Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who's this chick?

Found this on youtube. She is great.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MCW theme for 9/29/10. "Famous/Popular movie I haven't seen but really should before I die because everyone tell's me it's great."

Welcome to Movie Clip Wednesday.  Boxer long ago gave me the keys to this car where I promptly drove it into the ditch but there's no looking back now.  Most of you know how it works but if you're new here (for which I greatly thank you) here's how it works.  A theme is picked each week.  You choose a movie to fit the theme and find a clip, preferably three minutes or less, and post it on your blog.  Announce in the comment section of this post that you are up and we'll come and pay you a visit.  It's simple really.

I have no words why I have never watched this.  I am prepared for the barage of dissappointment that is soon to follow.  *hangs head in shame and slowly walks away from computer as the screen fades to black*

OK, I'll watch it.

The first trailer for the Coen Brothers remake of True Grit is out and I'll admit that it looks alright.  Of course Vince Mancini at Filmdrunk says it best I suppose "If you’re not excited about this movie, you are communist and I hate you."

Monday, September 27, 2010

MCW - I hope this isn't too short of notice.

Hello loyals readers.  Returned from the gret state of North Dakota late Wednesday night, had a golf/birthday outting on Thursday, a golf tourney Friday, MSU football and a concert in Billings Saturday and actually spent Sunday cleaning the garage, getting stuff ready for the snow to fly.  Totally forgot to post a theme for MCW and thought I'd try a little different twist.

Instead of posting a clip of something you've seen, post one of something you haven't seen.

That's the theme for this week. "Famous/Popular movie I haven't seen but really should before I die because everyone tell's me it's great."

Friday, September 24, 2010

By the way.....

Going to Billings tomorrow to see an ABBA tribute band.   That shouldn't suck.

Just a couple thoughts and Bobcat pregame.

So yesterday I took my great friend EJ golfing for his birthday.  Long story short, he got me on a scramble team for the annual Sonny Holland Classic at Valley View Golf Club.  The irony is that I played on a team of guys who sit right behind me at Bobcat home games. We took second.  It was a great day.  Like EJ says "you only have to know one guy and that guy is me."  True words.

So I'm whipped.  Spent the night at EJ's house.  He cooked a great steak.  I spent most of the evening playing with his soon to be two-year-old daughter.  Drank some Crown and red wine and took advantage of his guest room. 5Wood made it as well.  Played the back nine with us and partook in the festivities.

Here are a couple of thoughts.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Thoughts #22

After a 13 1/2 hour day which did include a couple of good leads and a 520 mile stint behind the wheel, I'm safe and sound here at COTR headquarters.  No work for the rest of the week.  I've poured myself a nice glass of Crown Black and think some blogging is in order.

Sad news from the Center of the Universe.  An early morning fire broke out in Malta and took out a building on Front Street destroying five businesses.  As of this writing, there are no reports of injury which of course is great. The building can be replaced but the lives affected makes my heart heavy.  Saddest of all is that the building housed the local weekly paper, the Phillips County News.  I'm very saddened at the fact that over 100 years of archives were probably lost.  It's Malta.  While I'm sure that many years are on disc or stored electronically somewhere, I have no doubts that many original copies of the PCN are gone forever.  I'll update more when I have more information.

Things that crossed my mind while wondering how the Bobcats will stop Taiwan Jones this weekend.

When GW passed the tax cuts in 2003, liberals complained that they only benefitted the rich.  Now we see that everyone got a tax cut and that if these cuts expire, people making $50,000.00 a year will see their taxes go up $2,900.00 annually.  That's $241.66 that will come out of their paychecks every month. I guess to the liberals, a family making 50k a year is rich. 

I need to get all the gibberish on my digital recorder put into writing.  I have the history of the first seven LBOH's recorded.  Trouble is that I don't have any more room until I have them transcribed.  Biggest problem is that when I'm driving down the road I have great random thoughts and when I sit down at my computer I can't remember any of them.  It sucks getting old.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

MCW - Holiday week.

I hate to do this but I have bills to pay.  I have to head to beautiful Williston, ND. While the rest of you are enjoying your Sunday, I'll be in the grizwagon headed east.  Won't be back till Thursday.  Take the week off from MCW.  I'll be back next week with a good theme.

I wish someone would hurry the hell up and find me a rich woman who likes to golf so I could quit my job.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tomorrow is Bobcat Victory Day.

So last week I almost had a cincofecta.  Malta won, crushing defending state champion Huntley Project 27-18 with 354 rushing yards. Notre Dame losing to Michigan. Two hapless teams trying to be .500 this year. Bama "rolling" over Joe "I dont know what the fuck is even going on anymore" Paterno and Penn State. The minions of hell from Missoula losing to my Cal Poly Mustangs. I'm 4 for 4.

