Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is Max Baucus Drunk?

Or just retarded.  You be the judge.

What stuttering, stammering imbecile. How can you be so stupid to vote for this assmunch? Was there a complete sentence in anything he said there?

The guy in this video makes more sense.  The guy behind him is doing an imitation of the "esteemed" chief philanderer and Senator from Montana.

I like a good rant

I don't know who Rick Santelli is but I like him.

Special thanks to Shoey for sending me this clip.  Welcome back to Montana Shoe!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I won't be blogging again until after the weekend.  To all my faithful readers I wish the Merriest of Christmasses.  Thanks to my lifelong friends who read this and laugh knowing who I am, to my faithful Southern readers (and you know who you are) thanks for being such loyal followers. I read everyone's comments, I follow all of your posts, I try to be a good blogger but most of what I post is for those who know me. To those of you who don't know me and take the time to read, God Bless all of you. To those who do know me and tell me that you like what I type, thanks to you to as well.  I really do like it when you say "Yeah, I read it on your blog."  I have so much fun.  I hope that 2010 brings far better than 2009.  Hang in there troops, we'll make it together.

Merry Christmas,


(Oh, and safe journeys to all.  God, I feel like I was accepting an Academy Award.  It almost made me puke. HO-HO-HO)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just a couple thoughts

Just sitting here at MRM headquarters.  I'm so glad I didn't have to wake up and read the local rag about the griz winning their third national title.  My beloved alma mater, Montana State University, still has THREE national championships and has never lost a title game.  My one true dream is for the Cats to play the griz for a title and and win.

In other news...I found a snowmobile. The price was right, I know the owner.  I told him on Thursday that I would wait for the "health care reform" bill before I decided to buy.  After all, my taxes will increase ( as will everyone who reads this) and I might need the money.  Yesterday, the bill was defeated.  I called Craig and said we had a deal.  Today, the spineless prick from the absolutely worthless state of Nebraska, decided he was in. You are fucking kidding me?  If this dipshit thinks that federal money won't be used for abortions he is dumber than the sled I bought yesterday.  If I ever see him, I'll punch him right in the teeth.  Thanks for letting my nephew and nieces never having the life I have you fucking prick. (OK that's aggressive. Its what BG says she doesn't like about the blog).

 President assmunch can say he has achieved something and he is right. He has made sure that everyone reading this will never, ever, have a chance to provide for their future.  Kudos to him.

We now live in a world without choice. We can't choose our doctor, our insurance company, what we say, how many guns we can own.  To the independents who voted for Barry I wish you all bankruptcy. Oh wait, that will already happen.

Sorry I'm so pissed off.  Congress did not reform heath care.   They rationed it and made it less accessible.  To the kids who voted for Barry and will now have their tax refunds garnished for no insurance. That's what you get you dumbasses.  Good luck with your fancy cell phone packages and micro beers now.  You will never see the money I've made. You will never have my house or my toys.  You will live in servitude. You deserve it for being so stupid. 

The sad thing is that the rest of us don't.

Still Celebrating my Nova team.

God loves me.

university of montana grizzlies 21

Wonder how the griz will be next year with Bobbie gone, which he will be.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tort reform won't work. No wait, it totally will work!

In an Op-Ed published in the San Francisco Examiner earlier this month, Texas Governor Perry points out that in 2003 the state implemented laws that shielded health care providers from trial lawyers "anxious to make a quick buck."

"We capped noneconomic damages at $250,000 per defendant, or up to $750,000 per incident, while placing no cap on more easily determined economic damages, such as lost wages or costs of medical care due to injury.

"We ended the practice of allowing baseless but expensive lawsuits to drag on indefinitely, requiring plaintiffs to provide expert witness reports to support their claims within four months of filing suit or drop the case...

"Changes were seen immediately, and continue to be felt. All major liability insurers cut their rates upon passage of our reforms, with most of those cuts ranging in the double-digits. More than 10 new insurance carriers entered the Texas market, increasing competition and further lowering costs.

"As a result, Texas doctors have seen their insurance rates decline by an average of 27 percent.

"The number of doctors applying to practice medicine in Texas has skyrocketed by 57 percent."

At a time when a debate rages over whether the U.S. has enough doctors, Texas has seen its number of doctors leap by about 15,000. And Perry points out that tort reform has brought service to critically underserved, predominantly minority and poor communities.

