Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas

I want all of you followers to have the best Christmas.  Life is changing for the better and I'll get you caught up on that.  Well, let's be honest. I've become a shitty blogger and you won't get much of anything.  The path to Hell being paved with good intentions and all that. Nonetheless. Thank you all for reading. For your wonderful comments. Your heartfelt wishes. It means the world to me.  I've met none of you yet I think that if, and possibly when I do, it will be like old times.

I don't have a lot of skills. One I do have is that I can spot a bad person. I can sit in a room and know who you are. I have a great feel for that. It's a trait that will see me through life.

So here's the deal. Not one person who reads or posts on this worthless thing is bad. I'd be privileged to meet any of you. And thankful.

Merry Christmas my beloved band of malcontents. This is a great journey I am on. I'm glad to share it with all of you.

Here's the good part. NO VIDEOS!!!! (I'll post them later. Getting on the youtube now, so keep your seatbelts fastened)

Safe Journeys,


Saturday, December 10, 2011

LIfe after football

I started this crappy blog in 2008 I think.  I post mostly drivel.  I try to entertain. Every once in a while post something of substance.  They are few and far between. 

In the course of all of this you have been able to see who I am. A man who doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. I keep my cards close to my vest. I'm pragmatic.  Deliberate. Thoughtful. I'm not a bomb thrower.  I examine situations and solve problems. It's who I am. Insightful. And more than that, humble.


Friday, December 2, 2011

What an oversight

So I posted all of these Canadian bands and forgot the best of them all. I'm not going to look for the link. No way I can find it on the new format and with my limited skills. But if you remember, way back in the long ago, I had a post about if you were on an island for a year and could only take five CD's what would you take? That post was sadly met with limited response. It was heartbreaking because back then people actually read this shit. Anyway, one of my island CD's was April Wine "Nature of the Beast". For your viewing pleasure here is April Wine with "Roller". If I've post any of these videos previously, I don't give a shit. They are AWESOME!!! Watch them again. I do.

I guess some videos then

I guess I need to learn the new format better.

I'm going Canadian tonight. Grew up listening on the AM radio and our station was CHAB out of Moosejaw Saskakchewan Canada. The 51st state. Here's Trooper. These vids are for all my homeys from Malta.

I hate the new blogger

Had a great post and was previewing it and couldn't get back to the original. It was awesome. I hate the new format. KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN.