Friday, October 31, 2008

Bobcat preview UNC

Hey sports fans. Lets get this post started with often quoted Emmit Smith. Thanks to with leather for the pic and the quote.

“This year for Hollowed Wean, I recommend that women do like these cheerlidders and dress revocatively. Women that dress revocatively is more likely to get detention from men, and earn their reflections.” with leather***

Brilliant stuff Emmit.

Now, it takes me a little more messing around to move pictures from one site to the other but that's the effort I give you. I'm not afraid dammit.

I like a lot of what I saw last week. Kempt was solid, Crawford was great. Palmer saw the ball 12 times (I'm a soothsayer). I thought the game plan was great but the execution was better. Nicols played great in Taylor's absence. I really thought Nicols would see more balls thrown at him than Clay Aiken on his San Francisco tour stop. Our third down conversion rate needs to be higher. I can't say enough good thngs about the defense. The first series SS comes out on fire and is blowing our guys off the ball and by midfield the Cats had made adjustments and they never really sniffed the end zone except at garbage time.

Some people are questioning Ash and playing most of the second string for the last 8 minutes. I loved it. They were playing soft in the secondary, making SS complete short passes underneath. Ate a lot of clock and the gained a lot of experience. Not to mention how beat up they are on both sides of the ball. It was great to get them out early.

Not saying I know more than Rob Ash, but I do believe I called for some play action last week. Bostick could have gutted an elk in the end zone. No one from SS knew where he was or what he was doing. We need more of it.

I like Baken-ets Hot-n-Spicy pork rinds. Accept no substitutes. And they are good for you. I also like to step into a SlimJim once in a while. Which leads me to the question: If you were condemned for, I suppose murder, what would your last meal be. Medium rare ribeye, big baked potato with all the fixins, four hard shell tacos and for dessert, 1/2 pound of pepper bacon. About a quart of milk to wash it all down.


Who's your other favorite football team?

N A U!

Q: Why is Missoula the only town in Montana that has smog alerts?

A: Because its a shithole.

I wish I'd have switched to Old Spice Swagger when I was younger.

ND has no cake walk this week. They play the schizophrenic Pitt Panthers. Wow. Fatboy actually scheduled a decent school. Whats the matter Charlie? Wellesley didn't have an opening?

Speaking of Sir Fatsalot. Here's his latest photo. Nice Bro Frank Costanza.

From Holy Taco:

A morbidly obese man (aka ND head coach Charlie Weiss) with a large abdominal pannus (the overhanging image above) came in exhibiting red, irritated skin around the abdomen.
It looked like a routine skin infection. But what was the cause? During the exam, I lifted the pannus and a turkey sandwich fell from between his folds.
The man said it was about a month old, which the smell confirmed.”

OK, I might have put the aka thing in there. Maybe.

6:41 and my trick or treater (TOT) head count is 10. That's pretty low. I've never had less than 90. It's perfect goblin weather as well. The little shits better start showing up. I could have stopped for a couple of bowls of loud mouth soup.

7:13 TOT 28

7:34 TOT 50 (that's one a minute. I've barely been able to drink my hooch)

8:12 TOT 63 (the pace has dropped off.

Here's a question: how old do you stopped trick or treating? 12? 14?

Actual exchange between me and some kid.

Kid: "how come your doorbell is broken?"

Me: "I don't know."

Kid: "Can you fix it?"

Me: "I'll probably buy a new one."

Kid: "Can I come in and pet your dog?"

Me: "Is your mom hot?"

The Denny's PBA is in Omaha Sunday live for The Viper Championship. Mike Scroggins is your defending champion. The first frame gets rolled at 11AM on ESPN.

8:25 TOT 78
All night these kids have been carrying those little plastic pumpkins. You can't put more than a handful of candy in them and when I drop in a popcorn ball, the straps almost break. Only three kids came with pillow cases and they damn sure got extra from me.

8:59 TOT 82
These kids had to be at least 13 or 14 and didn't make a real effort to put on a costume. Of course I remember being 14 and grabbing my brother Bill's walkie-talklies with Donovan Hurlbert and trick or treating as truckers. That was it. The radios were our costume.

The Mustangs roll into the playoffs just hitting stride and looking like they could go deep. They face the unbeaten Fairfield Dirtfarmers in a grudge match of epic proportions. Fairfield defeated our beloved boys in blue en route to getting waxed in the championship game. Its not their faulty they choked like Mama Cass. They knew they had beaten the best team and just couldn't get up for the Baker Tumbleweeds. Malta will be focused and Fairfield will know what it is to meet the full unharnessed power of the 3M Company.

In Denton, they host a playoff game in the first round. Can't remember who but I think Twin Bridges. Denton, like most high schools in Montana, copied Malta as having blue in their school colors. It makes you proud doesn't it? The Tradition should be alright tomorrow. There big test comes next week if they can be victorious tomorrow. Send them all of your positive energy.

Well, I'm going to have to call it a night. I think I'll go over to the neighbors, have a couple of drinks and then turn in.

Remember, my tailgate area is #54 on the west side. I plan on being there about 11 AM and for chrstsakes, would you at least start checking on this thing. I plan on getting paid for this eventually. A little help. Let's have this be like an STD or something. Just start giving it to your friends without telling them. Thank you.

Safe journeys,

Go Cats!


Halloween Bugs

Before everyone gets their panties in a wad about why I dont have anything posted for the game this weekend, it will be posted tonight. I had to drink vodka with some big wheel equipment gurus last night and the sonsabitches wouldn't let me leave to go home until 1 this morning.

Nice cab driver last night. His name was John. He has a 2 year old and he's having some discipline problems. I gave him some advice, which is great because I don't have a kid of my own and promised him I wouldn't puke in his van. He took the advice and thanked me for being able to hold my sauce.