"The number of obstetricians practicing in rural Texas is up by 27 percent, and 12 counties that previously had no obstetricians now have at least one. The statistics show major gains in fields like orthopedic surgery, pediatrics, neurosurgery and emergency medicine.

The Rio Grande Valley has seen an 18 percent growth in applications to practice medicine, adding about 200 doctors to this critically underserved area."

According to state Representative Joe Nixon, many of Texas' news physicians have moved to rural or underserved areas, and "Texas, once listed as 47th worst state in the ratio of doctors per citizen, will soon be in the lower 30s and improving."

Perry says Texas tort reform has had other benefits to patients:

"And what about the money that used to go to defending all those frivolous lawsuits? You can find it in budgets for upgraded equipment, expanded emergency rooms, patient safety programs and improved primary and charity care."

Further, according to the Texas Academy of Family Physicians, tort reform has resulted in an improvement in the quality of health care in Texas, with the percentage of complaints about medical care actually going down.

Yet, despite the striking evidence of tort reform benefits in the nation's second most populous state, this simple, basic and essential component of health care reform is completely missing from all Democrat proposals.

According to opensecrets.org, Democrats received over $178,000,000 from lawyers' donations during the 2008 election cycle -- three times what they donated to Republicans. Over $43,000,000 of that went to the Obama campaign.

Forty-three million reasons why Obamacare doesn't include the one component of health care reform that has been proven to work: tort reform

I can't!!! I WONT!!

Tonight at 8 PM the um grizzlies play the Villanova Wildcats for the division I-AA national championship.  Let's make one thing perfectly clear.  I will never, ever root for the grizzlies to win in football. Ever.  Not on your life.  "Oh, cmon Chip, they're a Montana team".  I don't give a rats ass. Just because some  map makers got drunk 140 years ago and included eastern Idaho as part of our great state doesn't mean I have to like it. I'm not rooting for them. In fact, I'm wearing blue today for the Wildcats.  They have the same colors as Malta so you have to love them.

I don't like Nova's chances tonight.  The griz are playing pretty good and were just in Chattanooga last year.  That gives them a big edge as this is Nova's first title game ever.

I'm not going to break down the game.  It doesn't matter as its all basics, but I will tell you why the u.m. sucks.  They produce lawyers and journalists.  They give degrees in forestry management.  The town is infested with hippies.  They have smog alerts.  Yes, in Montana, you can have a smog alert if you live in the "insert enema here" town.  I know they teach math because they have an accounting program but I can't believe that their math curriculum is anything more than beginner sudoko. 

The real reason I hate them goes back to 1991.  While watching the Cat-griz game (which it had ALWAYS been called, even by griz fans. Its another way you can tell the bandwagoners, real griz fans still call it "Cat-griz"  BW's call it "griz-Cat"  it just sounds gay that way) I noticed all the griz players had the number "7" on the back of there helmets.  The helmets in those days were kind of a urine yellow that offset their calf scour brown colored jerseys, then they changed colors because, hey, who wants to wear piss and turd brown?  Anyway, I saw the seven, they were going for their seventh straight victory.  I looked at the Old Wise One, NYC sister, and said "Those motherfuckers!  Arrogant pricks!"  The griz won that day but the streak would only last ANOTHER NINE YEARS!!  As the streak grew so did the amount of dickhead and bandwagon fans for the grizzlies.  You see everyone loves a winner.

The biggest difference between Cat fans and griz fans, besides class, is that most Cat fans actually attended MSU. Griz fans, even if they went to college, didn't attend um.  Bandwagoners almost everyone.  I know a guy in Malta, drank a lot of beer with him in the day.  Not once did he ever mention that he was a griz fan.  Now, not only is he a fan of the griz, he hates the Cats. Why? Griz fans are like Red Sox fans, they got their asses kicked for so long that when they did start winning they developed an attitude of entitlement.

A list of things I'd rather do than root for the griz:
     1) Gargle with Drano
     2) Be gay (its kind of the same thing, I know)
     3) Root for Notre Dame
     4) Have unprotected sex in Haiti
     5) Vote democrat
     6) have a pet cobra
You get the picture. 