Then the Cats let me down. Not really. They played a D-I school to the wire. They led in every category.  Some questionable play calling at the end cost the game.  We could have and should have won. This team,and our quarterback, are fucking awesome. I said earlier that our season begins next week with Eastern Washington. I have no doubt that the Bobcats are going to PUNISH Drake tomorrow. Then, bring on EWU who have the grizzlies.

Cats 40 The Drake 10.

Meanwhile in the pit of Mount Doom

The frizzlies lost to my Cal Poly Mustangs.  Maybe this offense isn't that great.  griz fans have been bragging about how good their defense will be. "We'll shut out at LEAST seven team this year.  Well maybe if your offense doesn't suck. This is a good griz team. Make no mistakes. CP is good as well. Coach Fluff has instilled Don Read's offense without the talent so we will see how far that takes them. Let's not forget that the year that Read won his only national championship, his defense was the best in the nation. Right now, they aren't the best in the conference. That can change. I've said before, the griz have a mystique. They know how to win. They are going to have a tough game in Cheney tomorrow but I don't count them out. I'm rooting for the Eagles all the way mind you. I hope it's a bruiser because we have EDub next week.

Malta rolls, The Tide rolls as well. The slow, trudging Irish drunks win.

That's it for now.

Let's start Friday with a couple of great videos.

First, Eric Cartman singing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face".  On of the best covers EVER!  Love Butters saying "No,no, no. I got stuff to do."

I heard this on the way to work on the XM. Love Natalie. Had a thing for her back in the day. Probably still do. She is a woman afterall. Way hotter in the 80's though.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MCW "The greatest actor of your lifetime."

Welcome to Movie Clip Wendesday.  I'm your humble host while our gloriuos host Boxer takes a well deserved hiatus.  Here's how it works, you look at the theme and find a clip that matches. In the comment section you post that you "are up" and we will all read it and comment.

My choice is Robert Duvall. The best actor I've ever been able to watch.  This guy has range.  Bad guy, I can do it, tough guy, got that too, everyman well I can do that as well.  The thing to me that Duvall has over Pacino and DeNiro ( who always get the accolades as the "greatest") is that he can play whoever, whenever.  Those other two yotes are the SAME guy every fucking movie with different accents. That's all they do. Duvall was Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird a bit part.  He was the notorious Ned Pepper in True Grit he was in the Eagle Has Landed which is the movie Howard Hughes watched over and over until he died.

He was Joe Kidd in Joe Kidd he was the Great Santini.  He played the dirty newspaper guy in my theme "movie you watch when know you want to be alone" (or something like that, The Natural). He was Max Mercer in that movie, the dirty reporter trying to get the shit on Roy Hobbs (played by Rob Redford). He was the crew chief for the dwarf Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder he was in the critically aclaimed and Acadamy Award winning Sling Blade and he carried the robotic Kevin Costner in Open Range.

But of all the characters (including Tom Hagen in The Godfather where he was HOSED for best supporting) my favorite is as Augustus McCrae in Lonesome Dove. Here's my favorite scene from the series. It's way over the three minute alottment but it describes Gus perfectly.  As well as Captain Call play wonderfully by Tommy Lee Jones, the best character in the series.

Thanks for playing.  I'm doing the best I can. We all miss Boxer.  Just go with the flow my dear friends. If you've read the book, you know this scene.  Gus doesn't really have a temper. But when the bartender disses him, he handles it like a champ.  Call knows its coming and steps away, at about the 3:40 mark. He knows Gus is fucking pissed and not to get in the middle of it. It's cinematic beauty on the small screne. Enjoy. "Now besides the whiskey I think we'll require a little respect"  You surly bartender you.  It's where I get my saying "Here's to the sunny slopes of long ago".  God, how many times have any of us wanted to whack a surly bartender? You never had too wack Wee Wille Montgomery.  Nuff said.

Six times nominated for and Academy  Award. He won for Tender Mercies. Four times nominated for an Enmy. He didn't win for Lonesome Dome he did win one for Broken Trail which is AWESOME.  

Here's a Duvall on that. The western is "our Shakespeare"  great line.

Happy MCW

I'll have next week's theme this week.  Look for it underneath the "MCW" logo.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The War Is Over!!!!

I'm so happy to announce that the war in Iraq and, soon, Afghanistan is over.  You see, after Pastor Olson changed his plans about burning the koran, the terrorists insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan saw it as the supreme gesture they've been waiting for that we really are a tolerant people and just want to co-exist in peace, you know, the way the moslems have been asking us to do.

