Saturday, January 28, 2012

As I stumble through what is life

A great version of Queen.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Just on the YouTube

Not going to post a bunch. But here are a couple I found in my love affair with youtube.

The Spinners with "Rubberband Man" live. A great performance. I flippin love them. Sent Ralph an Delmer an email with like four of their best songs. 

So here are two more. From the Electric Light Orchestra. I LOVE ELO.

Here's my favorite. Evil Woman.

And Sweet Talkin Woman. Live and brilliant.

Just muddling through.

Life is great. A few thoughts.

We are in for another term of Barry and it will put this great nation on a path from which we will never recover. So sad.

Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't get. More on that at another time.

Always tell the truth. Even it if hurts someone.  Just one lie can ruin you.  Not to say that I told a lie and am in trouble.  I can't help but tell the truth. I might be more diplomatic at times than others, but an honest answer is what you will get.  I might have told this story before (I'm almost sure I have) but I had a female salesperson in my office one day. A very bright woman, very forward and ten years older than me. She was really trying to push this radio package on me.  I looked it over and said we would pass. She said to me "Chip, do I intimidate you?" I looked back at her and said "Kay, I'm only intimidated by women I'm sleeping with." She laughed, but it was an honest answer.

Buzz, is the lawyer a public defender or private practice? If the former, than yes, I make more money than him. If the latter, is he a partner in the firm? Then I can answer that question. Honestly.

Keep a hard eye on the environmental movement.  Their number one enemy is the agriculture industry. They are constantly attacking grazing rights, how big farms are, etc. Where the fuck do they think their food comes from? Safeway? The IGA? I would like to go to some enviro meeting and pull out a flip recorder and have someone tell me I can't record them. I would say "it's a public meeting isn't it?" I want some tree hugging puke to try to take my recorder. Please God, make this happen.

I'm thinking about getting a dog again. This time it will be dogs. I won't have one to leave alone in the day. If I do it again. I'll get two so they aren't lonely when I'm away. Not there yet, but love dogs so much. And they would have it easy here. After all, they are people too.

I have ten guns. Five have never been shot. Someday they will be. I just like guns. Everyone should have one. They are fun. I don't hunt anymore. Well, very seldom anyway. Some pheasants with The Prodigy every now and again. It's just my right. "From my cold dead fingers."

I could post 24/7. Always have something to say. I could write a letter to the paper every day. If they would let me. Had one published today. I'm 12 of 13 on submissions. It's a good average.  I suppose the one they didn't publish had something to do with me calling John Kerry "a former dope smoker who was awarded a medal for shooting a 12 year old in the back on a saipan" but really who knows?

377 days left in my fourties.

I don't like having to wear reading glasses. They help a little. I can still read the paper or a book but it's easier with them. I can't thread a fishing line through a hook or read washing labels. I suppose there are worse things.

Don't have much else to say. Just wanted to share some things. Going to youtube.

Safe journeys,


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Forgot to link this last night

Here is a great video about the wolf. Very well done. It's an hour long but incredibly awesome. Kind of like MRM.   Go here.

I'm not quite back, but getting there.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Great American Land Grab: Part II The Wolf

According to Kayser Sose, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn't exist. The greatest trick the environmentalists have pulled in the last 20 years is the reintroduction of the grey wolf. It's bigger than global warming (at least so far) because it's actually been accomplished.

Ed Bangs, the alpha male of the wolf reintroduction movement, knew full well that the population was healthy and numbered over 50,000. The problem was that the wolves were in Canada, roaming the Great White North.  They had plenty to eat, minimal contact with man and an abundant food source. The problem with the situation was that it's hard to make a legacy with those circumstances.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I didn't know Baxter

I don't go out much on Wednesday. No drink special at the Grantree (my haunt) it's mid week. Nothing really to do.

I started stopping at Boxer's Lounge ( not our Boxer I don't think but maybe? She can confirm.) this past summer. Went in there in July on a non-North Dakota trip for something different. Well it turns out that a lot of guys I know in Belgrade stop there on Wednesday so I would pop in on occasion and tip a few with them. My banker, a couple of guys I play golf league with, people I know. Anyway, its always a nice evening.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A good story

I first met Jason McEndoo several years ago. He is the offensive line coach for my beloved Bobcats.  As the new guy on the staff, Jason was the liaison between MSU and ABC Rental. We donated equipment to the team for filming and whatnot.  I immediately liked him. This was over ten years ago.  He lived in my subdivision and I helped him build his fence.

If you follow sports, you know about Ryan Leaf.  He is a Montana boy (from Great Falls). He played for Washington State and was runner up in the Heisman his senior year. At the NFL level, he wasn't good. He sucked and was a douche bag of a teammate. I met Ryan in Bozeman three or four years ago and was not impressed. He was busted for drugs, went through rehab and seems to be turning his life around.

In 2010 Montana State played Washington State, a game we should have won. Before the game, Leaf posted this great article about Jason. I know Jason well enough to call him a friend.  His wife is a spectacular person.  Two years ago, he gave the keynote speech at the Malta Athletic Club's annual banquet.  Every one in Malta loves him. I had know idea about this tragedy.

Read this and it will warm your heart. Ryan Leaf did a remarkable job in writing this.

Oh, and for the record, Jason was named the Assistant Coach of the Year for the FCS, the football level we play in (formally Division I-AA, which I still call it. Saying "FCS" is Gary without the "r".)

If you're keeping score at home (and I know your are) this is three posts in 24 hours. Don't get your hopes up. And for the record, no videos. Seems like old times here in the Gallatin Valley.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I would have done worse

What the hell? Two posts in one night? Who is this guy?

Here's my bitch. By now I'm sure you are all know that a video has surfaced with Marines pissing on the corpses of dead terrorists.  Why is this a big deal?  I absofuckinglutely guarantee that this has been happening since the first war in history.  The Greeks didn't have YouTube.  If the did, it would have been all over Greece and they would have celebrated.

The fact that this administration is upset is deploring. It shows how much they loathe the military. If this video had surfaced during GW's term, he would have said something like this "We can't judge those young men for this act. They are at war. We don't know the situation leading up to this but we can't put ourselves in their shoes."

What does the chain smoker do? He condemns it. What an absolute loser.  Hillary as well.

I'm telling right now to watch how the media will portray this.  They will villefy these brave men.

Here's what you need to remember.  We had dead soldiers dragged through streets, hung off bridges.  The terrorists beheaded dead soldiers. They posted beheadings on the internet.  I watched one. And our media said nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!

The media is saying "Marines urinated on the bodies of dead Taliban soldiers."  They aren't soldiers. They aren't freedom fighters. They aren't insurgents. They are terrorists. Plain and simple. They have pissed on our brave men.  They have treated the bodies of our soldiers far worse and yet this administration said nothing. Even worse, our media said nothing.  Every liberal who has claimed to "support our troops" needs to stand up and support them now.

As Jack Nicholson said in "A Few Good Men"..."Grab a gun and stand a post!"

Otherwise, just grab a big cup of "Shut the Fuck Up" and say thank you.

Random thoughts #?

Things that crossed my mind back in August when I missed a connecting flight. Written while in flight on the plane. I was lucky enough to get one to come home.

1) Vodka and Crown aren't usually a good mix. However, when you miss one flight and get lucky to find another, sometimes you have to roll the dice with Finlander on the plane.

2) If you get a chance to go to Rhinelander WI, fly to Minneapolis and drive the rest of the way.

3) I met a guy in Rock Springs, WY who has a sister in Billings, MT and is single. She owns a resort in Belize. Ellis "I think I have a picture of her on my phone somewhere." Me "I don't need one. I've heard enough."