Here's some Bugs for the season.

The over/under for how many trick or treaters I get tonight is 128.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

downloading music

I had an inquiry in my email asking me why a friend of mine can't download AC/DC on itunes. I have no answers as I don't use itunes so maybe some one can answer this for him or let me know and I'll pass it on. You can respond in the comment section or send me a personal email.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

movie review "The Zodiac"

The Zodiac was just starting. Good flick. Intense, an actual good script. It was three hours long which sucked but the mark of how good this movie is, is the fact that I sat up and watched it until 3 in the morning and I've looked for it again.

This does raise the question of why does Hollywood make every movie so bloody long? The Godfather wasn't long enough but most movies take way to long to watch. My theory is that Hollywood knows most of what they are making is total crap and they think by making them longer that at least you are getting your money's worth. I think its three hours of my life that I can't get back. Unless it's Supertroopers. Then it ended way to soon. If you can't get it done in two hours, then take out a couple of the bullshit love scenes (see The Departed).

The point of how uncreative Hollywood has become is reflected in the movies they are making. Remakes of movies that aren't even 20 years old or of classics that they can't in anyway make better. I'll write about my hate for sequels of crummy movies at a later time but trust me when I say I'm not a big fan of those either. Honestly, did we really need Oceans Thirteen? I mean how many times do we have to watch these guys ripoff Vegas? What's Clooney trying to do? Make as many of these as there are Police Academy? I think he wears a piece.

Time to finish this drink and catch South Park.

Bud Selig is the anti-Christ

Why in the hell did Bud Selig even thing about playing baseball Monday night? He's made millions of dollars so that should be proof that he isn't retarded but it was a steady drizzle with no signs of letting up and 45 degrees and falling.

Bud came up with the Wild Card ignored steroids and among other things has a terrible haircut.

I hope the Phillies score 100 runs when they resume this game.

Oh, did I mention that this has never happened in the World Series. Ever. Zilch. Nil. Zero. Not once. Oh, and for you people that don't like baseball I couldn't be happier. This just means the season will be that much longer, you'll have to hear about it on Sportscenter and sports talk radio that much more. See, I knew I could find the silver lining.

Forgot to add this to my list of interests.

So I was just talking to Dan on my way home from work and we started bitching about announcers on television. I don't ask for much. I'm pretty modest and humble but it would be nice, and should be a prerequisite, that these former jocks tell me something about the sport I'm watching that I don't know or would not have figured out without their help.

This is part of the reason why I'm against women on the sidelines. When men were doing that job, they never added anything to the game. No insight, no information we would not have received without their help. What makes the networks think that Erin Andrews can do any better? If they want to show me some eye candy, they should spend more time trying to get crotch/cleavage shots of cheerleaders and co-eds instead of letting Pam Oliver forget what she talked to whatshisname from the Giants about.

That doesn't make me sexist. Fact are facts. I mean, I couldn't comment on women's field hockey because I don't know anything about it. Does it make me sexist for pointing out the obvious about these chicks on television? No it doesn't. At the very least they should have to take some sort of football course or exam or something.

Some of the ground rules.

Just so you all know what to expect.

Some sports: The NBA barely exists as do most sports that are played by the fairer sex. No one cares, especially me. I'll talk about everything I've been talking about and a little bit more and you can check in whenever you like. We will be talking a lot more NASCAR. Mix in some baseball, and anything Mustang and well, we'll have us a good time.

Some culture: Mostly my opinion on how screwed up society is, complaining about how Hollywood makes mostly shitty movies, why people dress so wrong and a bunch of other worthless crap.

Some politics: I'm sure there are a couple of liberals who'll try to interject there "I'm not rich so I hate conservatives" attitude on here but that will end as soon as I figure out how to ban people from posting so that won't be a big deal. This will become a dominant feature as we elect our first halfrican-American president. His policies and the reason people voted for him will make for some incredibly great fodder these coming years.

A lot of nothing: See above.

On that note, lets have the first post from Right Wing News.

Obama Is Already Defining "Rich" Downward by Van Helsing
Obamanomics is based on the morally repugnant class warfare principle of setting aside a group of people called "the rich," who are to be pillaged and exploited for the sake of everyone else. Under Stalin, to qualify as rich you only needed to own more than one samovar (a device for brewing tea found in most Russian homes); people were actually shot if government inspectors found a second samovar in the home of a "kulak" ("rich peasant").

Obviously imposing excessive taxation on "the rich," however they are defined, will cripple the economy as a whole, making everyone more miserable. It isn't the poor who invest and employ — it is the demonized rich.

But before we even reach that point, there is the problem that the grandiose schemes of egomaniacal socialist dictators tend to cost more than even the rich can pay. This is why the definition of "rich" slides downward until you find yourself dragged off by thugs over a samovar.

Obama has promised that he will only loot families that make more than $250,000 per year, showering their money down upon the rest of us by offering "tax cuts" even to people who don't pay any federal taxes. But what's this? The Moonbat Messiah hasn't even been elected and already the mark has been moved down to $200,000:

Meanwhile, Plugs Biden has lowered the mark to $150,000.

Once in office, Obama bin Biden would inevitably continue to adjust the definition of rich until it covers anyone gainfully employed. Those who actually think their tax burden would be reduced under these socialists are morbidly gullible — although I don't doubt that some who don't even pay taxes will be getting tax credit handouts at the expense of a dwindling class of people who work for a living. RWN***

Why women shouldn't do football

its about time

Well, everyone's been calling my weekly letter a blog for so long I finally decided to start my own. It was quite simple thanks to my good friend Rick Robinson. I'll do my best to put a little something on here everyday. I still have to figure out a bunch of things but it can't be that hard. Tell your friends.