Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The liberal double standard continues

Example 1: Roman Polanski. In 1977 Polanski plead guilty to raping a 13 year old girl. Now he's under arrest and all of Hollywood is coming to his defense. Is this even happening? Harrison Ford, you are a puke and if I ever see your faggot ass at Chico Hot Springs, you can guarantee I'm going to say something to you. Let's keep in mind that this was not consensual sex with a minor. That would be bad enough, but he raped her. (Read about it here but it isn't for the weak of heart) . Then fled to Europe and lived a life none of us can even imagine. He was 44 at the time. He has won awards and made movies and lived like nothing ever happened.

Where is the outrage from the feminists? Oh, according to Whoopi Goldberg it wasn't "rape-rape" so it's OK. Wow, then I guess that makes it OK for all men everywhere to drug women, have sex with them against their will, plead down the charges and say to the judge "Whoopi says it's OK". If this was a Catholic Bishop or Lutheran minister what would they being saying. God, I hope the next time Obama (Bin Laden, not the president. Confusing I know) bombs us, and under this administration that won't be too long, he hits Hollywood.

Example 2: President Obama and Afghanistan. Barry has all but ignored the war on terror since he took office even though it was one of the main themes of his campaign. He has met with General Stanley McChrystal, the head general in Afghanistan, once. Once. I've met with General McChrystal one less time than the president. Can you imagine what the outcry would be if a republican president had done this. It would be front page news for weeks on end. Let's face it, Obama wants to lose the war on terror because it better fits his plans to make us the weakest industrialized nation on earth. How can this be possible that a man sworn to protect us from "all enemies foreign and domestic" does not even know what is happening to the troops he is commanding? Instead, Obama is meeting with Colin Powell, the most overrated general of the last 40 years and I'm being nice when I say that. Maybe it would behoove the president to at least consider General McChrystal's plan before he seeks advice from a man who hasn't been directly involved in this conflict for over five years.

The biggest problem with this country is that one half of the people living here have their head's up their asses. They don't care and don't get it. They are almost worse than liberals. Almost.

Just sayin.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Montana history and vandalisim with humor

This a guy combining down the road from where I work about two miles. Combines are cool.

It's been a while since I did a little narrative with pictures and bored you all to death so I thought that today would be as good a time as any. To begin the boredom, here are a couple of pictures of the front of my little shack. It shows the flowers in full bloom. If you remember I documented this beautification project back in June. Can anyone actually believe that I didn't kill anything? They lived. All the flowers lived!!!

I had to go to Ennis the other day for a meeting and stopped at the top of the Ennis Hill and took this picture. It's kind of hard to read but it describes the Bozeman Trail. One of these days, I'm going to take a road trip with Uncle Scott. He has a trip planned where the rules are 1) no Interstates, 2) stop and read all of these kinds of signs, and 3) no fast food or chain restaurants. I think there are a couple more but those are the important ones.

This is a picture looking back towards the southern end of the Tobacco Root Mountains. The red marks are pointing to the remains of the original Bozeman Trail. I have a better picture next.

Isn't that cool? The old road to Bannack and Virginia City.

This is Nevada City. They hung a guy here and the Montana vigilante movement was born.
The most extraordinary trial in history!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until OJ's anyway. I wonder how his hunt for the real killers is going.

Norris is a little town with a bar (whoda thunk?) and gas station. It's between Bozeman and Ennis. Someone did a nice job on this sign with some tape. It tickled my funny bone.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND. GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cats vs UNC

Well the home opener for the Bobcats was a check in the win column. It was more of a struggle for the Cats than it should have been. The Cats turned it over four times and hung on for a 23-20 victory. The biggest negative from the game is this. Three step drop or no three step drop, the Cats seldom pressured the quarterback. When you get lit up for 400 yards by a D-II quarterback, I'm not ready to take excuses as to why to easily. The good news is that the Cats turned it over four times and the game was never really in doubt. Dixie scored with 30 seconds left to make it 23-20 so it wasn't quite as close as the score indicated. A win is a win but but there is no way they win against anyone in the Big Sky if they don't play better defense.

The other good news is that a lot of young players saw plenty of action. If they can shore up the press coverage on the corners and get some pressure on the QB they could be pretty good.

