Saturday, February 26, 2011

just a couple poems


sometimes I think about her
and then start to yearn
there's just something out there
that says it's not my turn

its just so hard to give
when others hold things back
i just want to live
does it have to be white and black

life shouldn't be this hard
we try to do what's right
do we have to play a card
it jusn't seem that right

and so we all just linger
to think what comes this way
we try to put a finger
to make us feel better today

so take all this thinking
and do what you will
cause i've been drinking
but i want it still

CG 12/10/09

No Gary Morris, but it was worth it.

So I posted yesterday that I was going to see Gary Morris tonight but I went to Emigrant to meet a couple of guys who work for money men. The first guy works for the owner of Cummins Diesel huge property with a lot of things to come. The second was for a golf course that Arthur Blank is building. Blank is the owner of the Atlanta Falcons.  My good friend Tommy G is in with both of the decision makers and these guys love Tom.  Both meetings went better than I imagined and the amount of equipment I think I will rent will make my check signer very happy ( though I'm on the account and can sign my own paychecks, it still isn't my money).  Got back to late to see Gary but business and work comes first in these times.  That's just how it goes.  I'm not unhappy about it at all.  Would have been nice to do both but the feeling I left both meetings with is that I am in and they liked me.  Mostly because they like Tom a lot.  One of those, if Tom likes this guy he must be good. So, hooray!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

LBOH 22 the clock is ticking

So 21 years ago my lifelongs and me decided to have a weekend where (or is it wear or ware, Moi help me out I  have an English minor for shits sake) anywhoo we have this weekend where we all get together. No wifes ( or is it wives, again Moi a little help) now this is getting confusing. So, we have this weekend. It's called the LBOH (Lonely Bachelors Oppressed Husbands) weekend.

Every Saturday night, the last nigt of reveling, Skeets, Ghoulies and me ( or is it I, God how I'm glad I'm not teaching) sing this song. Tomorrow Gary Morris will be in Bozeman singing at the eloquent Ellen Theatre. If he doesn't sing THIS song, I'm storming the stage, taking my Old Timer pocket knife out and puting it to his throat and making him sing. Three years in Deer Lodge be damned!

Ralph, I'm sorry you can't be there with me and hope I don't get misty.  It will probaly be the dust if I do.

 Great song especially given where I am at this state.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MCW "Most overrated Oscar"

In case you don't remember how this works or are new here to planet Earth, here's what happens.  Each week, our magnificent host and creator of this meme The one, the only, BOXER!! picks a theme, you find a clip of around three minutes and put it up.  You go to Boxer's place, let her know that everything is a go and we come over and visit. 

This week's theme is Most Overrated Oscar.  I'm kind of like Troll.  I assumed for best picture.  Best performance well, Russell Crowe winning for Gladiator was beyond stupid.  Fighting CGI tigers isn't really Oscar worthy is it?  The movie itself was nominated for twelve Oscars and won five.  NOMINATED FOR 12? Where the hell I am I? Bizzaro world.  Amazon Women On the Moon (short clip here) was twice the movie and it has nothing to do with the title.   A young Arsenio Hall here in AWOTM.  It's a great movie.

The Teachers' Lament

I saw the article listed below on FB yesterday.  I chose not to comment on it as I didn't want to ruffle any more feathers than I usually do.  I did make put the following comment on my FB page "Does anyone out there think that people home-schooling their kids should be at least paid the average rate of teachers in the district they are teaching their kids? Afterall, they are doing the same job AND their is one less child for these poor overworked teachers to have to worry about. They should get something. Afterall, its never about "the children".'  This comment was enough to get me unfriended by at least on thin skinned liberal.

Any way, here's the blogpost that caused all the uproar.  My comments are in blue.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Evan Sayet

Here's a guy named Evan Sayet.  He was a liberal before 9/11.  He's giving a speech on liberals, his conversion and a couple of other things.  It's almost an hour and I may have linked this before.  Now that I'm read worldwide I thought it might be worth putting up again.  His insight in to how modern liberals think is definately worth watching.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another show you should be watching.

Episodes is a new sitcom on Showtime.  It's about a couple of British writers who come to America with at the behest of some Hollywood schmuck to have their hit series on American television.  The Hollywood guy of course bastardizes the entire series.  It's really a very satirical look at Hollywood and how completely phony it is.

It stars Matt LeBlanc, Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig.  LeBlanc plays himself and Mangan and Greig play the husband/wife team of British writers.  If you follow the link above, you can watch the first three episodes for free.

I'm gonna come right out and say it.  Tamsin Greig does something for me.  She is simply beautiful and that accent drives me nuts.  Something about British women and the way the talk.  Russians and Aussies do it for me a little but not like the British.  Irish chicks are up there too.  Anyway.  Give it a watch.

Now, I'm off to get a lock of Tamsin's hair.  I heard the Chinese are close to human cloning, 

Tamsin Greig, making the short list.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MCW Best Broadway Musical to the big screen.

Welcome to Movie Clip Wednesday.  This is hosted by Boxer.  To get the rules and to find out what everyone else has going on go to Anonymoust Boxer and check it out.

