Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Last Third, The First Load

Hello, yes, it's been a while, not much, how bout you?

Yes, that is exactly how I am starting this post.  With the first line of England Dan and John Ford Coley's hit "I'd really like to see you tonight."

I moved to Bozeman from Malta 25 years ago.  Hard to believe it has been that long.  As I hit the magical number of 50 a couple of weeks ago, it made me pause for some reflection as I am want to do a lot lately.  One half of my life in Malta, one in Bozeman.  But wait, life isn't over.  What about the rest of life?  Though longevity is a family trait, especially on my dad's side, I can't honestly say if I'll hit 100 so to say that life is half over might be a little cocky.  Though that is a quality I have in spades, if you don't let a little humility enter your life after you get your first application to AARP, then you are never going to get it.

So now it's the last third.  What will it bring?  When will it end?  Mortality is never a fun subject.  I'm still waiting for a cure but there does not seem to be one forthcoming.  What do I do?  I never really thought of it.  Life has been on a good run for me so I really wasn't concerned about the last third.  Keeping working, going to Bobcat games.  Run to the COTU to see the kids, start looking for a house in Arizona.  You know the usual. Then God decides to stir things up by throwing in a woman. Curses, foiled again.

She's pretty nice.  The consensus on here nickname is Bighorn River Madwoman.  I must really like her because I broke my "I'm never going to date a Scorpio again" rule that had been in place since November 2004.

So you meet someone and things go exceedingly well.  Better than expected.  Your friends and family love her and are giving you the "don't mess this up" speech.  Her family and friends think you are great. You're vacationing together and her kids trust you with their kids.  Not really anything to complain about.

So what do you do?  Uproot her from her family and the business she owns? Or take your job to her?
I chose the latter and requested for relocation.  It was denied.

For the first time since I graduated from high school, I am unemployed.  I resigned Wednesday much to the shock of my superiors.

I'm not worried.  I have a plan and a pretty good one. I won't get rich but I won't go broke.  And I've never been happier.  Hell, I might become a "post a day" guy again.

I don't know what the last third has in store.  I know it will be tough to beat the middle third but I do know this, the last third is off to great start.

I'm moving to Wyoming.  Brought down the first load yesterday.

I'll be in touch.  What else do I have to do.