Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm "In the mood"

I grew up with this. My mom loves Glenn Miller and so do I. Bought her this and the Mills Brothers greatest hits on CD. She tried to put it on her record player and they wouldn't work. "Chip! It's just making a scratching noise" "PUT IT IN THE CD PLAYER AL!" "OH! OK It's working now" I love them as well. Yes, I'm Crowned up and listnening to music late at night and its FRICKING AWESOME! God how I love my life. Mills Brothers to follow.

My sister knew Glenn Miller personnally. Baby sat his kids. OK, that's a shot at how old she is. She didn't babysit his kids. They were grown and in college by then. My dear sister how do you like this? God how Alvina has great taste in old music.


Princess said...

Hey Madman,
Welcome home....
I love these tracks, Miller could certainly organise a good tune.
I too grew up listening to this stuff as a kid and it has continued through to this day.

will have to go and haul out the old LP vinyl..

Milk River Madman said...

God bless you, you beloved jewel. I love this this stuff.

Pam said...

I don't know the Mills Brothers, but love LOVE the Glen Miller tunes. That movie with Jimmy Stewart was an absolute fave when I was growing up and we will still sit down and watch it when it is on. I thought Miller died in a plane crash in WWII. Anyway, String of Pearls is the favest of the fave.

Unknown said...

My dear brother,

1) I love the Mills Brothers. Al had a great album of theirs, it might have been their greatest hits. St Louis Blues is very good.

2) I am able to understand the humor in your reference to my knowing Glenn Miller, because I am older and indeed wiser and allow the "younger" generation to have their fun. Yes, Pam, he did die in WWII. MRM believes himself to be quite the Will Rogers. ( I did not know him either.)

as always, the older sister,


Karl said...

Good evening MRM,

My wife and I love to dance and one of our favorite concerts to dance to is Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman at Carnegie Hall. These were fun thanks for posting them.