Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just catching up

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I did and my best to all of you.

I won't be around for New Years. I will be in Cancun, Mexico. I met a wonderful woman in June and have been seeing her since. I haven't figured out a nickname for her. She lives on the Bighorn River in Wyoming and has her own real estate  business. So, do i call her The Realtor or the Bighorn River Madwoman? The first is a lot of typing, the second is just BRM. I leave it up to you dear followers and expect many votes.

Honestly, she is a very nice lady. Took her to Malta for Christmas and she still likes me. And so did my family which is good. I haven't said anything about this all summer in my few posts but it is good.

All that aside, my best to all of you for a great 2013. It will be a tough one as The Duke will be 50 in February.   Life is just life. Embrace what it gives us. You all do and that is why I am so thankful for everything I have.

Like I said, just catching you up.

Happy New Year,


Thursday, November 29, 2012

It is what it is

So Barry is playing the same cards. We are sinking. John Boehner needs to grow a pair and say "Hey. You want a 2% tax increase? Fair enough. We will pass it." The problem is that Boehner has less balls than a heifer calf. Pass it. For Christsakes make it happen. Revel in the fact that it won't make things better. Hell, let the Bush tax cuts expire. I'm all in. Let the morons who voted for Barry see what happens.

On a lighter note. My beloved Bobcats play Stony Brook on Saturday (espn360) in the first round of the FCS playoffs. It will be a tough game but I think we will prevail.

Some other things to report on that I am not obligated to talk about at this point.

Best Christmas wishes. Not "Happy Holidays"


Saturday, November 17, 2012

stand up and cheer

In 2010 the Bobcats went into the pit of Mount Doom and beat the griz. They ended a streak for the grizzlies of 17 years of sharing or winning the Big Sky Conference title and 19 years of the griz being in the playoffs. Today, my beloved alma mater gave the the griz their first losing season since 1987.

Stand up and cheer
Cheer long and loud for dear Montana
For today we raise
The blue and gold to be victorious
Our sturdy band now is fighting
And they are sure to win the fray
We've got the vim
We're to win
For this is dear Montana's day

Cats 16 the liberal arts school down the road 7

Eat shit grizzlies. GO CATS GO

Yeah, I'm kind of happy. 

Hey, at least I didn't post some 80's videos.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Yankees and Red Sox have nothing on this

Hello friends.  Greetings from the Casa de MRM. 

Tomorrow is the greatest rivalry in all of college football. It is the 112th meeting of the Montana State University Fighting Bobcats and the liberal arts school just down the road (hey, the world needs artists too, supposedly).

The Bobcats face a team in turmoil.  Allegations of sexual misconduct has sent the dark pink into a tailspin this season.  The head coach and AD were both dismissed in March and the griz are on the brink of there first losing season since 1985.

The Bobcats are ranked second in the nation and have played great football all year. Yes, they lost to Eastern Washington, but since then have crushed their opponents and have not turned the ball over once.

This is a rivalry.  Montana has no professional sports teams. The biggest sporting event of the year is this football game. You are either a Cat or a griz tomorrow. If you are on the fence or don't care then you are a homo.

The griz have had a tough run but Cat fans who think that tomorrow's game is a walk are sadly mistaken.

Despite the griz record, they are a solid team.  This is their season. They aren't going to the playoffs even if they win tomorrow. No. Tomorrow is for pride, and pride in a rivalry, is a huge factor.

The Cats can't afford to be full of themselves. The have to execute. Control the ball and stop the griz pass rush.  The Cats have a lot on the line. A potential #2 seed in the playoffs which gives them home field until the championship.

Washington-grizzly stadium is the most intimidating place to play in all of FCS football. 30,000 fans who will be rabid and vocal unless the game gets out of reach.

I like our chances but only slightly.  Don't ever count out a rivalry. Too many Cat fans are doing so.

I'll be at the Grantree for the game. Hanging with the Cat faithful.  I'm sure there will be some dark pink fans in there as well.

You are either a Cat or a griz tomorrow. Be a Cat.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where do we go from here?

It's 9:09 MST. It looks like there are enough uneducated people to re-elect a guy who couldn't get a job at a convenience store for president, yet again. What is wrong with this country? Obama will insert his will with executive orders and czars.

I am almost 50. I can not believe that after four years of no leadership that so many people would ask for this again. I wish I was my father. He is dead. He won't be alive to see this great nation become so second rate.

Where do we go? We have seen FEMA in the East Coast.  That is what we will have for health care. This is a great example of what the government will do.

I wished I would have saved more money. To leave. Go to Ireland or Belize. Where my money was worth something.

I have no health insurance anymore. I have no social security. The money I have saved for my life is worth nothing now. I should cash out of my 401k, take the hit and move to Fiji. Life is gone with this absolute condescending fuck of a president.