This week's theme is best broadway musical made into a movie. I could have went with Oklahoma, or Music Man, or any other number of moives my mom made us watch when we only had two channels but not for this. I went with a movie I totally love and that is Grease.  There is no question that I still have the hots for Olivia.  Why wouldn't I?  Aussie chicks are smoking hot.  I'm a man who is about to rejoin the dating world and I think she may be on the market.  Finally, things are going my way. It's my big chance and I don't want to use some corny line when I first meet her.  So what better way to break the ice than tell her I wrote about her in a blogpost.  It's not like it's stalking or anything.

MRM "Olivia, it's a pleasure to meet you.  I wrote a blogpost about you for a movie clip Wednesday theme."

ONJ "What, because Diane Lane wasn't in a musical."

Back in civilization.

Here's a few photos from my snowmobile trip to Alpine, Wyoming.  The lodge was at 6600 feet.  Most of your riding for the weekend was 8600-9000 feet. The snow could have been better but it was still awesome.  Our cabins were strictly propane.  No electricity.  It wasn't bad.  Three meals a day.  Hot water when you're done riding.  A great place.

The sign at the trail head.

 Just a view from a place on the trail where we stopped on the way in.  It was a 28 mile trail ride just to get to the lodge.  Took almost an hour.

Stopping for look around on the ride in.  Had to have a snort of brandy.  It was tough duty but I stepped up.  Team player.

This is the parking lot.  The sleds are fired up and ready to roll.

A view of one of the cabins.

I'll have some more to post later.  I didn't take a lot of pictures as I left my camera at the cabin one day, but did get a couple more.  Waiting for some to be posted on FB from some of the other travelers so I can get them from there.  Back safe and sound. Hey Buzz, what's the them for MCW? hahahahahahaha

Friday, February 11, 2011

From the road. Literally.

writing down the road using the speak now function on my phone to make a blog post. how cool is that ?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Indiana, being uptight since 1816

Indiana officially became a state on December 11, 1816.  Hoosiers have been uptight ever since and now this from the Huffington Post.  Really Indiana?

Don't forget that tonight is the season premier of Justified. I'm not saying I have a man-crush on Timothy Oliphant but dammit he's so cool.  If you get a chance check it out.  Maybe set your DVR to Archer as well.  It's animated but I watched my first two episodes last week and it's pretty funny as well.  It also has sex, violence and strong language so it might not be everyone's cup of tea.

I caught the premier of The Chicago Code on Monday. ITS AWESOME!!  I love DVR. It's a good thing too because I have a Jeopardy qualifier at 7, then a committee meeting for the Citizens for Balanced Use, then have to pack for a four day snowmobile trip to Alpine, Wyoming staying at the Box Y Lodge. It's a 30 mile trail ride just to get there and I can hardly wait.  I think there are 12 of us going.  Accomadations include three meals a day but it's a BYOB place.  I can handle that.

When you get to be my age, you have to enjoy these moments all you can. HEY YOU KIDS!! GET OFF MY LAWN!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MCW Favorite movie from the 1930's

Well, well, well it's time for another edition of Movie Clip Wednesday.  About this time a year ago, one of the malcontents known as anonymous boxer began a meme wherein a theme is chosen and we followers of said meme find a clip of about three minutes, post it on our blogs and then go to Boxer's place and let it be known that we are up and participating.

At some point, I "temporarily" took the reigns as Boxer had matters to attend and have been in charge ever since.

The Grizwagon "Dash Cam"

Well here's a little slice of life from southwest Montana.  We had a pretty nice storm blow in yesterday afternoon so I took four videos with my old Kodak.  Two of a couple of legs of my journey home last night and then two of my trip in this morning. I just set the camera on the dash and let it do the work.  I even have some commentary along the way.  Proof positive that I have a voice for blogging. This first video is right after I turned onto Love Lane.  It really looks like I'm going fast than I am.  Travel speed on the first two videos is 30-35 mph.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The pre-Superbowl interview

During the interview with Barry and Bill O'Reilly yesterday, O'Reilly asked the president something to the effect of "what don't you like about being president?" To which Obama responded that he didn't like how he was always under the microscope.  He couldn't just go out and and go to dinner, you know that sort of thing.

Really B. Hussein?  You really don't like alll of the attention?  I've been following the presidency since Jimmy Carter and I've never seen a president more in love with himself than you.  You go to burger joints and shut down complete areas of downtown.  You go to NYC to take your wife to a play and shut down airspace for over eight hours.  These are but two that  come to immediately to mind.  When you always want to be in the limelight, when you spend every waking moment seeking it or figuring out how you can get in it, don't complain.  Even for you it's unbecoming.  No wait, it's exactly what I expect.

If you didn't want to be on television, then decline the interview.  If you're going to be on television put on a tie.  Oh, and don't think for a minute I don't know you're coloring your hair.  Its way less gray than it was after the November elections.  Does Carly Simon know you're living her song?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Force is strong in this one.

I can't believe VW isn't going to give me a kickback after dozens of people watch this.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MCW Favorite British Comedy

Welcome back to Movie Clip Wednesday. The Boxer inspired meme where you come here to see what the theme is, find a clip of about three minutes, come back here to say "you're up" and then we'll come and visit and give you our two bits. This week's theme is "Favorite British Comedy" a suggestion from Moi.

I'm not gonna lie, I've had better weeks.  It's like someone cut the artery to my ambition and that it's pumping out of me in a fast way.  Just got nothin.  Add that to the sadness I feel for both Chickory and Aunty Belle and well, I'm hoping I can come up with something that's worth a damn.