Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Worst. Blogger. Ever!

How do you post the wrong theme to the meme you are in charge of?  JUST SAYIN!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MCW, Most undeserving Oscar - Unforgiven

 So as we all know, the wonderful creator of this meme Our great friend Boxer has let me run this for the month of June.  Most of us know all of the heartache she is dealing with.  Boxer I'm sure you know that your blogging family is keeping you dear to their hearts.  When I emailed you with some suggestions I had no idea that you would want me to take this over for you like you asked last week.  I will gladly accept and am very humbled that you think for two minutes I can do as good a job on this as you. Thank you.

If I had known that this wasn't going to be my last week, I would have norrowed the scope and picked a specific category.  You know, most undersving best actor, actress, etc, but this week was wide open.   But now it is what it is, I get specific on the next "most undererving Oscar for ......"
I suggested this with one movie in mind.  I'm a grudge holding MoFo.  I waited for this movie with much anticipation. When it came out, I left the theatre ( The Ellen in Bozeman) very disappointed in the product. Not only did the acting suck, the story line was very weak.  And the ending. Are you fucking kidding me? Clint shoots everyone, drunk off his ass, and makes it out alive?  No way! Not then and not in Hilger for Christsake.   Outside of Star Wars: Episode I,The Thirst For More Money have I ever been more disappointed.  William Munny would have been cut down in the bar and never seen his kids again.  And the entire story leading up to that was bullshit. Any stranger in small town Wyoming in the 19th century, with a bounty on his head, would have been strung up or ran out of town with there "tails" (frontward hanging ones) between their legs.  Totally shit from Clint who I really like.  Here's the movies it won over The Crying Game (never saw it) A Few Good Men (Way better) Howard's End (Never saw it) Scent of a Woman (Saw it and it was better).

Now I don't  care if I didn't see two  of the movies. The fact is that I watched two of them and they were both waaaaaaaaaaaay better than this piece of dung.

Here's whats wrong with Hollywood.  Everyone thought that Clint was old and would die so this was a pity Oscar.  Hell,  Clint directed The Outlaw Josey Wales and it was 10 times the movie this waste of my life was.

Now that I'm in charge of MCW I'm asking for suggestions.  Send everything you have to me and I'll make a catelog and start choosing themes.  I'll give credit to the suggestions but let's keep this going for Boxer.

I'd rather watch my finger get sewn up again the movie of me losing my Championship match at the Malta Invite to cheating douchebag from Poplar I mean Dwayne Johnston than sit through this again.

OK, so there  are two people "acting" in this scene and one of em isn't Clint.  The best movie of 1992?  I should have submitted some footage from LBOH3. 

Happy MCW.  I'm going to have a drink and go to bed.  God be with you Boxer.  And thank you for letting me do this.  You're the best.

PS.  Upon reading Buzz's comments I realized that I posted my theme for next week.  Pulled the wrong draft. I'm an idiot.  Just sayin.

To avoid confusing everyone, especially me, next week's theme is best/favorite actress of the 1970's.  I've deleted my draft for this week that would have been next week if I didn't just change it.  Make sense to everyone?  Yes, I thought so.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Get down with your bad self!!

Not gonna lie.  I'll probably have these moves in 30 years. Just sayin.  Guy looks like Billy Bob Thornton.  Love how the young guys come in and try to keep up but he just dances them into the ground.  All he needed was to work in a "Leatherman Spin" and it would have been awesomer!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The weather is here, wish you were beautiful

Took a road trip to Jackson Hole, WY last Saturday.  Drove through Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.  Took some photos along the way.  I was driving when I took some of them but there are a couple of good ones.

Got to Jackson and walked the streets for an hour.  Battery on my camera was dead and I didn't want to carry my camera with me.  A little gary without the r for me.  The sidewalks are wooden.  Sat down at the Silver Dollar Bar and had a couple of drinks.  Met a nice couple from Iowa who had rode their Harley out.  Dory and Keith, here's to you.  Great time and hope you made it home safely.

Talking to Dory and Keith made me realize how lucky I am.  They had to plan for this trip weeks in advance.  I was bullshitting with a friend of mine about how I had never been to Jackson.  He knew a good place to eat so I got up Saturday and went.  No big deal.  Could do it again tomorrow if I wanted.  That's lucky.

Instead I am going to Malta. You probably know it as the Center of the Univers (COTU).  Going to see my ma and brother and take in a wedding.  It's a short weekend but home is still home.

Have a great weekend.

Looks like a nice day for a drive doesn't it?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Top Chef in DC - Week 2, still no hot chicks.

As week two got underway I waited with little anticipation to take my notes to write this review.  There's just something missing about this season.  Yes, we have some cocky chef's.  Yes, there is already a rivalry between Angelo and Kenny albeit not one where you can really take sides.  Angelo is a little schwarmy and wimpy all at the same time and Kenny is kind of a pissy whiner.  You want to beat Angelo, Kenny?  Here's a hint:  Cook better food.

Anyway, quick fire with Assistant White House Chef Sam Kaas.  Kaas is also a bigwhig in America hater the First Lady's Let's Move campaign to fight childhood obesity.  When did the position of "First Lady" come with a political agenda?  I don't care what letter is behind your name, there is no job description for first lady in the Constitution and no first lady should be allowed this kind of power.  From "Just say no" to this, it is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars and resources.  For crying outloud, when Clinton was president his wife tried to take over 1/6 of the economy with healthcare.  ITS NOT THEIR JOB.  Michelle, how about this?  You make sure the kids are doing well in school, iron some shirts, have some of the gals over for tea and let your inept, incompentent gutless husband continue to take us to economic ruin.  He really doesn't need your help.  But I digress.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pardon The Interpretation:

Dear Friends:

First of all, allow me to apologize for the lack of correspondence... Milk River Madmen was gracious enough to allow me to post on this great blog and I have failed to do so on a regular basis. A 2-Year old and creation of a Micro Brewery from scratch keeps a guy's feet in constant motion.

However, I was compelled to post this evening in light of two shitbag "sports reporters" who I happened to catch in all their glory on their HORSESHIT program "Pardon The Interruption".. Well you two slapdicks should apologize.

Their comments regarding the epic Wimbledon Match the last TWO DAYS, (2 DAYS!!! 118 games in the 5th Set! Suspended by Darkness TWICE!!!! Mind you, at the time of this post we still don't know the winner) are as follows

Tony Kornheiser: "Boring"
Mike Wilbon: "They should change the rules"

(The rest of this post isn't for Children...)

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!! I don't care if it's Tennis, HORSE, Jacks or fucking UNO, anytime two human beings are willing to wage war (metaphorically speaking) against one another for that long it's special. That it's happening at The All England Club makes it "newsworthy" maybe you two Oral Giants should look that word up! These two dipshits must think their makeup sessions prior to going on the air constitutes a stretch and warm up! What FAGS! If I had to bet they both folded up their pocket protectors and withdrew from a Spelling Bee when the quiet girl 4 years younger wearing the thick Glasses stepped to the Microphone!

Any true competitor recognizes that inability to concede and stops to witness it!

Wilbon pitched in High School which qualifies him to say nothing, and Kornheiser's claim to fame was going to school with the guy who wrote Air Supply's "All out of love"... I now know what that guy meant when he penned, "I'm lying alone with my head on the phone thinking of you and it hurts"

If I had to pick a guy to shoot fouls shots with no time left on the clock I'd take one of these Tennis guys everyday!! Well maybe not the Frenchmen, but that's another song.

So I hope you'll Pardon My Interruption, and don't let that show waste a minute of your precious time, I know it will never again waste any of mine!

Is Barack Obama really Tony Montana

McCrystal was fired for this? Really? If you need anymore proof that Barack is the biggest loser of a president that we've ever had then you are out of touch with reality. There is not one quote in here where McCrystal challenges or criticizes Barry. If a general had done this when GWB was president, the press would be singing his praises. Oh, and Bush wouldn't have fire him because he didn't say anything.

BO has skin as thick as toilet paper. Not really the kind of temperament to be the leader of the USA.  More like the temperament to be the leader of North Korea. You have to start to wonder where in life that Obama made the choice between being in politics or being a coke dealer because he certainly acts more like Scarface than an American president.

The article is here.

Al Roker........YOU DA MAN!!!!!

