wrong with America

"Project Accessories" Are F******G kidding me? I quit blogging for six months and we've come to this? What a bunch of horseshit!!

Big Cat/griz game post tomorrow as I wait for sister, LP, to fly in from New Jersey.   Stay tuned. But then don
t get your hopes up. Afterall its just me.

My Bobcats are ranked #1 in the NATION for FCS.  And we play the hated dark pink and glitter this week. The griz are (over)ranked 7th. It will be an epic battle. I think the Cats are Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then the homos in dark pink but never rule out a rivalry. Shit happens.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

just some thoughts

Life is good. I wouldn't change where I am with anyone. I have a great family. I have the best friends. And I have you followers.  I said a while ago, I drink to much and sleep to little.  I'm not sad. I just remember when work was so slow I could post daily from my desk. Bwahahahha.

The bad part isn't that I don't post.  The bad part is that I don't read all of your great posts.

I leave for Wisconsin tomorrow for some training and I'm really looking forward to it.
I was looking for the scene from "Stripes" for the Wisconsin comment but all I could find was this.

 Ralph used the "lighten up Francis" line with me today. Only because he's in Nevada and knows I'd crush him like a bug.  Yeah. That's right. You say I'm not blogging and now when you read this I'm throwing you under the bus you little hobbit. What's that? You don't like it? Start your own blog then. Love you Ghoulies. I'll still crush you none the same.

Life is good. And might get better. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading. I do miss this so.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I miss this

So, life has changed for me. Different job, different responsibilities. I travel a lot. The hotel in Williston is an absolute dive. Showering barely makes me feel clean after sleeping in the sheets. I'm afraid I'll get a rash that there won't be a cure for.  I get home after driving 1500 miles in a week. I'm exhausted. The only thing I want to do is watch what I've DVR'd, drink some crown and go to bed.  I miss posting.  More than that, I miss reading all of your great posts. I'm in a horrible rut. I've become a selfish prick. Not caring if anyone reads this anymore, but still wondering why no one does.

I am have a great time with the new job. But the energy to post isn't there.

I think of all these great posts when I'm driving. About how much Obama is taking on us a path to self destruction and laughing his ass off all the way. How complacent America has become. How no one cares anymore. Yet when I get to my destination, I say nothing.

I don't read anything except the local paper. It infuriates me. Yet I don't post. I don't write letters to the editor. Probably because if you use the word "cocksucker" it won't be printed. But it looses it's context without it. Yes, I'm sure I can find a different word, but nothing would make the point as well.

I miss blogging. I miss all of you who I've never met but still read this crap.

I hate that the general public can't do math. Simple math.

100,000,000 people in America don't pay taxes. If they paid one dollar, that would me $100,000,000. If they paid $10 each it would be a billion dollars. If they paid $100 each it would be 10 billion dollars. Hey, I don't give a rats ass if you are making 35k a year. Thats $8.34 a month. If you can't afford that, then let me see how you are spending your money. I can save you that. Trust me.

Our current president can't add. He's a total empty suit, when he wears one. He has crippled this great nation.He upped the food stamp entilement program from $35k to $50k. I'm sorry. If you're a family of four and can't make it on 50k a year QUIT SMOKING.

I'm on a rant in case you can't tell.

Montana State is the second ranked football team in FCS. We have Weber State tomorrow. I won't be there, but the Cats will crush them and then humiliate the griz on November 19th. My sister Mary is flying out for her first Cat/griz game. It will be epic.

God bless you. You merry band of malcontents. Love you all.

Safe Journeys,