Friday, February 26, 2010

Highlights from the health care "summit"

Just a couple of exchanges to show what a complete narcissist we have for a leader. He is a quasi-dictator. I fear more for the future every day.

Here is an exchange between McCain and obama. McCain starts by being gracious about having this opportunity. What is left out of this clip is where McCain talks about all the backroom deals that were made and how they are still part of the president's proposal. How it is unfair that seniors in one state don't get the same benefits as seniors in another. It is after McCain makes his points that obama shows how classy he really is.

Here we have Republican Whip Eric Cantor. Cantor has the Senate bill in front of him and PO doesn't like it.

Here's a great highlight reel of obama stuttering and interrupting. Without a teleprompter he sounds like a fourth grader. Notice how he never addresses anyone by "Senator" or "Mr." What a punk.

Here's a vidoe of some Siberian puppies playing with a cat. What does this have to do with health care. Not a thing but its a cute video and its FRIDAY! This cat was very patient.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random thoughts on healthcare

I'm not going to call this a live blog, but I am listening to the dog and pony show that is the "hearing" on healthcare reform. I'm taking notes so I can blog later.  Gotta feeling it's gonna be a long one.

Nancy Pelosi just came on so I had to mute the feed.  Her painted on face and grating voice are more than I can take.  Her husband had to marry her for the money.  How else could you wake up next to that every day unless you hate yourself. Yeesh.

Here's one of the many questions I have for any liberal who may stumble across this and can give me an answer.  How much money does Harry Reid stand to make on this bill?  I'm one hundred percent serious.  How much will he get?  Think about it this way.  Harry Reid is going to be defeated in November. The latest Rasmussen poll has him trailing four, yes four, Republican challengers. He is the Senate Majority leader.  That puts him in the top ten most powerful people in DC. Yet healthcare is going to cost him his job.  Sure, he gets to keep his retirement and all the other perks that these fucks get that the rest of us will never have, but he is going to lose his Senate seat over this.  He's not giving this seat up for the "good of the people".  He stands to pocket big money somewhere, otherwise he would scrap this.  I was going to type "be a man" but he's a liberal male politician so that would have been contradictory.

American's, including me, want health care reform.  We just don't want this bill.  It's simple.  There are many steps that can be taken first before we give the government control of our health care.

Anyone who thinks that this bill will reduce government spending and the deficit is to stupid to live.  Do us all a favor, walk into your bathroom, draw a tub full of water and hop in with your (insert favorite electric device here) and go meet your ancestors.

Ol Barry is speaking now.  How is it that people get weak kneed when this guy is talking?  All I ever hear is a pompous windbag who couldn't beat me in a game of Trivial Pursuit if he got to read the back of the cards first.

Lamar Alexander says the CBO claims that this plan will increase cost.  Barry says the CBO claims that this plan will decrease cost.  Hmmmmm.  That's a big difference.  Same report and opposite conclusions.  I know who I believe.

Tom Coburn of the great state of Oklahoma is up next.  You lucky Okies (Pam and Kym).  You get Coburn.  We have stuttering Max and the 300 pound crewcut.  I can't believe my fellow Montanans are so stupid to vote for these guys.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, to many out of staters have moved here.

Coburn saying we need to control the cost.  Cost is something that never crosses liberals minds.  Why should it?  It's not their money.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday - Bad Guys

I have always been a huge Bond fan.  I am practically unbeatable in the Bond "Scene It" edition. His greatest enemy was Ernst Stavro Blofeld head of SPECTRE

Introduction:  Donald Pleasance as Blofeld.  This is the first time we see Blofeld's face.  With the signature white cat. From You Only Live Twice.  Pleasance's portrayal would later become the basis for Dr. Evil

Telly Savalas would next portray Blofeld and kill James' wife.  *Spoiler Alert*  This happends at the very end of On Her Majesty's Secret Service.  This is a very, very underrated Bond in my opinion.  It is George Lazenby's only performance as Bond and he really did a great job.  The beginning of this movie is also excellent where, after saving the girl only to see her run away from him, Lazenby says "This never happened to the other fellow."  Great stuff.

"We need more Blofeld"  Christopher Walken.

Charles Gray was Blofeld in Diamonds are Forever.  In this opening scene, Connery returns as Bond to avenge the death of his wife. I love the sideburns on the one henchmen.  Thinking about doing that myself. I need a new look.