You see, because Islamic apologist President Obama was able to stop this horrid and painful event from occurring, the insurgents have laid down their arms and are now helping our soldiers build roads, schools and hospitals.  They are feeding starving children. It's a beautiful sight.

I'm so ashamed that I ever thought that islam was so violent and hateful.  Afterall, I was only basing my opinion of 1400 solid years of murder, slavery, torture, etc. I didn't look deeper at a faith that has such great ideas as making women walk ten feet behind you, stoning them for adultery, honor killings, genital mutilation, chopping of limbs for theft.  This is all my mistake.  Why, the koran is so close to our own Constitution that I'm embarrassed that I caused such a stir with all the moslem apologists for my comments about the mosque. Very short sighted of me.

Speaking of that, build the mosque.  Build the temple to the destruction of the Twin Towers high and proud.  Let us always be reminded that it was our own fault that these honorable men flew jets into buildings.  We deserved it. We live free.

Let us never again remember the fallen of 9/11 with somber hearts and wet eyes.  Instead, let us chant "allah akbar" with our moslem brothers.  9/11 should be a time of celebration, not remembrance.  Afterall, we'll make both moslems AND liberals happy.  Its the latter who really want to forget about 9/11.  That's why you never see images of planes flying into buildings. EVER.  They'll replay images from Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki and Hiroshima every year, but not 9/11.  Is that because the don't like Japanese people? It has to be.  Or maybe its because Japanese people live in the 21st century.

Remember, this is a great country.  Liberals celebrate the right to put a Crucifix in urine and call it art, but will not have a koran burned. Liberals love to view an image of the Virgin Mary smeared in feces but will take to the streets to make sure there is a never an image of Muhammad portrayed. And liberals will surrender to terrorists, who have NEVER honored one agreement, and call it a victory

So, go celebrate my friends.  Celebrate that at long last this war is over.  A war we directly started by having the audacity to live free, despite liberals wanting us to live otherwise.

I was gone all weekend and was just now checking the internet.  I wrote this post on the assumption that our peaceful moslem brothers would do the right thing and lay down their arms but they aren't.  Actually, they're pretty pissed we would even think about burning the koran.  So nevermind I guess.  The religion of peace fools me once again.  Damn it.  This must be what the Jews in Gaza feel like. You know, they assume Hamas will keep its word but it never does.  I assumed the moslems would want to live in peace but they don't.  Hell, they even have different factions within the religion just so they can fight amongst themselves if there aren't and Christians or Jews about. 

As you were.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bobcat preview and road trip to Spokane/Pullman

Heading to Spokane for the Bobcat game.  Here's the quick rundown for the weekend.

Bobcats lose but look good against a D-1 school.

Griz win by10 and don't look as good as previously thought.

Notre Dame gets ROLLED by Michigan 157-0.

Malta crushes whomever they are playing. 

Bret Favre does not throw a pick this Sunday.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nothing new.

OK. So I've been scrimmaging for the MONTANA STATE vs. Washington State game tonight.   I don't have a pregame analysis on Thursday like I usually do.  I'll give you all one tomorrow while I'm packing and heading west for Bobcat victory day.  Many thanks to all who read this. The chances of MSU winning our 30-70 but those are good odds.  All I know is that I have tickets on the 50 yard line four rows up (I think) and that the Cats might win. More on the morrow.  Old English (or JC).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MCW - Best movie that became a hit TV show *blog jinx, blog jinx comin!

Hello devoted followers of the drivel. While our great host and meme creator extradnaire Boxer continues to let me host (begrudgingly to more and more all the time HA) this week's theme is " Best movie that became a hit TV series".  Well, really only one became a hit.  And that one is M*A*S*H.   I had to choose it.  It was my late father's favorite show of all time.  When I left Malta (the Center of the Universe) and would come home, Dad would know when MASH came on and on which channels.  If it was on 4 times a day he knew when and where.  He thought Hawkeye was the greatest. I was a great fan when Trapper and Frank were on but lost interest a little after that.  Not my Dad.  He watched it till the bitter end and then a thousand times after that.

I do love the movie though.  I'm not a Donald Sutherland fan but he was outstanding in this but Elliot Gould as Trapper was the man in this movie.  Duvall plays Frank and was his stellar self as well.  Forget DiNero and Al Pacino.  Duvall IS the greatest actor of the three. The other two guys always play the same character.  Duvall can do it all.  The greatest actor of my lifetime.  Hmmm.  That seems like a good theme for next week.  Who do you think is the greatest actor of your lifetime?  THATS IT!  A theme.  All on my own.

Anyway, enjoy this clip of the "Pro's from Dover".  Brother Bill says that all the time. "Just tell them the pro's from Dover are here."  Classic line.