So here's to the Wildcats.  I wish them the best in their quest for glory.  I will donate $50 to their athletic program if they bring me a victory.  Hail to Villanova.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Further proof of Obama's nastiness

I found this on the blog 2012-Today via The Bald Truth

This is from the Weekly Standard:

While the Democrats appease Senator Lieberman, they still have to worry about other recalcitrant Democrats including Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson. Though Lieberman has been out front in the fight against the public option and the Medicare buy-in, Nelson was critical of both. Now that those provisions appear to have been stripped from the bill, Lieberman may get on board, but Nelson's demand that taxpayer money not be used to fund abortion has still not been met. According to a Senate aide, the White House is now threatening to put Nebraska's Offutt Air Force Base on the BRAC list if Nelson doesn't fall into line.

Offutt Air Force Base employs some 10,000 military and federal employees in Southeastern Nebraska. As our source put it, this is a "naked effort by Rahm Emanuel and the White House to extort Nelson's vote." They are "threatening to close a base vital to national security for what?" asked the Senate staffer.

Indeed, Offutt is the headquarters for US Strategic Command, the successor to Strategic Air Command, and not by accident. STRATCOM was located in the middle of the country for strategic reasons. Its closure would be a massive blow to the economy of the state of Nebraska, but it would also be another example of this administration playing politics with our national security.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random thoughts #15

Things that crossed my mind while wondering if I will have any savings left at the end of 2010.
Al Gore claimed last week that 40% of the polar ice caps have melted.  Why haven't there been any increases in sea level?  I think we would have noticed.

The nice thing about 32 degrees above zero is that after almost ten days of below zeros temps, it really does feel warm.  I mean tropical.  I walked my beloved dog in a jacket tonight.  A spring jacket.  It's the little things that make you happy.

President Dipshi Obama said today at a Home Depot that winterizing your house "is sexy".  Two weeks ago I put a vapor barrier in my crawlspace, insulated my vents and put a barrier on all my windows. I'm as sexy as they come.  A Hunka Hunka if you get my drift.

I found a great deal on a snowmobile but will wait to see if health care slavery reform passes before I buy it.  Remember when I said that next year I would buy a sled, well I found the right one.  Please let this bill fail. God knows I don't ask for much.  In the event the bill does pass, I will accept any and all donations.

I've found that I am starting to like a beer every now and then.  I've been a whiskey and vodka guy for a lot of years and kind of lost my taste for beer but it's growing on me again.  If I could just find Olympia in a bottle, now that would be awesome.

I was going to grow my hair out like Einstein.  It's been over a month since I shaved it last.  At this rate I'll look like Big Al in about three years.  I've got nothing but time.

My office is a mess.

I've been asked if the last two poems were actually written by me. The answer is yes.  The Tiger tribute was a poem I stole from  William Blake. The Path is a pure original.  Sometimes the mood just strikes me.

I'm thinking about start a "Questions for MRM" segment.  Just email things you want to know and I will post them in what I hope to be will be a weekly segment.  Ask anything and ye shall be answered.

Speaking of Tiger Woods.  Yes, he is a complete philanderer and should have never been married but does he deserve more criticism from the press than Bill Clinton?  I mean Clinton was in a sexual harassment lawsuit and accused of rape.  The press vilified every woman who dared sully his name.  Women are coming out of the woodwork to say they slept with Tiger and no one is asking for proof.  Clinton said that this was between "his family and God" and every puke of a journalist let him have a free pass.  Nice to see a solid standard.

In this past Sunday's rag there was a front page story saying how reporters from the AP had gone through the stolen leaked documents from the liars scientists about global warming.  There relentless research showed no wrong doing and that everything was taken out of context.  I truly truly believe them. Now if they would just put that much energy into researching the health care bill, cap and trade, and the Copenhagen summit I might actually think they are doing the people some good.

I can't figure out how to make the "jump break" thing work and it is really pissing me off.

Just a little on health care.

The way this bill has said to be funded is through Medicare waste (oh really, there's waste in Medicare? Whoda thunk?) and taxes on insurance companies.  The bill at my last local rag update is said to cost 1.1 TRILLION dollars.  1/2 trillion from M and the rest basically from insurance taxes.The CBO or the GAO, I can't remember which, has said the plan will work if this happens.  That's a big fucking IF in my book.

So lets look at it this way.  If congress doesn't take the money from M, which I don't believe they will, then where's that money going to come from?  If this extreme amount of over-taxation on the insurance companies drives the vast majority of them out of business, which I believe it will, where's that money going to come from? Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who believes this plan as put before congress, is going to make insurance affordable for everyone AND that middle class America will not see a tax increase so large to even comprehend, is too stupid to live. 