The best part of the day was sitting on the deck of athletic director Peter Fields' box and drinking his ice cold beers. Jan Stenerud was in the box as well. On of the good guys in the NFL. Whats that you say? You didn't know he was a graduate of MSU? Read is biography. Its pretty cool. By the way, he is in the FREAKIN NFL HALL OF FAME!!!!! How many griz are in the hall of fame? About as many teeth as are in a chicken's mouth.

(L to R) MSU grad former Bobcat great and NFL Hall of Famer Jan Stenerud, MRM, and Bob T.

In the land of the dark pink, the griz travel to Flagstaff to take on Northern Arizona. I'm going to DVR this game but really I don't know why. There is something about NAU and how they just make a mess in their pants when they play the griz. I don't think this year will be any different. The griz played alright against a mediocre Portland State team in missoula last week. Recent history suggests that the griz win this in a walk. Makes me almost puke in my mouth.

Roberta Hauckaloogie would have made a great Nazi. Hitler would have loved this guy.

So the goldenhomos of Notre Dame backed into a win at home last week against Michigan State. Remember, the Spartans beat the Bobcats in East Lansing. If you think for two minutes if the Irish could come to Bozeman and get away with a win, you are sadly mistaken. Poor coaching by the Spartans down the stretch cost them a victory in South Bend. This after Michigan totally dominated the Irish in Ann Arbor the week before. ND is now 2-1. Here is how they finish. 9-3 at the best and they could still easily go 6-6. They gave up 68 points the last two weeks and still have to play USC, WA and Stanford all off which have more speed and better coaching than the Irish. Boston College has given them fits the last few years as have Navy and Pitt. Combine this with the fact that Charlie Weiss sucks and well, you just don't get your hopes up if your an Irish fan. If Weiss was a non-Caucasian, he'd be fired by now. They will probably beat Purdue this week but I say they still give up 24 points. Be careful though, this could be a trap game. Purdue played Oregon tough on the road before wetting themselves against Northern Illinois. It depends on which Purdue team shows up. If we get lucky and Purdue can pull this out, it could be the start of a 4 game losing streak for the Irish. Keep your fingers crossed.

Charlie Weiss reacts to his week two loss against Michigan.

Malta crushed Colstrip at homecoming for the Mustangs this past Friday 26-0. This team is young and probably won't make a deep playoff run, but they do have the potential to ruin a season for a team or two.

Lets look at a couple of NFL players before we go. First there's Brady Quinn. Has an outstanding QB rating of 66.9. That puts him 27th out of 32 in the NFL. Pretty lofty company there Brady. Way to live up to the hype. At his current rate, he will throw 8 touchdowns and 16 interceptions this year. I'm sold on this guy. Dust off a place for him in Canton right now.

Bret Assclown in Minnesota hasn't thrown a pick yet. Hmmmmm. Childress must really have something on Favre to keep him this reined in. Of course when you're shot putting the ball five yards on screen plays, its tough to throw a pick. Minnesota hasn't played anyone of note yet but look for Farve to try to turn it loose this Sunday against a tough 49er team. His ego will not let him sit idly by and let Adrian Peterson be the hero. Not for one second. He is ready to show us all that he "can still play" and that "no one has more fun out there". I can hardly wait for him to screw over the Vikings. It will be the highlight of the season.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Tunes 9/22/09

Here's a blast from the past. This list goes out to all my homeys who walked the hallowed halls with me so many years ago. There's a little on there for Ralph in NV, a track or two for Delm at the center of the universe and there's even a couple for James III in the wilds of Minnesota.

The fourteen question still lingers. Pam was close. She just needs to take it to the next level. The rest of you (except those of you exempt from guessing) were not close. C'mon people!! Work with me here! What else do you have to do today? Your jobs? Please.

Anyway. Enjoy your Tuesday.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Meme

1. My car ......is a truck that has the same colors as the u of m.

2. Happy hour with the Friday crew .....is coming up next.

3. Lately, things seem......a bit hazy

4. The Grantree........is one of my favorite 'hiding' places.

5. What happened .......to good pop music and saying thank you?

6. The Montana State University Bobcats winning the I-AA football national championship.... is not impossible!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Happy Hour still, tomorrow my plans include four-wheeling in Pipestone and Sunday, I want to take some of Eric's money on the golf course!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top Chef week 4 reviseted. No spoilers.