I make good money. Not rich. I can't wait for all of his shit to hit the rest of America. To hell with them. To hell with the people who voted for this and see what will happen. I can afford it. They can't, When we are having riots in the streets, which we have, I'll say "F*** you, you dumb ass, you voted for this. Then I'll calmly shoot the protester in the chest, have a glass of crown, plead insanity in the regime and go about my way.

This is a dark road.  Nine Eleven won't even be a thought. What Obama will do to this nation will far more crippling, We have become "a first rate, second rate nation".

Trust me.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Or maybe this live

Sorry, I love Laura Branigan.

this is better than the other one I posted.

As I said last night, life is grand. We need to get this blogger thing rolling again.

I saw Styx in 2003 in Bozeman and they didn't sing this. Great song. Know every word. Tommy bought some guitars here. From Gibson Guitar. Yeah, that's right. They make them here in Bozeman.

I have a great idea. Let's get the band back together.

Some Level 42 favorite of mine

Sleep well,


I might have posted this once

I really do have a great mind. Arguments, call me on something I said, it will be bullshit. However, blogging is a little convuleted for me. I think I put this up once. Laura Branigan was a beautiful woman. Her voice was her voice. There was no studio making it sound better. Just her. Powerful, on key, not missing a note. Because I don't know the system anymore, here is Laura Branigan with "Gloria" Enjoy this beautiful woman with such an amazing voice.

Two posts in as many a nights! Whoda thunk?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Age, it hurts

So I jump on here to make a quick post and there all of these new options. I could barely figure out how to make a post. Fortunately, I've had a couple of crowns so I'm clairvoyant and managed to make my way here.

I have some great things to write about. How the Bobcats have managed to snatch victory from the jaws of the defeat the last two weekends despite turning the ball over nine times. If they do that this weekend against the #7 Eagles from Eastern Washington they will get pummelled.

Have another great post about trading a Hutterite out of a bottle of rhubarb wine. Are any of you watching the Hutterite series on whatever channel they are on? I grew up with them. Chopper Hofer used to come over to my house and watch baseball. He's dead now, but still. I know all about the Hoots.

Life is grand. The new job has had some pitfalls but that was to be expected.

Dad told me "Life has only one direction and that is forward."

Best to all of you,


Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Weekend

It's Homecoming weekend here in Bozeman. I've only missed four homecomings in 25 years.  It's a big deal. The conference opener against Northern Colorado.  They were 0-11 last year and have only one win this year against a Division II school. Don't sell them short. A great quarterback and a great linebacker tandem.

That Fighting Bobcats are ranked second in the nation in the FCS. They are overranked by a few. Probably should be 8 or 9 but we will take it.

Life is good. I'm fat and happy and according to a press release this week, I'm in the majority. An article I read stated that by 2030, we will be over 50% obese as a nation. How is that going to work out with our health care?  Just sayin.

Take care.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inching my way back

Life is still good.

The Cats are 2-0 for the first time since 1999 but they don't look good. Not like the number four team in the country. MSU plays Stephen F Austin this Saturday. They will see how good they are.

I muddle through. The job has become more of a task than I had anticipated but it will get better.

The blogoshpere is in complete shambles it appears. To quote Sam Malone "what has the world become when I am the voice of reason?"

There seems to be on overabundance of plexiglass but can I get a 3 x 5? It does not appear so. I don't ask for much.

Still kickin ya all.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not a "Random Thoughts" just a few

I need Plexiglass. Lots of it. Anyone know somebody?

If you have a room temperature IQ and have been alive for more than 20 minutes, why would you vote for Barry?

I will release my college transcripts to anyone (graduated with honors with a 3.47) why won't our president? Was he that bad of a student or is there something else? Queer that.

I figured out my driver two weeks ago. Hitting it 270 ( at altitude ) and scoring great. I still can't hit it as far as I could my old Persimmons three wood in college but, oh well.

There is a light on the horizon. More on that later. When I've had a couple. Or more than that.

My Cincinnati Reds are in first place and going to the playoffs. My tattoo is really paying off. Just sayin.

I bought a new temperpedic (sp?) if you don't have one, get one. With the full options.

I grew a goatee. Had one for ten years and then shaved it off in 2006. Grew it back this year. Lots of gray. Lots and lots of gray. Probably going to shave it off soon.

A haiku for Troll ( who never stops by, who can blame him )

Poured another one
Aunty Belle stopped to visit
Will anyone else

Safe Journeys,


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It is .... ALIVE!!!!

Yup. That is the truth. I'm still here. Bringing truth, justice and the American Way to the three or four of you who may be slightly interested in what I have to say which isn't much.

Life is good. The new job is a lot of work, which I knew it would be and welcomed the opportunity.

Some new developments on life ( more on that later).

My beloved Bobcats open their season next week under the lights for the first time in Montana State history.

Lots of bloggers who haven't had a lot to say, aside from me and I suck, have been pretty idle. So I don't feel to awefully bad.

Not a lot to say. Some rumors of  a semi-blogfest.  Not in Bozeman. Which is a tragedy.

My sister, LP, lives close to NYC.  The Yankees and the Reds would be a great World Series.  The Reds will sweep them again, just like 1976, the bicentennial if you are keeping track.

Just a note to let you all know I'm still out here and doing well.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Whew. A breather finally

I have not been home for a full weekend since before Memorial Day.

Nothing this weekend. Just a little work, some golf, pull some weeds. Maybe a glass of Canada's finest.

I bought a car. A 2004 Audi A6 with a twin turbo 2.6 liter engine.  Two words. Fucking Awesome!!!!! I'm glad I'm 49 because if I was 29, I would probably have five wreckless driving tickets by now as this car gets to 120 way to easy and I have no problem driving that fast. I decided a couple of months ago I wanted to get a car to drive for my road trips.  I have the money, I picked a number and then found it. Driving it is more fun than stepping on baby ducks.  Just a good time.

Work is good. I love the pressure.  There is a difference between pressure and stress. I'm not stressed. Sleep well every night. Will sleep better on my new temperpedic come Monday, but honestly love the pressure of the decision making. As long as there are not women involved, I'm a good decision maker. Didn't get here being a bad one.

My golf game is alright. Played in the Steamboat Two Man Best Ball with Danny for the tenth time and we finally won. We both played great on Saturday.  Sunday, we were a little wobbly. Not from any post Saturday imbibing, just didn't play well to start. We started with a five stroke lead.  After nine we had a one stroke lead. Our opponents were playing good, we weren't. It was a shotgun start on Sunday.  We started on hold 5. Signal Point is a nine hole track so you play it twice. After nine we were up one, we clung to that lead. We arrived at hole 9 the second time. Still up one, we only had five holes left.  I walked up to Danny "I need a birdie from you here."  I was struggling and so was he. We played 9 the second time and gained a stroke. We went to hole 1 and picked up another one. Now we are up three with three to play. They crumbled like crackers into tomato soup. Finally winning after so long was fun. Three years ago we had a three stroke lead and folded up like a suitcase and had our asses kicked.  Nice to rally.

I miss you all and hope this grand blessing of life is treating you fairly.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Catching up with a good friend

Big Sky Fly Guy is a friend of mine from years past.  We played pool together for 5 or 6 years.  Then he got married, quit playing pool and we fell out of touch.  The last time I ran into him was at the grocery store. I posted in May that I was switching to VO. BSFG's response was "When can we expect to see the first Blog at 'VO on the rocks?'

My response to him was"Great question BSFG. How about when you have your third child? Or when you can come over for a drink? My money is on the third kid. Just sayin."

Well I forgot he had his third child two years ago. So I suppose I have to change it now. Maybe.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I've told a few stories about my great friend Ralph.  If any of you were to meet him today, there is not one of you who would not say "Gosh, he is so nice." That is because he is so nice. He is a great man. A best friend. You would say "He is so polite. Engaging. A nice person." Again, that is all true. Ralph is the glue in our band of friends. When I talk to anyone else (Dan, Delmer, Jimmy, Adrian, etc.) the question is always "What's Ralph up to?" A big part of that is because Ralph and I talked very regularly.  The biggest part is because of who he his. Not a man among us wouldn't step in front of a bus or give up a kidney for the man you would meet. But then again, that's the Ralph you would meet. Not the Ralph we know.

Ralph as a young man was extremely competitive. He knocked a board game away from me when we were 10 or 11 because I was winning. He hated to lose. I do as well. It's one of our many bonds. Quick to fire, as easily quick to cool off.

 Delmer and I were talking a couple years ago. Delmer and Ralph were roommates through college at Eastern Montana College and Country Club. It was called that because you really didn't have to go to class, or read or take tests actually. Just pay your tuition and get a degree. It was one of "those" schools. Anyway Delm and I were talking and a conversation we had inspired this post.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Random thoughts #25

1) Yes I know I said I was on hiatus.  I guess I decided to say that because I was tired of making promises I wasn't keeping. It's not who I am. Rather than say "I'll be back" and not be, I decided to just quit and do it when I can. Maybe that is why I'm posting a bit more. Because I said I wouldn't. Who knows.

2) I talk too much. I'm a talker. Way overboard in that aspect. I admit it. That being said, if I say anything tonight that I've already said it's because I've become to dumb I can't remember if I've said it or not. However my subconscious takes over and I suppose that is why I may repeat myself. Because I think it's worth saying again.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Schoolhouse Rock

So my great friend Kim (Jimmy's wife) sent me this email about prepositions. I responded with a Schoolhouse Rock about prepositions. Then I thought about my favorites. Here are a few. A bushel of wheat, a bushel of rye.