Just sayin.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just another poem


I travel down a path
I know
Not where it leads

I am feeling some wrath
I know
From my life's past deeds

This life, it seems to toil
and yet
It must go forward

This life, it must not toil
and yet
That path it goes toward

Where now must come faith
This moment
It cannot waiver

I turn my head to space
This moment
I lean upon my Saviour

I travel down a road
This time
The right fork I follow

I bear a heavy load
This time
The darkness will not swallow

For with Him at my side
This storm
It to shall pass

On His shoulders I will ride
This storm
Until it ends at last

His way shall lead to light
And I
will bask in in its warm glow

The darkness will be bright
And I
Will see the gloom below

Take the high road I shall choose
And this
Will give me peace

For with Him I can not lose
And this
Will my soul release

CG 9/20/04

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

-51 in Bozeman

Thats C-C-C-C-C-C0LD.  We barbecued.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Ode to Tiger Woods

The Tiger Woods (from Songs of Experience)
           with apologies to William Blake

Tiger Woods burning bright
With support of Nike's might
What immortal had or eye
Could frame thy fearful immortality?

How many women did you see?
Was it ten? Was it three?
Were they blond or were they red?
Did they "sleep" in Elin's bed?

And did you think the media bliss
would cease at all because of this?
Hard to believe their love would end,
Except of course for ESPN.

What of Kalika? What of Holly?
Was it worth the night of jolly?
How about Buick? How about Gillette?
A new definition of "the best a man can get"?

Would your father have approved?
Or be angered by your move?
What of the children that you sired?
With what scars will they be mired?

Tiger Woods burning bright
with support of Nike's might
What immortal hand or eye
Dare question thy morality?

cg 12/8/09

Friday, December 4, 2009

quotes from the blogosphere

Ann Coulter, on John Corzine's defeat "The good news: Next time Corzine is in a major car accident after speeding on the New Jersey Turnpike, he'll be able to see a doctor right away."

Thomas Sowell on health care "What about insurance companies denying reimbursements for treatments? Does anyone imagine that a government bureaucracy will not do that?"

Jerry Thornton on the Miami Dolphins "So the Wildcat, if not yet dead or on life support, probably wouldn’t qualify for a major operation under Obamacare."

Tyler Durden, about PETA "I have 4 dogs, and they were all adopted, but I wouldn’t give money to PETA even if they were holding my baby over a pool of lava and demanding a 1 dollar ransom. Although that’s mostly because I hate kids, and what am I, made out of money?"

Cara Ellison on "unity"  "Any feeling of solidarity with a complete stranger should be a warning sign that things are not right. The stranger in whose arms you fall because you’ve just witnessed three thousand of your countrymen perish is an emotional crutch – and valuable in the very short term. But you can not create a foreign policy designed to conjure that feeling.

Unity equals tyranny. "

Steve McCann, on the Left in America "In order to foment class warfare, the hardcore Left overtly and shamelessly exploit envy, race, and ignorance. They are always portraying government as the savior and downplay stories of actual and provable ineptitude or corruption. Instead, they exaggerate real (or even imagined) reports of capitalistic greed and dishonesty. The Left self-righteously use these anecdotes to "prove" that all enterprise must be controlled by a powerful central government." Actually, the article from which this quote was taken in so sell written, I've linked it here.

Peter Landesman on global warming "The forecasts of global warming are based on mathematical solutions for equations of weather models. But all of these solutions are inaccurate. Therefore, no valid scientific conclusions can be made concerning global warming. The false claim for the effectiveness of mathematics is an unreported scandal at least as important as the recent climate data fraud. Why is the math important? And why don't the climatologists use it correctly?"

Robin of Berkely, former lberal actiivist, on Sarah Palin "The Left's behavior towards Palin is not politics as usual. By their laser-focus on her body and her sexuality, leftists are defiling her. They are wilding her. And they do this with the full knowledge and complicity of the White House. The Left has declared war on Palin because she threatens their existence. Liberals need women dependent and scared so that women, like blacks, will vote Democrat."

Barack Obama, from Dreams of my father "I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites. I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race."

From "With Leather" "Why does Chicago want the Olympics anyway? If they’re that interested in seeing 14-year-old Chinese girls contort themselves, they could just head downtown. That’s your one human trafficking joke for the week. It wasn’t even that funny, and it was still funnier than Robin Williams."