OK, I said I wasn't going to blog about this but I'm watching it now and are you effing kidding me? Ashley just said the ranchers "are a motley crew". WTF??? Your hair hasn't seen a comb in five years. I have combs!! I haven't used one in ten years. And a brush that was left at my house (why, well that's how life goes). But what I am saying is this, all the combs and brushes in my house have seen more action than this "woman's" hair has and she is calling these guys a "motley crew" give me an effing break. Someone throw me a bone here.

Ash (not Ashley tough to keep them straigt as they are same sex and all) says he thinks he could be a rancher. Hey dickhead, try sticking your arm up a cows ass to try to pull out a calf that's been dead for two days and watch it break in half like my step-brother Chris and I did. The smell almost made me puke. Chris just kept trying to get the calf out but that's an entirely different story. That's being "a rancher" you dickhead (notice I didn't call him "a f*ck, getting soft in my old age).

The guest judge is wearing a hat that I wouldn't bury my dog with. He is an arrogant ass and needs taken down a notch. I'm not shitting you. If you're going to wear a hat like that, you'd better be able to swing a rope and I highly doubt this asshat can. I used to be able to rope. I can rope like an 8-year-old girl these days but I bet my 401k to this buys wallet I can out rope him. There is just something about him that screams "MRM come down here and kick my ass" which I would gladly do. Maybe it's just me but this guy needs taken to the wood shed and given his comeuppance. Humility is a good thing.

OK, now I see the guest judges shirt and I'm even more pissed. God how I want to just have one swing. Just one. I just hate men who dress like women.

Not saying I'm surprised by who won but I am shockedm, shocked at who went home.

Enough Crown. I have to drive to Alder tomorrow for God's sake.

Top Chef week 4

Didn't watch it yet. It's 10:30 Montana time. I'll catch it on DVR but I'm not blogging about it as I don't have the energy. For what I am sure will be a great report go see The Troll Report . He's a Gator fan but don't hold that against him. Now that the "Old Ball Coach" isn't there anymore I can take the Gators. At least until they play Bama in the SEC Championship (National Championship Game) this year. Roooooooooolllll Tide. Sorry Kym and Pam, the power still lies to the southeast of O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A. OKLAHOMA!!!!! At least they made a great musical. "there's a bright golden haze on the meadow" Oh, What a Beautiful Morning Not the version I was looking for but as good as I could do.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Century plus one

On September 16th, 1908 on the North Fork of the Milk River in a small log cabin, a boy was born. He was the seventh child in a family of fourteen. A young woman from England who would see all of her children be born and live, brought this young man into the world. What a life he would see. He quit high school after his freshman year to help support his family. He would mop the floors of the school he used to walk. A grown man during the Great Depression, he would ride the rails and see every state except Maine in the lower fourty-eight.

He rode Blaine County horseback as a brand inspector in the 1920's. In northern Blaine County one night he came upon a young Russian couple. The woman was in labor and 40 miles from the nearest doctor. No problem. The man helped deliver the baby, as he had helped his mother deliver his sister's children. They could barely speak English but named their child for him. All in a days work.

In the 1930's, he was climbing a cattle rail car to check how full it was. Almost to the top, a board snapped and he fell to the ground breaking his back. After almost six months in the hospital, with a plaster cast that covered his head, neck and back, he would walk away to go back to work.

World War II broke out and the man enlisted but, because of his back, couldn't pass a physical. His two younger brothers as well as two brothers-in-law would all serve with distinction, survive the war and return home. Although he would never say out loud, not serving was the biggest disappointed of his life.

In 1962 he met a woman 23 years younger than him. She was recently divorced with two young girls. He thought her the chance of a lifetime and made his play and married her. At age 54 his first son was born and 15 months later a second.

Never thinking he would live so long or have so much, my dad quit drinking and smoking when I was 17. When my brother Bill graduated from high school he turned to me and said, "I can die tomorrow. My boys did something I never did." When my brother graduated from college a year after me, Dad strutted down E Street in Billings and would have taken all comers. No one would have whipped him. A prouder moment in anyone's life I never saw.