The last appearance of Blofeld is in For Your Eyes Only.  Bond has just been at the grave of his late wife when  helicopter arrives to pick him up for mission.  Little does he know that he is in for the ride of his life.  We don't get to see Blofeld's face.  The head is portrayed by John Hallis and athe voice by Robert Rietty.  This is my all time favorite opening scene of any Bond ever.
The video quality here is not the best.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mute Monday - Furniture

Dog on the "furniture"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Movie clip Wednesday - musicals

So, I didn't know the people who've adopted me into their little blogging family had come up with a new meme.  You can see from the title what the theme is but I'm posting two videos.  The first is from Grease 2. I dont care what anyone says, its way underrated and has some of the best lines me and the lifelongs have ever stolen from a movie.  "Good idea, invest in a cycle".  Michelle Pfeiffer is scorching hot in this flick as well, still is.

The host of this is Boxer.  I didn't know the limit was three minutes Boxer.  I'll do a better job of adhering to the rules next week. Apologies.

The second is from "The Music Man".  I ran the spotlight for this play at MHS.  Mostly because I have no other talent.  Anyway, this is my mom's favorite musical, barely edging out "Oklahoma".  Awesome barbershop in this.  Man, I can hardly wait til next Wednesday.  This is neato!!

I hate it when I plan doesnt come together.

So last night I had a great idea where I would post Johnny Quest episodes here at the blog.  Then, as if by some weird sign from above, my brother Bill sent me this link where Race Bannon was named badass of the week.  It was destiny that I post some JQ here.  Well, I can't seem to be able to upload or copy any videos because evidently this guy whose sight I found is kind of protective of his stuff. God bless him.  Anyway, if you want to watch some Quest click here.  This dude has every flipping one of them!!!!  ITS AWESOME!!
I always thought that Johnny Quest had the best opening theme ever.  Bar none! Yeah I know, I've said it before. So what?  I've said lots of things before.  I tend to repeat myself, to be redundant, to say things over and over. Anyways, its cool music.  Love the horn solo at the 1:06 mark.  I'll do a whole post on why this was the greatest cartoon ever but suffice it to say that people die in the opening credits.  If I can find a place that will let me post some videos, there will be plenty of death and carnage.  Cool.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Box Fort

I can't seem to embed this video but it is worth the click.  Those guys at College Humor are funny mofo's.

Let the games begin.

I used to like the Winter Olympics, and the Olympics in general, a lot more than I do now.  I don't know when or exactly why they lost their luster but I'm not running home and turning the tube on right away to see what is happening.

I think one of the biggest reasons is because the information is available right away that the anticipation of watching the event has been stolen.  Another reason is that NBC and the rest, spend so much time giving us life stories that I don't get to watch as much competition as I would like.  Don't get me wrong, some of these athletes have gone through a lot to make it where they are, but I don't need the biography of each and every competitor.  Please spare me the story of how some figure skater whose dad is a gazillionare had to get up at 4 in the morning to get rink time.  Jimmy and Leonard were getting up at 4 in the morning to deliver over 200 newspapers.  Their dad drove them twice.  Twice! Many, many mornings where it was below zero.  Otherwise the were pulling a wagon, or a sled.  And they did it every day, seven days a week.  I couldn't care less about how one of these guys "realized their Olympic dream"  while they travelled the world riding their snowboard.

(Sidebar on Jim and Len.  Back in the old days of growing up in Malta, staying over at someone's house was always a big deal and something we all tried to do every Friday night.  When you stayed at Jim and Len's, you got up and helped on the paper route.  It wasn't a bid deal except that in the winter it was freakin freezing.  Thus, they didn't have a lot of people sleeping over with them in the winter time.)

Don't get me wrong, if there are real stories to tell, I'm all for watching them. Just not on each and every athlete there.

Despite all of the above, I have decided to help begin the Olympiad by posting a video of one of the greatest performances of all time, Franz Klammer's downhill victory in 1976 at Innsbruck.  I can't rate my top Olympics memories of all time right at this moment, but I do know that this one is in the top ten.  Best of luck to all the competitors except the Chinese and Russians.  Won't root for them in anything period. I don't want them to die but if any of them has a compound fracture and dislocated hip, I'm not going to be crushed.