Al Roker was in my fair city yesterday to do the weather and show what a great guy he is by donating more than $1.2 MILLION DOLLARS in items to one of the best charities around Eagle Mount.  I've linked an article in the local rag here.  Thank you Al. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I tried finding a video on youtube but I guess no one in Montana recorded it.  It is hard to put up a youtube with VHS.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday - Worst Remake


Our wonderful friend Boxer has enough to do right now without having to come up with theme's for MCW so I'm still trying my best.  This week's theme is worst remake.  I stuck with domestic remakes.  You know, movies made in America and then butchered again by no talent hacks.  But that's just me.

I'm not gonna lie to ya. This was a tough one. I don't go to the movies enough to have scene (see what I did there?) very many remakes so I may have out thought myself with the choice of a category. In the last 15 years, if not longer, Hollywood has lost all of its creativity. Thus all the remakes.  The shitty, shitty remakes.

Acting is not hard. All it is, is pretending to be someone else. Are some people better at it than others? Of course, but hey, I'm quite positive there are people reading this that can act great. The thing with Hollywood is that you have to be ultra good looking for the most part or you wont even be considered for the roll. How the hell does Ben Affleck keep getting work?!  It's not because he's talented.  Do you think Kathy Bates would ever get the nod for There's something about Mary?  Me either.  George Clooney wouldn't have a job sprinkling sawdust on a tilt-o-whirl if he didn't look like he did.

But back to the remakes.  Man this was hard.  I don't go to movies so I don't see remakes.  I hate to say this but I had to google "worst remakes" just for some ideas.   Here's a list I found.  I've seen one movie on there. One.  I don't consider The Departed a remake.  It is actually just stealing from another continent.  Fucking hollywood.  Anyway, I saw Planet of the Apes.  It sucked.  So there's one of ten from that list.

Here's another list .Notice the similarities in the movies that are on it.  See, it's not just me who is noticing how horrible these are and yet hollywood is unfazed.  Like liberal's who are convinced that every problem can be solved with government interference and tax increases, Hollywood continues to think that their remakes are better than the originals.

I was stumped.  Then, thanks to google, I found one that I had seen and was totally disappointed in.  A cult classic for me and all my homeys from the mid-Malta hood.  Clash of the TitansWe all dug the original.  Harry Hamlin was a good Perseus and Burgess Meredith ("He'll kill you to death inside of three rounds Rock!!") was a great sidekick.  Good special effects for the day. 

The new one.  Well, first, it was in 3-D which should be outlawed.  Then, all the actors had a case of the mumbles.  Special effects were way over the top.  Story line sucked. If you're going to ruin a completely good movie, at least give me some full frontal.  I think I'd rather get the clap then sit through this again.  Here's the original trailer.

Here's a trailer to the pile of dung that cost me $11.00. The video is so shitty it even came with it's own commercial. Pathetic. From the clip "One day somebody's gonna have to make a stand.  One day somebodys gonna have to say enough." I hope he's talking about remakes.    Here's a great link to a movie review by a group called 3_KILLA_BYTES  it's worth the watch.  Strong language and sexual content.

Karate Kid just came out!  I can't hardly wait to see it *dripping sarcasm.  Oh, if the Coen Brothers totally ruin True Grit I'm all for putting a bounty on them. Just sayin.

Next week's theme is "Who got screwed out of an Oscar".  I'm leaving it wide open.  If you think every other movie got screwed when Gladiator won then pick the movie and why.  Or if you think Ben Kingsley's win in Ghandi screwed Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie (did I really just type that?) then say so.  Might have to put a little over time in on this one.

Happy MCW.

Gandalph goes to the World Cup

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tornado in Billings, MT

I'm sure most of you are aware that Montana was hit by an F-2 tornado yesterday.  My brother watched it from Pioneer Park and said it was pretty incredible.  I had this link sent to me with some great footage and lots of stills.  The first video is the best.  Brother is safe and Billings will survive.  No one was killed and one man was injured from baseball sized hail.  Pretty lucky.  Click here.

MCW Theme

I forgot to post this week's theme in last week's post but did put it under the MCW clip.  Anyway, this week's theme is worst remake.  That should be hard as almost every remake is horrible.  Anyway, get to work and we'll see you about this on Wednesday.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top Chef in DC, the beggining.

