Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm back from state 39.

I'm back from beautiful Williston, North Dakota.  It's a mere 7 hour drive from here. OUr computer at the new location wasn't working so I've been without the internet since Sunday.  Williston is not what we all would call "metroplitan".  No internet cafe's and I dont have a laptop so I haven't been able to check emails or blogs or jackshit for almost a week.  There aren't any motel rooms to be had there either.  Oil boom is going strong.  Fortunately I had a camper to stay in and a place to shower. So I had that going for me and that's a lot.

I don't know who invented XM radio but there is a special place in heaven for you.  Auto post didn't work.  Wow! What were the odds there?  As it is Friday I'll pass on posting my MCW.

Here's what I'll tell you about ND or at least Williston. Everyone smokes. It was like being in a Mad Men episode.  Anyway.  I'm going to go visit as many MCW posts as I can.  Gonna have some more Crown.  Thanks to all for the great comments on my last random thoughts post.  This blogging community is the best.  All of your comments are heartfelt and appreciated.

I'm going to go to Buzz's site and try to post on all the MCW's I missed.  All of you are the best.

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