Conjunction Junction

I'm just a bill

The Preamble

Mother Necessity

And what would this be without "FIVE"

It's all I have.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just a quick story, kind of

So, I'm sitting in Ohare in Chicago waiting for my flight to Fargo yesterday. A friend of mine texts me a picture of his brother-in-law, who I went to high school with and is still a great friend, sitting behind home plate at the Cubs game I was watching at Ohare's Bar and Grill. A great place.  Corona is only $8.25 a bottle there with tax.  It's $7.50 a six pack at the little grocery store in my subdivision, but anyway.  I called Len after the game and he was flying out of Ohare.  He gets through security and ends up in my terminal only 10 gates from me.  We meet up and I said, "Who would have ever thought to poor boys from Malta would be having a drink together in Ohare?'  We had a glass and I waited for him at his gate.

We lamented about the labors of flying, the waiting, etc.  How it's a pain in the ass to fly alone because if you have to go to the bathroom you have to take everything with you but then Len had a great quote. 

"I like to fly.  It's the best way to get from here to there. And, I really like getting to THERE." It was well put.

My flight that was cancelled at 3:50 didn't leave until 9:30.  I flew to Fargo, jumped in a one ton flatbed and drove it home as we need the truck in Helena.  746 miles from the hotel to my driveway.  746 miles and I crossed one state line.  I stopped for fuel twice (had a quick burger on one of them) took three short naps and made it home in 12 hours.

This post won't be tagged with "who's luckier than me?"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello again, but then....

There are still a few who stop by. Not many but there is no one to blame but me.  Life has changed. Pretty much for the better except for the time when I can post. That being said, I am going to take a hiatus. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Some ice and a slipper

It's a long row to hoe for me. The new job is big. However it is Friday. My favorite day of the week. Best wishes to all of you. Just relieving stress at this point.

I have had said and always will say, no person is luckier than me. I have a great family, the best friends,  a great life. Nothing to do but go forward.

Safe journeys,


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A little juice

Was on the road today. Went to Billings and back. 300 miles. I know most of you can't follow that but in Montana it's just a day. Two hours there, two hours back

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hanging with The Prodigy

So last week I went to Sheridan for the annual watching of the Masters with TP. This week he and his lovely bride LB came to Bozeman for the Montana Beer Festival.  I attended with them tonight though I'm not a beer guy. TP has his own brewery. I'm not saying this because he is just a good friend, I'm saying this as a non-beer drinker. His beer is fabulous.  His partner is a multiple award winner at beer fests all over the northwest and they have won awards in every competition they have entered. Well I think they have. He can verify that if HE even reads this anymore.

Buzz, you need to make a vacation plan and come to Montana. See Yellowstone and then drive to Sheridan, it's only four soft hours. You and TP will be immediate friends even without dropping my name ( which you should do to get the MRM discount). I say this to you because I think you have mentioned that you like good beer. I'll buy you and your family dinner. They can have anything they like as long as it fits through a straw.

LB, TP's wife, is more fun than stepping on baby ducks. She just tells it like it is with sarcasm and a great smile on her face. She would read that comment and say "what does that even mean?" and then just laugh.

Keep up the faith kids. It's a long row to hoe.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

If you think I'm a poor blogger now, just wait

Life has been good.  The position with the new company has born much fruit for me. My job was very uncomplicated.  I had my own deal.  My own list of equipment to sell, making good bank.  I really didn't have a boss.  I was the "go to" guy for a lot of salesmen in the company.  Developing a great reputation.  People liked me. They said good things. All was well.

Then a position of responsibility opened up.  I was asked to apply. So I did.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Aaah, vacation. I deserve it.

As a few of you know, I'm heading to St. George, Utah, a golf mecca, ( was that too many commas?) for a golf weekend. Much deserved from my standpoint.

I haven't played there since the late 80's.  I was going to go to Phoenix but I'll keep this short. A couple of other people became involved and so St. George it is.  One of the guys was a golf superintent there and we supposedly are going to have cheap golf. I say "supposedly" because he bailed. He was our in!  Now he's not coming along? He made all the tee times so I hope he has some pull.  Otherwise, well, I'll be a little bent.

Here's the deal. When I travel, one of the things required is that my hotel has a bar. Of the 32 hotels in St. George, none have a lounge. You read that right. Zero bars in any hotel. I can handle that if the golf is still discounted. If it's not, then Mike will have a lot to answer for. Like and old fashioned St. Mary's "meet you at the flagpole" beating.

It's in the heart of Mormon country I know. But really? Not one lounge in a hotel? I thought we lived in America.

My gear is packed.  My work is done.  Tomorrow will be like a paid day off.  We leave at 4 PM. I've said it before and I'll say it again, everyone should work with my on Friday. I can't be brought down. If you think that is good, work with me on the day before I leave for vacation. I'm happier than an albino in the shade. Or as Jimmy says "happier than a dog with two peters."  Just happy.