Well it's season 7 of Top Chef.  This year's show is set against the backdrop of our nation's capitol Washington, DC.  Hmmmm. I'm firing up the DVR and already wondering what congressman is going to be on the show first.  I guarandamntee it will be a democrat. 

Well, that didn't take long, Nancy Pelosi is in the opening scenes.  I couldn't really hear her say anything so I didn't throw up.  It's the little things that make me happy.  Contestants are introducing themselves with their stories of where they are from and how they became chef's.  I'm rooting against Tiffany solely because she like's the former coke addict Obama.  I don't like the dude with the really long hair.  Have to figure out who is gay, who is the caterer, who is the self taught chef blah, blah, blah.

Padma and Mini Me Tom are here for the quick fire challenge.  Peeiling potatoes, breaking down chickens.  Pandamonium already.  Its a good thing it's not "Top Knife" cause Kenny is FAST with a knife.  He wins every slicing portion but Angelo wins the quickfire and 20 large.

So now everyone are is are DAMMIT!....... They put everyone one teams and I'm waiting for someone to have a really big screw up.  Always happens the first 5 or 6 episodes with this many people. Again that didn't take long.  Long hair guy evidently can't read and set his oven temps wrong and burned his nuts.  Macadamia's that is. Badabump.

Food is being served.  Padma, Tom, Eric, Gail and the twins are on sight now to taste the food.  Everything gets sampled and Padma says her weekly "Let's go to the judges table" and they all walk out.  Looking forward to hearing Tom tell people "Yo Dog, that soup was too pitchy. Know what I'm a sayin?"

Angelo wins the elimination challenge.  At this point I'm thinking the lady who screwed up her chicken liver and long hair with his maple syrup ice cream dish are on the chopping block.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand its long hair.  Dude got kind of emotional.  Here's a hint for the kids out there.  Don't make a dessert unless you are a dessert specialist and that's all you do.  Dessert's are the mongooses to the chef's snakes.  Just sayin.

Next week looks good.  Cussing, crying, finger pointing and that's just Tom in the bathroom.

Once they get rid of 4 or 5 more contestants I'll know who I really don't like. Always looking on the bright side. The show will get better.  The posts, meh, not so much.

I like the early start time.  I'm more sober and can read my own writing.  You can't believe how nice that is.

Sayonora Sucker!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday "Favorite TV show to the Big Screen"

OK I'll try not to waste any time.  Boxer is swamped and I'm trying to keep myself entertained and MCW going in her stead.  So this week's choice was favorite TV show on the big screen and mine is without a doubt The Brady Bunch.    Just absolute mocking of the late 60's and early 70's classic.  Gary Cole as Mike Brady and Shelley Long as Carol were absolutely spot on.  I actually thought I was watching Robert Reed and Flo Henderson.  I couldn't find a short clip (who knew)  but this one had what I wanted and its in the very begining.  The first three minutes are pee your pants funny and if you can make it through the entire thing than rock on.  So many episodes from the show combined into the movie.  I went to this with Uncle Scooter's wife and Malta alum Bernie.  I think Scotty might have been there as well.  Bernie and I also went to the 20th anniversary of Grease together. 

Anyway.  I laughed my ass off especially when Mike is on the phone and when he's giving Jan advice.  There were some other good shows to choose from out there but not going to say what they are so as not to potentially blog jinx anyone.   Mike's plaid jacket and polka shirt are the bomb.  The 5:23 mark has a great line.  "Blue skies, clean living, Osmonds."  My stomach hurts.  Look at the chalkboard.  Hysterical.  Happy MCW!!

grizzlies going to Division I-A? Who really cares.

So as there is every week on BobcatNation, a intelligent and meaningful discussion was interrupted by grizzly fans who have nothing to do but peruse and interject their barely coherent sentences in to the argument.  This week they are talking about how the university of Montana should move up a level in football.  I say GTFO of the Big Sky and don't let the door hit you in the ass.  As far as adding any intelligence to the argument, I chose the low road with this comment

"Yup. Boise did it. They moved up and have been successful. How about Idaho? UNR? Meh, not so much. Marshall had an OK run but they will never compete for a championship. If the UM wants to move up let them. They will sell out for a couple of years but after going 6-5, or 3-8 or whatever, their fan base will dwindle. Not a lot but some. Even if they have a 9-2 or 10-1 season, they will never be in contention for, as the fizz fans love to say, "The Chipper." Let em join. They will be barely above average at best in a good year and mediocre more often than not. Our stadium will sell out as we take over dominance in the BSC from our non-showering friends at the liberal arts school. We will expand and add to our championships.