Steve Czaban on Tiger Woods "I said Tiger had plenty of time to get married in his 40's. If he wanted. But there was no obligation. I knew that his fame and money would put these women in his orbit. I knew that he was a golf dork at heart. Not a playboy.

Something was bound to give. But why did it have to be this embarrassing?"

Jesper Parnevik on Tiger ""I have lost all respect for him, primarily as a man and a father. It doesn't even feel like it matters what he has done on the golf course. My respect for him as a person is gone. We have been nice to Tiger before, but now he only has himself to blame. We thought better of him, but he is not the one we thought he was."

Break out the coconut oil!!!!

A heat wave has hit out bucolic little valley. After three mornings of sub-zero temps, my pickup thermometer read a balmy nine degrees this morning.  I'd better enjoy while I can.  The projected high temperature for Monday is -5 degrees.  That's a little snappy I must say. Better hunt ducks while its still warm out.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

DefendingTammy Hall

Our local excuse of a newspaper has a bi-weekly columnist named Tammy Hall. She is a conservative and is not afraid to show it. Her counterpart is a withered old hag with no sense of reality named Marjorie Smith. Tammy writes one Friday then Marjorie the next. It's funny that after a Tammy column, the hate mail spews forth steady for the next week, but after a Marjorie column there is seldom, if ever, a letter contradicting her. Maybe it's because proving the Marjorie is an idiot is so easy that no one wants to take the time.

Recently, Tammy wrote a column about Barry getting his Nobel Peace Prize. Of course she was vilified by one of the local liberals who writes so many letters to the paper that I feel I know him personally. From what I can gather he's a grouchy bastard from Three Forks who gets all of his information from MSNBC.

Here's his letter in response to Tammy's column

Tammy Hall’s recent article attacking Barack Obama’s being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize came under the heading, “Personal attacks sign of an empty arsenal.” What an apt title for a Republican attack on our president. Recent polls of the nation’s electorate now show that less than 20 percent consider themselves to be Republicans. The GOP is in total disarray because of their continued negativity that Tammy’s article displays — an empty arsenal.

Even Sen. John McCain had the professionalism to say that it was a proud day for America. We are all proud that our president received this award and the reasons why he deserved it.

The prize was also an award to the nation’s electorate for preventing another four years of George W. Bush’s destructive foreign policy. Before Obama defeated the Republicans in the 2008 election, much of the world viewed our nation as aggressive and a significant threat to world peace. Obama’s election and stance changed all that. While Tammy’s article clearly displays why the Republican Party has tanked, we should all be proud that our president won the most coveted and controversial prize of them all: the Noble Peace Prize.

Here's my response that was  printed in the paper about four weeks ago.

I see William ********* was busy again. In his latest attack on Tammy Hall, Mr. ******* states that recent polls show less than 20 percent of the electorate consider themselves Republicans. Like all good liberals Mr. Fairhurst won’t say where he received his information. On the other hand, Gallup reported on October 26th, that 40 percent of Americans consider themselves conservative.  America haters, I mean liberals, come in at 20 percent.

The Republican Party may be in a state of disarray, but it’s not because of conservatives. It’s because of moderates.

Now onto the second point of Mr. Fairhurst’s letter and that is the Nobel Peace Prize. Mr. Fairhurst states the prize was an award “for preventing another four years of George W. Bush’s destructive foreign policy”. Umm, call me Ismail but GWB wasn’t running for president last year. I know that for a fact because I voted and I didn’t see his name on the ballot. Instead I had to vote for a moderate Democrat from Arizona. He was the better choice than a do nothing Senator from Illinois.

The point of Tammy’s column was not that President Barry Hussein Obama won, but why. Just answer the question. Why? Was it because he’s engaged rogue nations who want us destroyed? Was it because he bows to Islamic princes? Or was it because he would like Hezbollah to be able to freely attack Israel by allowing them settlements on the West Bank and Gaza? Which one? While all are valid points to the Nobel Committee, my guess is the last one as they hate Jews more than they hate America.

You keep supporting the man from Illinois who was only elected for one reason. While I eagerly await his defeat in 2012, it will still be a sad four years for America. After all Jimmy Carter did irreparable damage in his only four years as president. President Teleprompter is doing everything he can to top that.

It's been over three weeks and no one has written a letter calling me out.  I knew there wasn't enough venom in my reply.  I will have to sit down and try harder.  Write a letter with some Ann Coulter (the next Mrs. Gibbs) style bomb throwing and really get the panties of the local male liberals in a bunch.