Monday, May 20, 2013

Always a work in progress

Life is always moving.  We all know that.  It's fluid, dynamic and is constantly changing.  Sometimes we change it.  Like when I moved to Wyoming.  Sometimes we alter it, sometimes.......


My father was 54 when I was born.  My mother was 31.  She had two daughters from a previous marriage.  18 months later, I would have a kid brother and that would be my life until 14 years later and I would have another brother.  That's my family and I love them dearly.  We lost dad in 1994 at the age of 86.  He was the 7th born of 14 children and the second to last to die in his family.  Aunt Mildred, 16 months his junior and the 8th born, would die two years later and that would end the life cycle of his family.

It's hard for me to know the family health history of my dad's family.  My first memory of them is that like my dad they were all old.  Most of them smoked liked chimneys my dad included. Some died in their 60's, but most made 80 or higher with two of them hitting the century mark.

My great whatever grandfather landed in what would become Windsor, CT in 1629.  I don't know how old he was when he died but I do know that every male from which I am a direct descendant lived past 70 except one.  That is a helluva statistic when you think about it. My dad's side of the family has been kicking life expectancy's ass for the better part of four centuries.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The View from Wyoming

Things are good here.  Had a job interview on Tuesday. Haven't been on the answering side of an interview in a while so it was an experience.  A four panel board. Lots of questions.  At the end I was told I was "leading the pack" going in.  I was the first and there were four more. We will see what happens.  BRM really wants me to get this and so do I.

Been playing lots of golf in between yard work. 108 holes since Thursday.

Let's talk some politics.  The Bengazi thing (spelling) is quite a quandrey for me.  The Dems don't think it is a big deal. I go back to the Valerie Plame deal. That was huge for the Dems and there were inquiries and a guy lost his job.  That was small potatoes compared to this but the liberal media is very absent.  Funny that.  I watched two hours of testimony yesterday ( its why I only played 27 and not 36) and it was very forthcoming. Hillary will not have her feet held to the fire for this. She will be  our next president ( I just threw up in my mouth a little).

I am happy here. I miss Bozeman every day but not enough.  I haven't woke up once regretting being here. I can feel my blood pressure at a trickle like it used to be.

Playing 36 with BRM tomorrow. Pulled all the weeds out of the rock garden around the house today so we could take tomorrow off. She had golf league tonight and then went back to work. What a great sugar mama.

Hope all is well. Going to cruise all of you and might make some posts.