"How do you want your steak?" 

Happy MCW.

Going on a cruise? I think I'll pass

So, I found this on Barstool Sporst today and it is nothing but good times.  People getting tossed around, bouncing of poles.  Forklifts in the hold be thrown around like Tonka toys and set to a great song.  Enjoy.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bobcat Football is ready to begin.

Welcome beloved followers of the drivel.  The Montana State University Bobcat football season get's underway at 1:05 PM this Saturday and I'll be there for the opener.  My schedule looks good this season for not missing a home game.  I usually miss one for various reasons but it looks like I'll have a perfect attendance this season and that makes me very happy.

I'm always optomistic about our chances to contend for a Big Sky Conference title but even more so this year.  The Cats return a lot of starters, are deep in most positions and outside of the Cat-griz game, which is in smogville Missoula this year, like their chances to make that game for the BSC title.  Redhirt freshman quarterback Denarius McGhee has been given the keys to the car and that alone makes me excited.  This kid played for Trinity High in Dallas and was 13-1 as starter including a 5A state championship.  Trinity is a HUGE powerhouse in Texas.  McGhee played in front of 25,000 fans in high school so playing in front of 14,000 Cat fans won't even begin to bother him. He's a stud.

Here's the deal. Cats open with Fort Lewis on Saturday then travel to Pullman, WA to play the I-A Cougars and yours truly will be there.  After that we have Head Coach Rob Ash's former team Drake.  They should be able to enter the conference opener against Eastern Washington with a 2-1 (3-0?) record.  This game determines the season.  I can't remember the last time we beat EWU. Can't.  They've had our number as much as the griz have.  However, if they can beat them, they should be able to run the table on the rest of the conference and both Montana teams will be undeafeted when the Cats go to where you put an enema Missoula to play the dark pink.  If the Cats can defeat the minions of hell, they will be outright conference champs, get an automatic bid in the playoffs and at least an 8 seed.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Meanwhile in
The grizzlies will be stacked as always. Their new coach Robin Pflugrad, has implented a new offense and new defense. According to all the fans of the dark pink, this is the best grizzly team EVER!  Hmm. The graduated 17 seniors. At least 11 starters, two guys who are still on NFL rosters, and THIS team will be better than last years? Really?  This team is good.  One thing I learned when Bobbie Hockaloogie was coaching was never, ever, underestimate these guys.  As much as I hate to admit it, they have a mystique, one I'd love to see the Cats acquire.  Coach Roberta played in 3 national title games in 7 years, and then he was run out of town. They signed three kids from Montana and the rest were almost all from Oregon.  From this point forward I will refer to them as Eastern Oregon University. 

I don't really want to do this because their initials or um and as I like to say, you can't spell scum without the um.

griz fans call the title game "the chipper". Dickheadisque I know.  But they will be tough. I will be anxious to see how a brand new offense and defense plays out over the course of the season.  griz fans suck ass so I'm hoping for a big popcorn fart of a season for them. It's a big wish but a guy can dream.

The key to our season lies in the hands of a 19-year-old stud from Dallas. Godspeed Denarius. The eyes of Bobcat Nation are upon you. And our hopes are extremely high.

Take a look at this montage of DM.  He's a stud.  We still have a great backup in Cody Kempt. Started 13 games for Oregon and a great player.  QB is solid for the Cats this year.


I'm at tailgate spot #54 on the booster side.  In the grizwagaon.  If I'm not there, help yourself to my cooler.  It's Keystone Light, the official sponsor of my tailgate spot.

Potters Crown Canadian Whiskey - A review

It tastes almost as good as Crown Royal and it's 1/4 the cost.  I score it 100 out of 100 on that alone. Enough said.

In unrelated news


The Quest Begins in T minus 46 hours

The 0:15 mark is my favorite.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Movie Clip Wesndesday - Best SNL Spinoff

Movie Clip Wednesday "Best SNL Spinoff"

OK, so I'm late as hell.  Had to attend an open house at MSU last night, then had some company and it was late so I didn't post last night.  This morning I've been tracking down a piece of stolen equipment.  It's finally been found and I'm going to repo it this afternoon.  I'm on my lunch and have plenty to do so I'll make this short and sweet.

I chose Blues Brothers because besides Wayne's World, which I stupidly declared ineligible, is the only spinoff movie I've seen.  I'll be honest, I thought there were at least 20 movies.  Had I know there were only 11, I'd have not made WW ineligible.  I'm sure there will be blog jinxes aplenty and that someone broke the rules.  So what?  I'll be around tonight to check everyone's contribution.  Look for next week's theme under the MCW banner.  It's going to be an unpleasant afternoon and might make for some good blogging.