Don't the the door hit you on the a$$ on your way out.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Thoughts #19

Things that crossed my mind while wondering what is the big deal with the World Cup. I mean, I don't hate soccer but if like soccer and tell me baseball is boring, just go shoot yourself.  Just sayin.

We are raising an entire generation of young adults with absolutely no sense of work ethic or pride.   And when I say we, I mean people with kids.  I've worked with or hired too many of them in the last 10 years who expect to make $100k and get 5 weeks paid to load and unload equipment.  OK, that might be a stretch but they do expect a lot for little in return.  Too many parents are giving their children everything for nothing.  Fancy cars, paying for all of their college, etc.  Here's a hint.  You want to teach your kid how to work, get them a paper route.  Make them commit to working it for one year and thats all the money they get. No allowance, nothing from Gramma on their birthday.  Zero.  I guarandamntee they understand commitment to the job, attention to detail and financial responsibility after that year.  Then make them do it again just to prove the point further.  I'll take a paper route kid over one that worked for his dad at the family business any day of the week.

The LBOH is 29 days away.  29 days! 28 days til Ralph and I prefunction like the 1990's.  Uncle Scotty, you might want to think about waiting til Thursday to go to camp.  Might need a ride.  Ralph will need an IV drip of Coors Light and Spam.  STAT!!

OK, so I'm a little pissy tonight. I can get that way.  I'm combative and right almost always, just ask me.  If you have a different way of doing things it doesn't make me wrong, just different. Why is that so hard for some people to grasp.  I remember as a young cowboy, I was working at my best friend's ranch one weekend.  They didn't ride or gather cows the same way as I had been taught.  I told my ranch brother this.  He said "Did you get the herd worked alright"  I said "yes".  He said, "Just 'cause they do it different does it mean they do it wrong. They're pretty good cowboys over there." I've never forgot that.  It's gone a long way with me.

Sloan has been gone for four weeks and I'm still sad.  Do I need therapy?  I mean for this.  For everything else the answer is yes.  This I'll admit.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday "Best Sequel"

Well as mentioned last week, I'm the host for June as Boxer is kind of busy this month.  This week's theme is "Best Sequel".  I had a lot of hard choices to make.  Do I go with Look who's talking too? Or Grease 2?  Of course there were many to chose from but the best sequel is Godfather 2. It's really two complete movies in one.  You get the tale of how Vito  Corleone came to America.  How Michael has turned into a ruthless mobster. But most importantly you get to see the difference between Michael and his father.  Vito the family man who became a gangster as it was the only life he ever knew and Michael the college educated war hero who always puts the business before his family.  The first clip is a deleted scene which I did see on AMC when the ran the movies chronilogically which is the most awesome way to watch it.  Any, in the first clip, Don Fanucci is almost killed.  Vito makes the statement that you don't almost kill someone.  It's the first time you get a hint of how much he learned as a child in Sicily.  The second clip is the kiss of death when Michael tells Fredo he knows that Fredo set him to be hit.  Fredo's look of mortification is priceless.

With the release of the A Team, I've decided to ask you for your favorite TV show that was made into a movie.  That should be fun as well.  Remember to post your movie in the comments and your write up on your blog.  Looking forward to the posts.

He's always taking the high road.

The following post is rated "R" for strong language. 

So today, our esteemed tieless president (a complete sign of how lazy this schlep is), who does nothing more than read bad speeches and go to parties had this to say.  From Yahoo! Obama said, defending his administration's handling of the spill. "And I don't sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar; we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick." Well actually you do just sit around.  If you were talking to experts that would be a step in the right direction but you haven't done anything except kiss Iran's ass. But I digress.

Whose ass to kick?  Really?  I'm not going to lie to you.  I guess I just expect a little bit more what with him being the President and all.  And what about him being a Harvard grad?  It would seem to me that a man of such esteemed learning would be able to tell Matt Lauer his intention with more direction and a better grasp of language.  