Safe journeys to you (and to me) til then.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Just getting by

Life is pretty good. I had a great talk with my mother. She is happy.

Work is good though there is still a challenge with the transition. Some people are still in the mold of the old company and I hope they get past that.

My sister bought a house and has moved out. I'm ecstatic for her and me. What was supposed to be a few month deal turned into two years. No bad words or ill feelings. I'll never do that. She found a nice deal. I'm happy for her. And me.

Golf season is just around the corner. Leaving Wednesday for St. George, Utah. A golf haven. Haven't swung a club since October but will hit some balls this weekend and be ready.

My youngest brother Pat turned 35 today. Hard to grasp. He has three great kids and my sis-in-law is the bomb. Happy for them.

I want to let you all know that I am ready you weekly. Though I might not comment, don't let that be a reflection. You are all putting out great posts.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

The dream sequence.

Buckle in. I think this is going to be a long one.

I don't dream very much. I sleep. When I dream two things happen. It's in color and I can hardly remember them.  It's always been that way. I don't have bad dreams very often. Not even as a kid. When you have the imagination of a fourteen year old boy, your dreams are always fun.

Friday, March 9, 2012

If I ever find him

So evidently, my email address was hacked and a bunch of spam was sent through my address. I've taken the advice of Yahoo! on what to do and hope this doesn't happen anymore.

I would like to find this person. I won't describe what I want to do to him ( I believe it is a him, women aren't evil when it comes to things like this, they are only evil when they want to rip your heart out through your lungcage and put it in a blender on puree, but hey, who am I to judge. Maybe I should have called more. Whatever. ) anyway, what I would do involves slitting a very tender portion of his anatomy. I'll leave you with that. My description for what I would do after that, isn't pleasant. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yes, it's kind of late

Played pool league tonight and finally got off the snide.  Had been shooting great all year but the last two weeks had gone 0-6. Went 2 for 3 tonight.

Had a guy pull right out in front of me in the way to town tonight.  Didn't have to lock up the brakes but it was close. It got me to thinking.

I was a young kid, only twelve and working at the ranch. It was my fifth time horseback.  I was riding Bookeeper, a pale buckskin.  All the times I had been riding before that was just checking on cows.  This day we were gathering the Dyer Coulee pasture (from the poem). I didn't know what I was doing. Just trailing some cows and calves into a bunch so Ranch Dad could work them.  This calf broke back and Bookeeper was on him trying to turn him to the herd. The calf dove and Bookeeper made a hard turn to put him back. When Bookeeper turned, so did my saddle.

I wasn't quite upside down but his hooves were inches from my face. Honestly. I blew the stirrups and let go of the saddle horn and just tried to get out of the way. I landed in sagebrush and dirt. No cactus. I wasn't scared (I was more scared shooting a tough eight ball tonight, which I made BOOYAH) and didn't know any better. When brother Leo cinched up my saddle, you could hear the air leave Bookeeper's lungs. It was tight. After that, Leo taught me how to cinch my own saddle. He had always done it before then. I was a small kid, but he showed me a trick to get it tight. Not to tight. But tight enough I never had that happen. I ended up being an OK cowboy.

Here's my point. I've been in three car crashes. None of which were my fault but all were violent.  No one was hurt in any of them which I'm grateful for in all respects. The thing is this, my Guardian Angel works overtime. He is a first ballot Hall-of-Famer. He's kept me out of the ditch as recently as last weekend when EJ and I were on some icy slopes looking at some property. I stopped on a very gently incline. We were looking at the map as to where we wanted to go and I looked up and we were sliding. I hit the brake and it wasn't working. I had just put my truck into four-wheel drive and something made me take my foot of the brake and punch it. The truck wheeled away from the ditch and we were safe. All the me G.A!! When I go, whoever gets him should be as thankful as I am.

I have a great life.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

You're State Champs are.............

The Malta Mustangs!!! 67-62.  A great title game.  I honestly feel bad that Manhattan lost because they are a great team.  What sucks for them is that their three losses this season are in the last three tournaments, all in title games.  Gotta hurt. They say that defense wins championships and tonight was the proof.  Malta was down five at half and put the full court press on in the second half.  Manhattan had trouble breaking it all night and couldn't find their half court offense.  Malta created some great turnovers and played their half court offense almost perfect.  If these teams met nine more times I think it would be 5 and 5. 

Next week the girls basketball team goes for the third title in six years.  I know that you are all on the edge of your seat to find out how they do.

Love my Malta teams.

Friday, March 2, 2012

In the Chipper!!

The Mustangs came back from a ten point deficit in the fourth quarter last night and controlled the semi-final game tonight to meet the top ranked Manhattan Tigers in tomorrow's state class B championship.  I don't know if the game is going to be carried live on ESPN but you can always stream it live on KMMR, the voice of the Mustangs.