One more thing, keep your eyes peeled for Heather McPhie n the women's mogul freestyle competition.  Heather is from right here in Bozeman. She is competing Saturday afternoon in the prelims and if she does well there, she will be in the medals round Saturday evening between 7 and 10:30. Also look out for Bryon Wilson in the men's mogul freestyle.  He is a Butte native. The paper only says that Wilson competes on Sunday. (No offense to his parents, but Bryon with an "o" Cmon already!) These are two stories I would watch.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random thoughts #17

Things that crossed my mind while wondering what to cook BG for Valentines Day.  Here's the deal.  BG was going to go to DC to she her good friend Sixx and help plan Sixx's pending nuptials.  Bridal shower, white wine, cucumber sandwiches, the whole enchilada.  I had made no plans for V-Day. None.  I mean, I had all next week to find a place for dinner, buy flowers cheaper than they are now, everything.  Then Snowpocaplypse or whatever the wussies in DC are calling this snow storm, happened and flights were cancelled and now BG will be here this weekend.  I told her I was not prepared.  I know its Thursday and I have a couple of days, but I don't have a lot of ambition.  I spent the weekend with The Prodigy and Jimmy playing cards and drinking Crown Reserve (thanks Jim) and getting one year older so I'm not in the mood.

I do have an idea of what I will cook and it will be good (I'm pretty sure).  I'm not going to tip my hand as she is an occasional reader, but she is low maintenance so I am sure she'll be happy. But enough of my dilemma of the pending weekend holiday that was invented by Hallmark and FTD. On with the randomness.

Michelle Obama, beloved queen of our country, has made it her mission to fight childhood obesity.  She has demanded and received from her henpecked husband, 10 billion dollars (that we don't have) to help her in this quest to have children eat right. Now, having no children of my own makes it difficult for me to give advice on raising children.  However, it does occur to me that a child's eating habits might be the responsibility of, uh, lets say their parents.  Am I wrong to point a finger at parents who are letting their own children become unhealthy at such an early age? The answer to that question is no.  Here's a novel idea, lets take the 10 billion dollars and use it to feed kids who aren't getting enough to eat. Just sayin.

Barry wants to tell me who my doctor will be and now Queen Michelle wants to tell me what to eat.  How can Barry look anyone in the eye and say he is not a fascist?

The more I look at MSU's recruiting class for football, the more impressed I am.  However, if Coach Ash doesn't get these guys to the playoffs this year, he will feel the heat. Like being on the sun.  So will AD Fields.  It's going to be a lot of fun come September.

Joe Biden said last night on Larry King that Iraq will be one of the great achievements of this administration.  Doesnt he mean of Bush's administration.  How do people this stupid get into office?  There is not one, NOT ONE, democrat U.S. Senator that I would be afraid to debate on live national television.  Give me the subject and three weeks to prepare and I will absolutely bury any of them.  Oh yeah, throw in Obama as well.  I will have him so pissed off in the first five minutes that he will call me a motherfucker and have me thrown in jail indefinitely.  I have more knowledge, experience and charisma than 100 Obama's and I don't have much of any of those.

NASCAR starts this week.  If Jimmy wins again, I am going to boycott 2012.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I thought he wanted the job

Of all the qualities our current president lacks (leadership, experience, the ability to balance a checkbook) I think that his temperament is his most glaring weakness.  This is what happens when narcissists who grow up without a father become leaders of our great nation (see Clinton, Bill).  As grown men, we are supposed to have thick skin.  We are supposed to be able to take criticism if it is warranted.  This isn't to say we cannot defend ourselves when criticized, but when we are, our defense should be laid out in a thoughtful manner, not constantly pointing the finger at someone else.

Barry ran for the position of president.  He was not selected by a lottery.  He knew what he was getting into and for him to constantly be blaming President Bush is childlike.  Very childlike.  President Bush didn't change lending restrictions so that banks were forced to lend money to unqualified people or be labeled "racist" and denied funds.  The wheels of the lending crisis were in full motion well before he took office.  In 2006, when the mortgage crisis was first being brought into the spotlight, it was democratic leadership (Frank, Rangle, Dodd and Pelosi) who said we had nothing to worry about.  Were banks being greedy?  Absolutely!  Did anyone have to take the money? No.  People are responsible for their own decisions but socialists democrats want to blame anyone but themselves. 

Barry is in over his head.  A six-foot man in ten feet of water, he acts as though being president of these United States is an inconvenience to his four year golf vacation at tax payer expense.  His weakest quality is temperament (edging out integrity, honest, and maturity).  I will give him a compliment though.  He sure fooled a lot of people. Or maybe the people who voted for him are more accurately described by Rahm Emanuel.  You decide.