Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Friday videos

So I'm just sitting here with the XM streaming through my home sound system.  When I was buying my little townhouse I wired every room except one with speakers.  I can sit here in the "office" and jam to great tunes.  I'm just going to sit here and when I hear a good one, post the video. Enjoy.

Level 42 live with "Something About You" Kind of a studio version that I enjoyed.

"Dream On" by Aerosmith.  I couldn't belive that there wasn't a version of this from the end of "Miracle".  Quit hurting my youtube.

I guess I'm a Friday poster now

Hello followers of the drivel (yes Karl, the drivel. Thank you for thinking its more than that by the way).

Let me try to get you all caught up on things here in the Gallatin Valley.  Last Sunday I left for Williston, ND.  Spent the night in Miles City.  Every creek (we prounounce that word "crick" for the record) was out of it's banks. Every little stream that flowed water was swelled.  Bismark, ND is flooding as we speak. So is the town of Roundup, MT. My heart breaks for those people.  I've driven through Roundup more times than I can count. The Musselshell is a soft slow moving river, much like the Milk River.  To see this small town get hit this hard, is honestly breaking my heart.  Joplin, MO has me down as well.  I've often wondered why tornadoes have never hit towns of any sigficant size and when they have, have been so brief in reality compared to what Joplin suffered.  Still over 1200 people missing.  So sad.  Montana has never in my lifetime had the flooding we are enduring now.  It brings things into perspective.  We here in Montana have watched many, many times as other places have been hit with this disaster but have been fortunate to not have to feel the pain.  We do now.

Friday, May 20, 2011

For Karl

Karl is a great follower of the drivel.  I'm sure he'll like this. (Yes, its Friday what did you expect? The head of Alfredo Garcia on a platter?) So many trombones, and saxophones.  I might have to find more old great music that Alvina, my mother, made us kids listen to. Enjoy my merry band of malcontents.  Life is so much fun that I can't describe it.  C'mon life, last just a little bit longer. I want to play cards with my Dad again, just not tomorrow.

The Recipe


Take 2 to 3 baking potatoes.  Cut them potato chip thin.  Cut 3-4  1/4" thick slices of the big block Velveeta, slice up a 1/4 of a medium sized onion.  Lay out a double of aluminum foil (was just singing the lyric to that "always double the aluminum foil") large enough to lay the potatoes on.  You don't have to lay them out individually.  They can lay on the foil like they were in a can of Pringles.  Forgot a step. If you have some spray on oil like Pam ( Ralph's ex-girlfriend, but that's a story for another day ) spray the foil, but then cover it with butter, margarine, Old Spice it's really your choice.  Put the potatoes on the foil.  The Velveeta on the outside of the spuds, onions on top, then lots of butter (or margarine, Old Spice etc).  Take another double sheet of foil the same size and put it on top. Roll the four edges until they are tight and throw them on the fire or BBQ.  About fifteen minutes a side.  Don't flip them with a flipper as you may poke a hole in the foil.  Remove from the fire open and enjoy.  It's why you gotta where gloves when you cook Delmyspuds.

You can throw whatever seasoning you likein before sealing but they usually cook off so I prefer to season them afterwards.  If you like them crispy, cook em longer.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Time for a parody

Here's a little tune I wrote on my way to Sheridan.  It's for the LBOHers.  It's to the tune of "Galveston" with sincere apologies to Glen Campbell


Delmyspuds oh Delmyspuds
You only take ten pounds of potatahs
Butter and onions and sweet Velveeta
And you gotta where gloves
When you cook Delmyspuds

Delmyspuds oh Delmyspuds
I don't think you're good for my cholesteral
Always double the aluminum foil
Skeets will eat the crisp ones
Cause he loves Delmyspuds

I can smell you cooking by the fire
As Skeets says Jeter's overrated
Just shut up and get my food plated
Another time he's not right, but it's not the first one

Delmyspuds oh Delmyspuds
Slice them thin cause they cook so much better
Always remember you can't use to much butter
But they give Jim the runs
So he can't eat Delmyspuds

MRM 5/13/11

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Far be it from me to criticize

Where the hell is everyone?  What, I get a new job and everyone quits posting?  No one is keeping up with MCW?  What the hell?

I find it hard to believe that this absolute blather was the cornerstone of our blogging community.  Wait. It wasn't. 

In other news, the job is great.  Not only do I like the new company but the people at the other locations have been spectacular.  They have all been recently acquired so we are all going through the same growning pains and everyone in Montana wants to work together.  North Dakota, well, we'll just have to bring them around to our way of thinking.  Lots of good guys there as well, they just think wrong differently.

I've played 90 holes of golf since the second week of April.  Most of them good but some have been very forgetable or however it's spelled.

Not a lot else. Going to see The Prodigy this weekend.  Have something special for him that he will absolutely flip for.  Can't say what it is as he does sometimes reads.  Hardly ever posts for whatever weak reasons he gives to me, but I'm telling you he'll go nuts and if he doesn't post after this weekend, he's banished.  He will ride out of the blogosphere backwords on a horse with his hands tied behind his back and a bucket on his head.  Do you hear me Frodo?

Friday, May 6, 2011

MCW "Teen Vixens"

Yeah, I'm late. So what?  You have a problem with that?  I'm a busy man.  So this week's theme is "Favorite Teen Vixen"  I had to do some searching and make this a none Mrs MRM Diane Lane theme and chose the delightfully spectacular and always makes my loins ache Lea Thompson.  Enjoy this clip to the stylings of Donny Iris singing "Ah Leah" I'm not quite back but getting closer. Wait, you asked to have this meme back again for why? Just kidding. Love ya Boxer.

I've lost my readership

I've been busy.  Working harder than a one-legged man at an ass kicking contest on ice.  Still I thought there'd be more love, more foregiveness.  Followers are asking for information.  "Whats the new job like?" "How is it going?"  "POST PICTURES! WE WANT PICTURES!"  I post great pics and an awesome video and what do I get. One comment for the Big  Sky Fly Guy who seldom if ever says anything. Though his comment was great, what the hell?  Did I lose you Boxer? Moi? Chickory (who by the way has been the most adament of you for pics)? Buzz? 

Holy shit people, did I forsake you?

Enough.  I thought I put up great photos and expected more by now. I know you are all busy as well.  Who am I to throw stones.  Haven't posted a comment on anyone's blog for a week. 

Hang on a tic.  It's Friday. I'm home. Have a glass of Canada's finest. Maybe I'll make some rounds. Throw some stuff out there. Yeah. That's what I'll do.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PICTURES!! Finally.

So here are some pictures from my last road trip.  Drove from Bozeman to Missoula and then Great Falls on Monday. Then from Great Falls to Helena, Butte and Bozeman.  Here are some photos and a video from that trip.  Don't get your hopes up. I took most of these while driving but did stop and take a few where I could kind of frame a shot.

The view from my front window Sunday morning.

 The Pintler Mountains west of Anaconda, Montana.

 This one is out of place.  This is at Three Forks, Montana about 22 miles west of my house but before the last one.  Three Forks is named for the confluence of the Gallatin, Madison and Jefferson Rivers and is where the Missouri begins. More after the jump.