I'll be honest.  Malta will have a hard time tomorrow.  Manhattan is a great team.  Lots of talent and very well coached.  Their coach, Mike Woodman, led Malta to a state championship in 1985.  He knows basketball. Still, I'll be there out of my seat on every great play and yelling on every bad call. I just won't yell "BULLSHIT!!" like I did tonight once. Not that the call wasn't complete bullshit, I just won't do it. That's my vow to you.

And now, some videos.

HAHAHAHAH, just kidding.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Montana Class B State Finals

Yes, my beloved Mustangs won the Northern Divisional tournament and qualified for state. Oh, here's the good part. It's right here in Bozeman. The 3M Company (Mighty Malta Mustangs, three m's, get it?) open with Whitehall tomorrow at 2 PM.  It's a good team. Not overly tall but very athletic.  They beat Fairfield for the divisional title. Fairfield and Malta have a huge rivalry but I'll touch on that more next week when the state class B girls tournament is in full tilt.

Whitehall is streaky. They match up well with Mustangs size wise. Malta plays tremendous man-to-man defense with a lot of pressure. They held Fairfield's stud to 1-14 from the floor last week. Malta is well coached by Dave C.  from Saco (down the road about 30 miles and drank a lot of beer with him in the softball days) and Tom who attended MHS with me. Good guy but didn't graduated in 1981 (and 83er, his cross to bear, or is it bare? Damn it. The English language can be so confusing. Why did, or I should say "how", did I minor in it?) but Tom is a good man. His younger brother Jim is a great friend and loves to spend money with me. Which brings me to my next story.

Jim lives in Big Timber. It's 55 miles east of Bozeman. The Mustangs practiced there tonight. Jim texted his boys in BT the following "Hey, make sure there is a nice safety ladder available at the Herder Gym. The Mustangs will probably cut the nets down after practice."  Just classic.  I called Jim when I got the text. "Jim, you made me laugh my ass off!"  Jim says "Chipper, the people in Big Timber hate Malta because Randy (another Malta boy) and I always are telling them how great it is."

Let's hope that Malta can hoist another state championship banner this weekend and follow it up again with a girl's title in Hamilton. And yes, I'll be there for that as well.

Sorry to bore you. I just love Malta.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a word

Life in the Gallatin Valley is good.  It's been an easy winter. No snow to speak of at all. As a matter of fact, in my 24 years of living in Bozeman this has been the most gentle winter I can remember.  I'm not bitching a lick.

Making my way through the Titan process and doing well.  Of all the companies that my ex-boss could have sold out to, I do think he picked a good one.

Ralph is still having a time of coming to terms with me not just punishing him at the alumni tournament 25+ years ago. He really didn't cry when we got our tattoos. It was more of a soft whimper. His pain threshhold is very minimal. Except when he slugs a wall and breaks his hand. Which he has done to death. Hand pain - good.

Life is life. It deals the cards. Play them well. Bluffing is for sissies who can't or don't know what to do.

I'll be here all week.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

In memory

The Prodigy just called to me to tell me that Whitney Houston died.  I loved Whitney.  Her voice, her beauty.  I remember the first time I heard "Saving All My Love" on VH1.  I went out and bought her debut album. The love affair was born. I know I'm a Diane Lane guy, but Whitney was right there for years. My friend Sally Jane bought me a Whitney calendar for my birthday one year and I never took it down. When TP was living with me, he remarked that it was out of date and he commented on it again tonight.

When she married Bobby Brown I knew the downward spiral was about to begin. She never made anything worth listening to after that.

She was so beautiful and her voice was amazing.

I just posted about turning 49 and how it isn't old. Whitney was 48.

Here's a few of my favorites.

Random thoughts #25

Things that crossed my mind while thinking about my last year in the fourties. Hey, at least it's leap year so I get 366 until the half century mark.

1) At my 40th, I remember telling Ralph. "We've spent the first 40 thinking we are immortal.  We need to figure out in the next 40 how to make that happen."

2) I'm sure we all remember when we thought 49 was old.  Now that I'm there and staring at 50 I don't feel bad at all. I haven't been to the gym in a while but need to get back there (we haven't had any snow so there has been no point in getting into shape to ride sleds).  And I have been really thinking about wanting to run a 5K.  Then I stop and say to myself "why in the hell would you want to do that?"  I'd probably tear an ACL or do something that wouldn't let me play golf for the rest of the year.  To hell with that.  I'm still going to get back in the gym, but not going to race anyone.  Unless it's the Malta boys for who gets to 50 first. In that case, I win.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What did you do today?