Now I can curse, and often do, but I pick my moments.  I dont' often swear in front of my mother or the ladies I work with but then I'm not the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My question is this: How long till Barry says "motherfucker" on national television?  I'm guessing before Christmas.  He'll be talking to someone at 60 Minutes in one of their quarterly felatio fests and it will happen.  Mike Wallace will say something like "Mr. President, you've been harshly criticized for your handling of (insert any situation here as Barry is a moron).  What do you have to say to them?"  B.O.'s response "Mike, those motherfuckers need to walk a mile in my shoes.  Know what I'm sayin? They need to walk a mile in my mothafuckinshoes then the bitches can get all up in my face.  Til then, all I have to say is shut the fuck up."  Yes, I can see this happening.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crown Random Thoughts from Sloan.

(Written Friday 5/28/10)

So I'm safe at Casa de Sloan. Recently renamed for my beloved dog.  Still sad.  So here's some random thoughts that Sloan had while she was with me.

From Sloan's perspective.

He's an odd man to ride with.  Always talking while driving and there's no one here but me and I can't talk.  If I could, I'd tell him to shut up and watch the road for crying out loud.

He likes to fool me with treats when he leaves in the morning.  I'm no dummy.  I eat them and then I'm still pissed that he didn't take me with him.  Who does he think he's fooling and how dumb does he think I am?  I can't belive that I waited by the door for an hour thinking he'll come back and get me.  Then again, I do it every day so who is really the dumb one here. * sigh

I sleep a lot.  Not a little but a lot. It's great being a dog. Especially here. When I die, I want to come back as a dog for this guy.  Food, treats, swimming, riding in the cab of the truck.  This guy is awesome.

I have my own couch.  Did you here that? My own couch!  And I have my own chair in the garage.  You other dogs that don't get to crawl on the furniture don't know what you are missing. It's the bomb.

He has this thing where he thinks that if he yells loud I'll listen.  After 12 years you'd think he'd figure out that this is my world.  He's jsut living in it. Just sayin.  I mean, c'mon.  I only became deaf in the last few months but before that, it was just my way of saying go to hell.  No matter how much we walk or swim, it's never enough. I'll let you know when I'm tired.  Now, get me some food and watch that box thingy deal while I sleep. 
I really can't bitch about things.  This guy has plenty of company over.  Lots of crotches to sniff.  It's who I am.

I'm a girls dog.  Always have been.  Love the ladies.  Despite how good he treats me, I want to be where the girls are.

He started taking me to this girls house.  He drops me off and then leaves.  It's pretty cool.  She waits on me hand and foot.  Has two cats that I couldn't care less about it.  They're cool but I get to sit in the office.  I also can go outside and wander around the place.  It's a sweet set up.  This could really work out for me.  Of course, he's kind of a dipshit.  I'd better enjoy this while I can before he screws this up and I don't get to come over anymore.

So tonight he came home and wants to pet me and scratch my butt.  I'll let him but I really want to go chase deer.  Just saying.

I've felt better but I'm a hundred years old!  Things don't work the way they used to.  Then again, I have three hots and a cot.

Well looks like I'm going on a road trip.  Better take it.  You never know when its going to be the last one.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Time to hit the road.

I'm heading for beautiful Ft. Benton this weekend to play golf with my lifelong friend Dan.  You may remember me journey last year and how much fun it was.  I plan on doing a little picture taking this year as well.  Leaving in T minus 76 minutes.  It's about a 4 1/2 hour drive but there is Crown at the other end.  Imagine that.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maybe next week.

I know it was last minute and I know that Boxer had mentioned that MCW was on hiatus.Then she had on her blog to come this rathole for your post.  At 11 MDT today (Thursday) I'd only had one response ( thanks Buzz) and was thinking "no one wants to play". It reminded me of this scene from Cheers.  Norm is throwing a party at the bar.  It's for a bunch of accountants who are all stiffs.  Go to the 1:45 mark where Diane is trying to get everyone to play charades.  Reminded me of this week's MCW participation (which turned out to be great).  And I'm still laughing.  Remember, next week is "Best Sequel".  I expect  a minimum of 157 entries. Hey, you have to set goals to be successful. Tell your friends! 

