Saturday, July 30, 2011

OK a couple of videos

I've been on the road. It's hard for me to wind down.  Here's some videos. Enjoy. Maybe Heff still reads this. Probably not. Kind of southern flavor though.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday thoughts

I really need a secretary to ride with me when I'm on the road.  Kind of like Van Wilder. "Write that down."  Honestly, my head is going 90 miles an hour when I'm driving.  So here's some stuff.

1) Why did Obama want to be president?  It's a "leadership" position.  He never voted as a state senator or as a US Senator. He is incapable of making a stand. Where I come from the term is "gutless".  I never thought I would wish for Hillary to be our leader.

2) If I saw Harry Reid in a bar or at a restaurant or on the steps of the Capitol Building, I'd challenge him to a boxing match.  They keep talking about how he was a boxer so that makes him a "fighter". All I see is a spineless wimp who would hide behind his wife in a home invasion.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A mixed tribute band

So when I was home for the 30th Greg gave me a CD.  Here is how cool Greg is.  We haven't hardly talked to each other in years. He's on the reunion committee. Helps put the best of the three we've had together. Knows I'm going to be there and when I showed up at his coffee joint/photograph studio he gives me a CD and says "Chip, I know you will really like these guys. They put an 80's song with a 70's song and make it great." He is soooooooooooo right.  Here for you followers is Rock Sugar.  By the way, Rock Sugar will be at Rockin the Rivers along with PAT BENATAR!!  MRM will be hanging with Greg and catching up with his life. This would be a GREAT place for a blog summit.  Get your collective shit act together and come to Montana. I'm not gonna beg. It's not my style. Please oh please come out. Buzz, grab Mrs. Buzz and the Eagle Scout and get your country ass out here.  You'll sell your house and build a nice leantoo.  Sorry for calling you out but you're an eastcoaster. Come see the mountains.   Here's Rock Sugar.


By the way, I think I'm getting the new format figured out. You all can be the judge

Kind of random thoughts and some blather

Just some things that crossed my mind with all the windshield time I've been having.

1)  For years conservatives have been saying how Social Security is bankrupt.  Every time a conservative pundit or legislator has made that statement, the left has retorted that SS is fine. It's solvent. It's not bankrupt. It's not full of IOU's.  If that is the case as they claim why are they saying that if the debt ceiling isn't raised, that SS checks will be late or not coming at all?  If SS has it's own money, shouldn't that be least of their worries.  But no.  Now that the government doesn't have enough money, SS checks will be the first thing that doesn't show up. Who's fooling who here and why can't the general public figure this out?

2) The government spends more than they take in and they've been doing that for more than a while now.  Barry complains that "the rich aren't paying their fair share".  Here's my analogy to what he is saying.  I have a job. I'm spending more than I make.  My boss is giving me money but I spend more than he is giving me.  Now I go to my boss and say "I need more money.  You have it. I'm irresponsible but you have it so give it to me so I can continue to spend more than I have." It's the same thing. We don't need to "raise revenue".  I'm sorry but I'm going to go off a little here.  I hate the fucking double speak that these miserable pricks are using.  It infuriates me that they use it. What infuriates me more is that, sorry to quote Bill Maher here but I have to, this country is to fucking stupid.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some thoughts from my reunion

Wow, am I out of touch or did blogger really change?  It's taken me ten minutes to figure out how to make a new post.  I guess that's what I get for being a crummy poster.

My reunion was awesome as I knew it would be.  So many people showed up. Close 39 or 40 of the surviving 60 of 62.  I was thrilled and honored to be able to share a few words with these people that mean so much to me.

I think my speech went alright.  The introduction that Greg gave me was beyond phenomenal.  He set the bar very high and I wish it had been recorded.  Such kind words.  I can hardly wait to se him again at Rocking the Rivers.  I would link it but don't know how on this format. (Honestly, I don't have a tool bar or anything that looks remotely familiar.  I guess I'll have to to some research.  Anyway, here's my presentation to my lifelong friends.  I hope you like it.

EDITL OK, maybe I just found the tool bar but the video must be to new because it still isn't showing up. Regardless, I hate the new format.  "Hey you kids!! Get off my lawn"  God how I hate being old and grumpy.

Friday, July 15, 2011


So I'm remote blogging from White Sulphur Springs. The 22nd annual LBOH is in full swing. Just finished 18 holes. Won 2 dollars. Chipped in for birdie. I'm sitting in the Stockman Bar having a glass of crown and loving the fact that I can make a post. I'll try for something good on Sunday. In the meantime, I hope you are all doing well. The reunion was awesome and I'll post about it later. I'm ready for another.

Safe journeys,


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A quick word

Tomorrow I head for home.  JR is flying in from Hawaii and I pick him up at 3:30.  I haven't seen him since our 10 year reunion.  Called him two months ago and told him to get his ass home for the 30th and now he's on his way.

Practiced my presentation about five times tonight.  I just hope it's not a mess.  I like it on my laptop which I will use though it is a little "teleprompterish" for me. Went into Macy's to find a nice "Mustang Blue" colored tie and well, $164 dollars later, I'll be looking good on Saturday.

I'm ALL IN for a blog summit in Malta.  It's me and Pam so far.  Lets make it happen people.!/event.php?eid=144887372207520&view=wall&notif_t=event_wall