Just a question. I went to work. Lived life, that I love. I love my job and most of the people I work with do a great job. The others, meh, average. They could pick it up. I'm old school, a taskmaster. But  a gentle one, I try to show them where they could do better. That my expectations are high, not only for them, but for myself. I was born 100 years to late. The good thing about that is that I would be dead by now and I'm not. Still muddling through.

No worries. The bills are paid. Money in the bank, a good job. And the best friends a man could have. More on that at another time I suppose. Maybe not. I'll probably forget.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

So true

Enjoy your Sunday kids.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I don't get it

Don Cornelius, the host of Soul Train for a gazillion years, took his own life Tuesday.  I don't understand suicide.  Despite how bad it could ever be, why would anyone choose to end this gift? Life is so short. Maybe, and I mean maybe, if you are terminal I can possibly see it. If your wife leaves you, if you're bankrupt, if your best girl starts sleeping with someone else...none are good enough to end it all.

I shoot for a great pool team. They are awesome men.  I used to shoot against them, they were always my favorite team to shoot against. I shoot for them because their team captain, a man I knew and considered a friend, took his own life. I still can't grasp as to why.

I work with a man whose brother killed himself a few years ago and he has never been the same. He doesn't laugh as much.

A couple of weeks ago, I sent a bunch of videos of The Spinners to Ralph and Delmer (I spared you, my beloved followers, you're welcome) a couple were from Soul Train.

I guess I could kill myself under extreme duress. Maybe a bunch of Islamo Fascists were going to take me hostage and cut off my own head. Something like that. Otherwise, not matter what happens, there is no way I would.

 Here's a Don Cornelius tribute. "Peace and Soul." RIP

Here are The Spinners on Soul Train singing "I'll be around".  Like Sister told me when Rod died, "it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

 I have no labels for this. And I don't want any.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A good argument point.

I don't particularly care for liberals. Not in the least. So here's the deal (side bar, and I've said this before, you can always tell when a salesman is lying when he says's "here's the deal" that point aside and being a salesman, just read) whenever a liberal says "that's a great idea" ask them how we are supposed to pay for it. Along with everything else we all are paying for. Just a thought.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

As I stumble through what is life

A great version of Queen.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Just on the YouTube

Not going to post a bunch. But here are a couple I found in my love affair with youtube.

The Spinners with "Rubberband Man" live. A great performance. I flippin love them. Sent Ralph an Delmer an email with like four of their best songs. 

So here are two more. From the Electric Light Orchestra. I LOVE ELO.

Here's my favorite. Evil Woman.

And Sweet Talkin Woman. Live and brilliant.

Just muddling through.

Life is great. A few thoughts.

We are in for another term of Barry and it will put this great nation on a path from which we will never recover. So sad.

Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't get. More on that at another time.

Always tell the truth. Even it if hurts someone.  Just one lie can ruin you.  Not to say that I told a lie and am in trouble.  I can't help but tell the truth. I might be more diplomatic at times than others, but an honest answer is what you will get.  I might have told this story before (I'm almost sure I have) but I had a female salesperson in my office one day. A very bright woman, very forward and ten years older than me. She was really trying to push this radio package on me.  I looked it over and said we would pass. She said to me "Chip, do I intimidate you?" I looked back at her and said "Kay, I'm only intimidated by women I'm sleeping with." She laughed, but it was an honest answer.

Buzz, is the lawyer a public defender or private practice? If the former, than yes, I make more money than him. If the latter, is he a partner in the firm? Then I can answer that question. Honestly.

Keep a hard eye on the environmental movement.  Their number one enemy is the agriculture industry. They are constantly attacking grazing rights, how big farms are, etc. Where the fuck do they think their food comes from? Safeway? The IGA? I would like to go to some enviro meeting and pull out a flip recorder and have someone tell me I can't record them. I would say "it's a public meeting isn't it?" I want some tree hugging puke to try to take my recorder. Please God, make this happen.

I'm thinking about getting a dog again. This time it will be dogs. I won't have one to leave alone in the day. If I do it again. I'll get two so they aren't lonely when I'm away. Not there yet, but love dogs so much. And they would have it easy here. After all, they are people too.

I have ten guns. Five have never been shot. Someday they will be. I just like guns. Everyone should have one. They are fun. I don't hunt anymore. Well, very seldom anyway. Some pheasants with The Prodigy every now and again. It's just my right. "From my cold dead fingers."

I could post 24/7. Always have something to say. I could write a letter to the paper every day. If they would let me. Had one published today. I'm 12 of 13 on submissions. It's a good average.  I suppose the one they didn't publish had something to do with me calling John Kerry "a former dope smoker who was awarded a medal for shooting a 12 year old in the back on a saipan" but really who knows?

377 days left in my fourties.

I don't like having to wear reading glasses. They help a little. I can still read the paper or a book but it's easier with them. I can't thread a fishing line through a hook or read washing labels. I suppose there are worse things.

Don't have much else to say. Just wanted to share some things. Going to youtube.