He never yelled. Kind, gentle and hardly spoke a harsh word. He raised my sisters like they were his own and they loved as much in return.

Never one to use the "f" word, I was taking Dad to a birthday party for Old Man Curly. "How old is Old Man Curly?" I asked. "He's 90" my father replied "That's old." I looked at him and said, "Dad you're 84." "Yeah, but I ain't fucking 90."

He passed away quietly in his sleep November 11, 1994 at age 86. It is ironic that a man who wanted so much to serve his country and considered himself, at least in part, a failure for not having served would pass on Veteran's Day. He lived a great, full life that I can only hope to have. Not a day has past that I haven't thought about him or missed him greatly.

Keep the crib board close Pop, but don't get in a hurry to play me again. Don't think I don't remember who won the last one. You got lucky and I'm ready to get things even. Just not right now.

Thanks for everything. Thanks for showing me all the things you did. Thanks for the life knowledge you dispensed that I am only now understanding. Thanks for telling me when I get excited to "just settle down, don't make rash judgements. Sometimes we aren't ourselves. Step back and look at the situation, then you'll probably see it better."

Happy birthday Dad, to this day you are missed. Nothing makes me happier than when someone asks "where'd you learn that?" and I say "from my Dad."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hannah's birthday.

None of us needs reminded of the significance of this day, but there are good stories to be associated with 9/11.

One year ago today I received a call regarding The Prodigy. His wife's water had broke and she was going into labor. Problem was she wasn't due until November 2. The air ambulance was going to fly Netters to Billings. As there was no extra room on the plane, TP was "flying low" to Billings, about a 120 mile drive. Halfway to Billings and in the only spot where he could receive cell service, he got a call telling him the wind was blowing to hard and the plane couldn't take off so Netters and child-to-be were going to the hospital in Sheridan (Wyoming). TP hits the skids, does an about face and drives 100+ MPH back to Sheridan only to miss the birth of his daughter by 10 minutes. A teeny-tiny thing of just over four pounds, she need to get to the infant ICU in Billings.

The wind subsided enough to let the air ambulance take off. Tim and baby daughter headed for Billings while mom Netters stayed behind. How often does the man spend the first night in the hospital with his child while the mother is 120 miles away?

Little Hannah was a premee and otherwise healthy but it would still be a struggle. Her first 50 days of life were spent in the ICU. TP told me "Chip, if you're going to be sick, be a baby here. The care is incredible."

Now, one year later, Hannah Bean is trying to walk, playing with her dog Maddie and being the apple of her dad's eye. She has her dad's smile and her mom's hair and showed both of their competitive spirit by battling from the ICU to be a beautiful healthy girl.

Congrats to The Prodigy and Netters and most importantly happy birthday Hannah.

Post of the day at "Bite the Apple"

Click here for a great piece on Obamacare. You know about Obamacare don't you? Its the legislation that will cripple America. Hell, France will be able to kick our ass if this passes as we won't have any money to pay for an army.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yes we can!

Nancy Pelosi and the democratic caucus listen intently to the president's speech on health care reform last night.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top Chef Week #4

Some chef everyone is supposed to know is on blah, blah, blah. Quick fire is to make something with snails. Winner gets elimination, loser goes home. Hmmm. That's never happened before now. Lots of pressure.

Winna, winna, chicken dinna!! Kevin takes the challenge but Jennifer is in the top again. She is going to be tough to beat. The bottom three dishes are all women and no man has been sent home yet. The three losers are going to have 20 minutes to make another dish. Its a walk off .
Jessie, take your tattooed breasts, pierced eyes, lips, ears and God only knows what else and hit the road. I'm not lying. I was rooting for Ashley to be gone. One more week of her matted hair. My brother uses the "f" word a lot. He's a welder and has his own shop and sometimes his fingers get in the way so he has an excuse. Saying "f*ck" because you can't find a sauce pan in a kitchen full of them, well, that's pushing it for me.

Jennifer is the only woman who can hang with the men at this point. They get to pick partners, cooking a sauce and a protein. I need a beer at this point. Ashley is cooking with Matin, who could out cook her drunk. I hope she doesn't fuck up. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. See? THAT'S proper usage.

