Friday, July 23, 2010

Random Thoughts #21

Things that crossed my mind while wondering how I got to be so lucky.

Finished the LBOH this past week as you all know.  It's hard for me to describe this event.  I have the explanation of how it all started on digital audio.  How it came to be about, etc.  What's hard to describe is the friendship.  We've all had our "best friends" when we were growing up.  What I (we) have is truly different.  I'm not trying to denegrate anyone else's friendship here.  My only point is this, find me some guys who grew up together, or girls, who have met success, spread out across the country, and still make time to get together once a year to celebrate their friendship like we do. I'm talking from 1st grade through high school graduation and beyond.  I'm only bragging because I'm lucky enough to be in this group.  All the guys reading this are invited to next years LBOH.

When I've been drinking, which is almost every Friday, I get sentimental. I just love these fuckers.  Talked to Ralph tonight and Danny yesterday.  At our 20th class reunion, one of the girls in our class asked me how we have managed to stay so close after all these years.  I told her " We make the effort. I call Skeets and Ralph. They call Delm and Adrian. Ernie calls me and we always know whats going on with each other." Its a simple formula really.

On the other hand, we grew up in a small town.  I know you've heard me talk about Malta and yes it is my home. But there is something about this town.  There are dozens of towns on the Hi-Line but none of them is Malta. There's a mystique about it.  I'm not bragging, I'm stating fact. Two years ago, after the Cat-Griz football game, I was tailgating with some griz fans. After about an hour one of them mentioned they were from Chinook (70 miles east of Malta, our biggest rivals).  "No shit." I said " You guys are all Sugarbeeters (their mascot).  "Yeah!  Where are from Chip?"  "I'm from Malta."  "Fuck you!" This kid replies. "We never beat you anything!"  Made me feel good.  My dad was born and raised in Chinook.  He never rooted against Malta ever, but when we played Chinook and they lost (which they always did, except to the class of 1982 in football, the losers) he never celebrated.  Be true to your school.

Kymical Reactions sent me a sight meter dealabob a year ago.  I don't know how accurate it is.  When I log in at 7:30 it says "28 visits" or whatever.  An hour later it will say " 24 visits".  How can it go down?  I do know one thing.  There is always at least one hit from Florida.  I know two guys in Florida.  One is a Malta boy.  Hired the kid when he was in high school and he says he reads me all the time (thanks James). A fine young man whose only flaw is that he attended the school in Missoula.  The other person I "know" in Florida lives under a bridge.  His absence has made me blog more and want to be a better blogger.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't know how you found me, but you're the reason I've elevated my game. I just want to be as good as you were are.  Come back bridge dweller.  We miss you.  At least comment for crying out loud.

I have "followers" and I have readers.  Some of them are in the same subset.  I write because its something I've always wanted to do.  I don't care if I'm abrasive. It's who I am.  To those of you in the blogosphere who don't know me from a bucket of water but still continue to read this, I am eternally thankful that you find this interesting and entertaining.  Those of you who do know me and read and never comment I'm greatful as well.  Example, received an email from my good friend KB today. He asked me "How's the Milk River Madman doing?"  Made me feel good that so many read the drivel and enjoy it.

Wow. Made it through five comments without saying "just saying".  Just saying.

For all of you who do know me, this blog is INTERNATIONAL.  I have readers in England and Australia and places in between.  Whoda thunk?

I know that vodka and Crown is not the best mix but there are way worse ones. Life has taught me that.

I miss my dog. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it.  She was a very special animal.  Reincarnated I'm quite convinced.  She wanted to be with the people.  That's all she wanted.   To be with the people.

My brother-in-law is looking at buying a condo in Vegas.  Allegiant flies direct to there from Bozeman.  I told him to paint my room blue. The bad part is that I will have to buy another set of golf clubs just to leave in Vegas for when I go down and we play together. Its a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Started watching The Wire and it looks like great television.  Absolutely drew me in from the opening scene.  On that point, Mad Men starts Sunday and I'll be in fucking North Dakota.  Thank God for DVR.

This North Dakota expansion that my boss is making has tremendous potention for his company and for me.  I only hope that if I have to make a lot of trips out there that he buys me a really nice car to save on gas over my truck.  A company Cadillac is realy in order here.

This is my fourteenth comment. My random thoughts are almost always fourteen. As are my playlists.  No one has answered yet as to why that is so.  TP can't because he is in the know. To the first person who can, I will buy dinner at Sir Scott's Oasis.  Air fair and accomadations included not included.  Figure it out for crying out loud. I'm getting tired of counting to fourteen.

Safe journeys,



Big Shamu said...

Damn son, you really do get sentimental on Drinking Fridays.

Sorry about that site meter roll back. When I visit, I put your blog up on cinder blocks and roll back the visits. I'll stop if it bugs you?

Pam said...

How much Crown does it take to get you that sentimental? Meanwhile, I understand about the friends. I have a couple of gals (the "Dogs" and now that is a post for another day) ... we got together last night. That site checker thing made me crazy so I had to take it off my page. I click around too much for it to be accurate anyway.

Milk River Madman said...

Shamu, don't roll back the visits Sister. Your visits aren't bugging me at all. Just the siteometer. Keep coming back and tell your friends.

Pam, it doesn't take a lot of anything to get me sentimental. I have a great life with great friends. Just get longing for the good old days on Friday. Thats all.

moi said...

Nothing wrong with getting sentimental about your friendships, so long as you're drinkin' the good stuff :o). The older I get, the more I treasure my trove of buddies and the more attached I am to my sense of place, both from a cultural, sociological, and geographical standpoint. With age, I think, comes wisdom and sensitivity. Both are good things.

Aunty Belle said...

Smile...this is jes' awesome to know 'bout you fellas--y'all is very special, an heck yeah, VERY lucky to have it all hang together fer so long. Bless each of ya an' yore families.

Secret: ladies like fellas wif' a touch of sentimental nature--jes doan be sentimental about snakes when one gits near me--kill it daid! Iffin' Adam had followed that plan, thangs woulda worked out a whole lot better.

BigSkyFlyGuy said...

The most birdies you have carded in a round?

moi said...

Hey, now, Aunty . . . :o)

Joanna Cake said...

Yup, Ruf and his mates get really sentimental when they've been drinking - most Saturdays after the match.

As Aunty says, it bodes well for a woman if her man isn't uncomfortable about showing his friendship to his mates.

Princess said...

What a fantastic group of mates you have. Those kinds of friendships are getting rarer these days.
I know my parents have maintianed frindships with other couples for over 40 years now and they still all get together on a regular basis.
The converstion just picks up from where they left off last time as if no time has passed at all.