Haiku Thursday - Veterans

Pam is hosting Haiku Thursday.  This week's theme is "veterans". Check out her blog  here, for more entries.

One soldier marching
Battles and years took others
Tears, joy, memories

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday - Favorite War Movie

As our wonderful host Boxer is up to her ear lobes in work, I've been asked to host MCW for the month of June.  I got the idea for best war movie from my sister.  I called her up this weekend to ask a question about Indy Cars.  They have break lights on them.  I didn't know that. What a bunch of wusses.  Anyway, she was watching The Battle of the Bulge.  I think I may have mentioned a time or two that my sister is older than me.  I asked her if she remembered when the battle was actually fought.  "Did you listen about it on the radio? Sorry, I mean the "wireless"? This was followed by her with sarcastic laughter and an expletive or two.Then she asked me a baseball question about the Washington Senators and I again made fun of how old she is. The Senators? You give me softballs like that and I'm going to hit them out of the park. Good times.

Anywhoo, she was watching a war movie so I thought that a good choice.  Tough for me to pick one.  I'm not even going to use the word "best".  I'm going to go with favorite.  All Quiet on the Western Front is awesome but I can't find the clip I want to use and it's about WWI.  Don't get me wrong.  It was a big deal but we watched from the sidelines for 75% of it.  No, I had to choose a movie about WWII.  You know, where the USA saved the world.  It was still a tough choice for me. Bridge on the River Kwai is a great movie set in the Pacific Theater but is more a movie about the human spirit than the war itself.  No.  I had to choose Midway.  It's my favorite war movie because its kind of a documentary.  Hollywood likes to use the phrase "base on a true story"  then totally fill you with bullshit that never happened and pass it off as fact.  It's how our kids learn history today.  Don't believe me?  Just click here and read about Remember the Titans.  It's more than just taking a couple of liberties.

Back to Midway. It's not really a documentary but the way the subtitle the names, times, ships etc. always letting you know exactly where you are and who the guy is speaking kind of informs you like a documentary does.  The battle was a huge turning point in the Pacific.  We (I mean us dear readers)  don't know how close the U.S. came to actually being invaded.  The Japanese were turned back and the battle for the Pacific would slowly swing back into the Allies' favor.

Couldn't find a great clip but the trailer lists the all-star cast.  Charleton Heston baby!  "From my cold, dead hands!"  I'm a lifetime member of the NRA, which I'm sure surprises no one.  Happy MCW!  Keep your nose to the grindstone Boxer.  Like my buddy Schmalor says "If you want to get something done, put the control freaks in charge and get the hell out of their way!"  Amen to that.

Next week's them is "best sequel."  Get 'er done!

Movie Clip Wednesday on Thursday

Hello fellow bloggers.  I was chatting with Boxer about some MCW theme's and she has a busy month and asked me if I wouldn't mind hosting for the month of June.  I was thrilled to say yes. She's done the hard part by coming up with the meme and there are FIVE Wednesday's in June.  Yippee!!

As it was a short week, we will have MCW on Thursday.  It's still short notice I know but let's give it a try.  As we just remembered the fallen and our lost loved ones this past Monday, let's make this week's theme "Best War Movie".  To try to avoid blog jinxes, I'm going to say that "Saving Private Ryan" is not allowed.  It's OK but the ending was a little much, don't you think?  Anyway, I'll dress up the blog later at lunch.

Thanks to Boxer for letting me do this.  Looking forward to seeing what you all have.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Pam brought up a good point.  I've pointed them out for you.

Memorial Day Wheeler Ride

This is me at some pond.  This dam was made with rocks and logs.  Lots of work with no equipment.

Stopping for a drink. Water. Not Crown.  I'm running the wheel.

At a cool old cabin.

A couple of photos from my four-wheel ride yesterday.  All of these are at about 7800 feet or higher.  Also, it takes me about an hour and half to get to each of these spots.  That's from the time I leave my house drive to the parking lot, unload and ride to where these pictures  are.  I am very lucky.

My friend Jim from Glasgow took the pictures.  That's why I'm the center of attention.  Jim is a grizzly fan.  I know you might find it hard to believe that I hang out with a grizzly but he is different from 98.3% of other grizzly fans in that he actually went to college there AND graduated.  It was a good ride.