Too many teams to name. Not to sound like a sexist bastard, which I am quite capable of doing, but if you have a chick on your team that isn't Jennifer, I would be worried.

Meals have been served and at this point I'm not feeling good for Hector and Ash. A man may be home by nights end. Lot's of frenchmen at the table. Careful boys, thems napkins, not surrender flags.

Jennifer, the whatchamacallem brothers, and Jersey Mike are in the winners group and Brian wins his second challenge.

Judgement time for the bottom tier. Matin and Ashley (gosh WHO saw that coming?) Hector and Ash. Nostradamus, paging Mr. Nostradamus. Commercial for the suspense. I'm saying that Hector hits the road. He's screwed up on beef twice now. Beef! C'mon man. People are cooking with rabbit for God's sake and they're kicking your ass! Pick it up a notch. Commercial is over and Hector is hitting the bricks. I liked him and I'd eat at his joint if I could. Vaya con dios Hector.

I like that they sent two people home this week. Keep doing that til Ashley is gone. Lord knows I don't ask for much.

Cats vs Dixie State

We are two days away from the season home opener for the Bobcats who begin their dark horse quest for their fourth national championship. Last week's game was not the beginning of the quest. It was the money game. $650,000.00 to go to East Lansing. I listened to the game on XM and my way to Billings (yes, it was on XM. That's how the Cats roll baby). I DVR'd it at home and watched it Monday. I honestly didn't think the Cats looked horrible. Despite losing 44-3, their were some bright spots. They didn't turn the ball over. They didn't kill themselves with penalties (7 for 55 yards), and they kept hitting til the end.

Akpla should have caught at least three more passes. If he does, they may have put another 7 or 14 on the board. He and Iddins were just a bit off it seemed. The balls were catchable though so I'm hanging this on Elvis. Ricky Evans and Everette Gilbert both looked great and I expect big things. CJ Palmer should be the feature back and getting the ball 20 times a game. Evans and Gilbert are true freshmen while Palmer and Akpla are sophomores. That right there is enough to get you excited.

The biggest thing you could see is the speed difference (do you hear me Van Diest?). Michigan State is going to be a top 25 program this year. Their defense is great and they will come together offensively to crush the homos from ND in a couple of weeks. You could tell the Cat players were just off in the angles they took in their tackles because they haven't seen speed like that this fall. Our corners are young and got exposed but I firmly expect them to improve with every game and have an impact with turnovers by mid-season.

Dixie State comes to town this weekend. I don't make predictions on this blog as it has been the kiss of death for the Cats. Let's just say I expect the Bobcats to play much better. I think their will be a lot of guys seeing playing time this weekend on both sides of the ball for the Cats. Did I mention that I am sitting with AD Peter Fields in his box for the game? I didn't? Well, I am going to sit with Peter and drink as much of his beer as he will let me. Maybe I'll wander out onto his observation deck and take some action photos while I'm at it.

Meanwhile, in the land of soot and smog..................................
Sign entering Missoula
The u of m travels to Mexifornia to play UC Davis. I have no idea what to expect here. The griz will be tough and I'm sure they've already greased the officials for this game. I look at UCD's schedule from last year and wasn't overly impressed. They lost to a couple of Big Sky Conference teams that the griz rolled so this should be another game for Coach Roberta to pad his W-L record.

Coach Bobbie at the post game last week. Looks like he's been working out.

The big game for the grizzlies is on October 10th when Cal-Poly comes to the smog infested dump of Missoula to play the dark pink for homecoming. If it wasn't homecoming for the Bobcats, I'd drive to Missoula, cover myself in Lysol and go root for the Mustangs.

Speaking of the Mustangs, the 3M Company travels to Huntley Project to play the defending state champions. After squeaking by Conrad 14-12 last week, the Mustangs face an even bigger challenge this week. This will be a tough test for Malta. Huntley is a great program. They are well coach, always prepared and never need any motivation to get up for this game. The winner of this game will almost assuredly be the favorite to win the Class B crown.

In South Bend, the Irish rolled over an inept and highly overrated Nevada team. Nevada? Really? The vaunted "tough schedule" of the Irish impresses me yet again. Coach Eatseverythinginsight will have a little more of a challenge this week. Even with Michigan's program sliding further into obscurity they are not Nevada. I may have to DVR this just to see how the Irish look. The Sports Pickle has a great write up on the Irish this year. Give it a read if you have a moment.