Safe journeys,


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Forgot to link this last night

Here is a great video about the wolf. Very well done. It's an hour long but incredibly awesome. Kind of like MRM.   Go here.

I'm not quite back, but getting there.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Great American Land Grab: Part II The Wolf

According to Kayser Sose, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn't exist. The greatest trick the environmentalists have pulled in the last 20 years is the reintroduction of the grey wolf. It's bigger than global warming (at least so far) because it's actually been accomplished.

Ed Bangs, the alpha male of the wolf reintroduction movement, knew full well that the population was healthy and numbered over 50,000. The problem was that the wolves were in Canada, roaming the Great White North.  They had plenty to eat, minimal contact with man and an abundant food source. The problem with the situation was that it's hard to make a legacy with those circumstances.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I didn't know Baxter

I don't go out much on Wednesday. No drink special at the Grantree (my haunt) it's mid week. Nothing really to do.

I started stopping at Boxer's Lounge ( not our Boxer I don't think but maybe? She can confirm.) this past summer. Went in there in July on a non-North Dakota trip for something different. Well it turns out that a lot of guys I know in Belgrade stop there on Wednesday so I would pop in on occasion and tip a few with them. My banker, a couple of guys I play golf league with, people I know. Anyway, its always a nice evening.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A good story

I first met Jason McEndoo several years ago. He is the offensive line coach for my beloved Bobcats.  As the new guy on the staff, Jason was the liaison between MSU and ABC Rental. We donated equipment to the team for filming and whatnot.  I immediately liked him. This was over ten years ago.  He lived in my subdivision and I helped him build his fence.

If you follow sports, you know about Ryan Leaf.  He is a Montana boy (from Great Falls). He played for Washington State and was runner up in the Heisman his senior year. At the NFL level, he wasn't good. He sucked and was a douche bag of a teammate. I met Ryan in Bozeman three or four years ago and was not impressed. He was busted for drugs, went through rehab and seems to be turning his life around.

In 2010 Montana State played Washington State, a game we should have won. Before the game, Leaf posted this great article about Jason. I know Jason well enough to call him a friend.  His wife is a spectacular person.  Two years ago, he gave the keynote speech at the Malta Athletic Club's annual banquet.  Every one in Malta loves him. I had know idea about this tragedy.

Read this and it will warm your heart. Ryan Leaf did a remarkable job in writing this.

Oh, and for the record, Jason was named the Assistant Coach of the Year for the FCS, the football level we play in (formally Division I-AA, which I still call it. Saying "FCS" is Gary without the "r".)

If you're keeping score at home (and I know your are) this is three posts in 24 hours. Don't get your hopes up. And for the record, no videos. Seems like old times here in the Gallatin Valley.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I would have done worse

What the hell? Two posts in one night? Who is this guy?

Here's my bitch. By now I'm sure you are all know that a video has surfaced with Marines pissing on the corpses of dead terrorists.  Why is this a big deal?  I absofuckinglutely guarantee that this has been happening since the first war in history.  The Greeks didn't have YouTube.  If the did, it would have been all over Greece and they would have celebrated.

The fact that this administration is upset is deploring. It shows how much they loathe the military. If this video had surfaced during GW's term, he would have said something like this "We can't judge those young men for this act. They are at war. We don't know the situation leading up to this but we can't put ourselves in their shoes."

What does the chain smoker do? He condemns it. What an absolute loser.  Hillary as well.

I'm telling right now to watch how the media will portray this.  They will villefy these brave men.

Here's what you need to remember.  We had dead soldiers dragged through streets, hung off bridges.  The terrorists beheaded dead soldiers. They posted beheadings on the internet.  I watched one. And our media said nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!

The media is saying "Marines urinated on the bodies of dead Taliban soldiers."  They aren't soldiers. They aren't freedom fighters. They aren't insurgents. They are terrorists. Plain and simple. They have pissed on our brave men.  They have treated the bodies of our soldiers far worse and yet this administration said nothing. Even worse, our media said nothing.  Every liberal who has claimed to "support our troops" needs to stand up and support them now.

As Jack Nicholson said in "A Few Good Men"..."Grab a gun and stand a post!"

Otherwise, just grab a big cup of "Shut the Fuck Up" and say thank you.

Random thoughts #?

Things that crossed my mind back in August when I missed a connecting flight. Written while in flight on the plane. I was lucky enough to get one to come home.

1) Vodka and Crown aren't usually a good mix. However, when you miss one flight and get lucky to find another, sometimes you have to roll the dice with Finlander on the plane.

2) If you get a chance to go to Rhinelander WI, fly to Minneapolis and drive the rest of the way.

3) I met a guy in Rock Springs, WY who has a sister in Billings, MT and is single. She owns a resort in Belize. Ellis "I think I have a picture of her on my phone somewhere." Me "I don't need one. I've heard enough."