Coach Weiss leaving practice Tuesday.

I'm adding a new feature this year. It's part of my "Bret Favre hasn't been a relevant QB in at least five years and is only playing for his own personal records" campaign. I call it BFHBARQIALFYAIOPFHOPR for short. Each week I'll break down Favre's performance and give you the insight you yearn to receive from the World Wide Leader in sports but never get. Favre's touchdown to interception ratio is at an even 0-0. I predict no less than 28 picks this year and not as many touchdowns as the Viking will not make the playoffs. If my brother Bill is correct, Favre quits by week six. Oh please God, oh please.

Well that's all for now. Go Cats!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Even the guys from Dragnet get it

Here's a nice video of the Jack Webb and Colonel Potter aka Harry Morgan, lecturing President teleprompter on healthcare. It's freakin sweet!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tuesday Tunes on a Friday

Sometimes on a Saturday night, I'll sit by my computer with a glass of Canadian whiskey and trade IM's with my good friend Ralph. Back in the old days on a Saturday, we'd stay up late pulling CD after CD and playing each other music. "Here's one that'll take you back", the music will start and I'd say "This is a GREAT song". Well, Ralph lives in Carson City now so we don't get to do that. It's a tough go when you're best friend of 40 years, a man you talk to every few days and see 3-4 times a month has to pack up and go but that's what life does.

Well, now when we sit up late and have an adult beverage together we talk on the computer, not quite the same but better than nothing. And now we trade music over the computer which is FREAKIN AWESOME! We were up til 2 AM a couple of weeks ago and the youtubes were flying over the world wide interweb and in the morning we didn't have to put 100 CD's back in their right cases.

Ralph sent me some clips today so I thought I'd make a playlist out of them for the six people who read this mindless tripe of a blog. It's quite a variety and some old songs I haven't heard in a gazillion years.

Back in high school when Ralph made a mix tape, he called them "RG Reproductions" so that's what this playlist is entitled. Sorry Ghoulies, I couldn't find Frankie and the Knockouts but did link the video to "Sweetheart" here. Also, if you want to see Heart in their prime, check out the video for "Never" here. Man they were HOT!

Have a great weekend everyone. Heading to Billings tomorrow to play the Briarwood and separate Mike O from some of his money. It's what I do.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two Days Til Kickoff!!

At long last, it's time to write about college football. The Fighting Bobcats of Montana State University travel to the two part state of Michigan to play the MSU Spartans. The Spartans are ranked just outside the top 25 in the pres-season polls as are the Bobcats in I-AA. The Spartans are in for a bit of a scrap I'm afraid. We played Minnesota tough as hell last year and Texas A&M tough the year before that. These guys are intimidated by the big noisy crowds. Oh, yeah, and we need the money. Look for a great game by Buchanan candidate Dane Fletcher as well as Brad Smith and Jody Owens . I also think that we are going to rush for 100 yards and that Denarius McGhee from Trinity High School in Texas will turn some heads when he gets a chance to play. While we are big enough on offense to hang with these guys, in the end their speed will make the difference. I can't believe I bet Lungdart $20 straight up on this game.

Some of the Spartan faithful. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Meanwhile in Southbend, Coach Lardbelly has once again been given one of the easiest schedules in all of college football. While I don't think they can win seven games, my friend and college football guru Wit the Wizard (WTW),says the Goldenhomos are good for nine. Nine! It almost makes me puke in my mouth. He also says that if Charlie doesn't win at least 8, he is out of a job. That would suck. WTW also says that Chucky aka Jon Gruden is already being rumored to take over the job. I will admit that a Gruden coached Irish team would be something to fear. Unlike a Weiss coached one. The only thing people are afraid of is seeing Charlie at the all you can eat buffet.

Coach Weiss at last week's press conference.

Just west of Bozeman about 200 miles is a liberal arts school that has a decent football program. Yes the dark pink and gray will suit it up as well this weekend against some NAIA program on the downswing. Coach Bobbie Hackaloogie has to keep padding his win stats. Doesn't want to get exposed for being a chop of a coach. I only have two favorite teams. The Bobcats and whoever is playing the grizzlies. Like the guy says, "I wouldn't root for the grizzlies if they were playing Iraq". The game to watch this year will be the the grizzlies and Cal-Poly. Cal Poly has a score to settle after the griz backed into a win last year. It's um's homecoming as well. In the meantime, we will quietly be making a run of our own, setting up for a conference title battle in the 109th Brawl of the Wild game this November. Bobcat Stadium is where grizzly title hopes go to die.

The admissions director at um.

I don't know how the Malta Mustangs are going to be. The should win their district but the chances of them competing for a state title this year is not that good. Only expect them to make it to the quarterfinals for like the 15th time in 16 years. Who knows though, they may sneak one out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Top Chef week 3

Pretty boring this week. I'm really starting to openly root against Ashely. She is a foul-mouth mean spirited bitch. No wonder she doesn't like men. Who would have her?

Some Laurine chick is talking. She's not on much. Never in the hunt on a quick fire challenge. Never in the hunt to win an elimination challenge. Never in the "pack your knives and go" bunch. Just in the middle making bland food.

Jennifer wins her second quick fire. What?! No 15 grand? That's bullshit.

The elimination challenge is to cook for 300 of our finest in the U.S. Air Force. Mike and Bryan have a sister in the Air Force so they are into it. A couple of others have family who have served as well. Making great food for 300 in a military kitchen is going to be a great challenge.

I won't get into the details of the cooking, blah, blah, hint of this, blah, blah, dab of that. Mike B is the winner and again he wins nothing. I thought this was a competition with prizes and stuff. Hmmm. Maybe I'm wrong.

Mike from Jersey was in the winners bracket as he cooked with Mike B and now is in the losers bracket. He is not a happy camper and the judges are hammering him. Preeti's pasta salad was lame, Judges are hammering her and Laurine as well who is getting a lot of air time this week. Even Padma is a little angry. Padma. Can you believe it? Maybe the Colonel chewed their collective asses for something.

Preeti is gone. Wow! Three women in the first 3 weeks. (Insert more time in the bathroom joke here) Jennifer is the only woman who can hang with the men. The others are going to start dropping as well. Despite Mike's wimpy shrimp salad, he can outcook the rest of the chicks except Jen.

Channel surfing and "Casablanca" is on. In the top 10 for best movies of all time. Do they make women like Ingrid Bergmen anymore? The last scene had Bolero playing in the background. Everyone smokes. Now some German citizens escaping the war are toasting to America. Something that the present occupants of the Whitehouse never do.

Damn it. I didn't see this on the schedule so I couldn't DVR it and it doesn't have another listing. Damn it!!

Bogey as Rick. Rick was a true man. He rigs his own roulette table to help a Bulgarian couple get enough money to leave Casablanca much to the dismay of Captain Rennault who had another idea for helping the beautiful Bulgarian get her transfer papers. Rennault to Rick upon learning of the rigged roulette game "As I suspected, you're a rank sentimentalist." One of the many classic lines from this movie.

Just a minute on health care

The health care debate is a serious issue. As usual, unfortunately, the liberals do not want an honest debate. Rather than discuss Obamacare, they choose to call everyday citizens names and ignore their questions.

Here is something I would like the fans of President Barry to consider. In February of 2009, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said that the president's budget would add an additional two trillion dollars to the national deficit that the president had missed. Two trillion dollars. I don't care who you are, that's a lot of money. The president said that the CBO was wrong, that THEY had "miscalculated". Fast forward to this August and it turns out that the CBO was right on the money.

Now lets look at health care. The CBO says that Obamacare is unsustainable and will further add to the deficit, again to the tune of trillions. Again, President Teleprompter is saying the CBO is wrong. Do you see a pattern emerging?

Look there is no arguing that we need to reform the health care industry. I'm all for helping people who can't afford health care. I'm vastly opposed to giving up mine to help people who can afford it but make other choices and that's more than 75% of the 45 million this administration keeps talking about.

Comrade Stalin, er, President Obama, is in over his head. Let's be honest, this guy couldn't understand the balance sheet of a seven-year-old's lemonade stand. Why should we give him control of one-sixth of the economy?