Friday, July 2, 2010

Random 4th of July thoughts #20

Things that crossed my mind while being thankful I'm an American.

I just walked outside to get something out of my pickup and could smell the gunpowder from the fireworks.  I love America!!

There is almost no greater sound to me than hearing my brother's kids say anything that starts with "Uncle Chip........"  Its fucking awesome.

I like the new guy, Jessie, in Burn Notice. It's always hard to introduce a new character byt they've managed to do a great job.

I can't begin to tell you how much I love this country.  When 9/11 occurred I went to volunteer but I was too old. I might have been caught up in the emotion as it was the same day, but if I had signed on the line, I would have went.  I used to shoot prairie dogs at 300 yards with a .243  and a 4X scope.  I'm sure I could get dialed in on some radicals. And I wouldn't even consider it different than shooting a varmint. 

Why does Hollywood hate America?  Don't they realize that radical Islam would stop them from having their millions of dollars?  That they portray everything that radical Islam hates?  I just don't get it.  Maybe if the jets would have been flown into Universal Studios instead of the Twin Towers the light would have come on.

I have relatives who fought in the American Revolution.  OK, that might not be true but my family settled here in 1631 and if none of my ancestors fought in the Revolution than I don't claim them.  My great grandfather was a scout for Custer but didn't make the Battle of the Little Bighorn.  Good thing cause he went home and grabbed my grandfather and move to Montana. That's the story my dad told me and I never one time caught him embellishing a single story. 

Playing golf with 5Wood tomorrow in Billings.  We have an annual grudge match.  I've been the winner five years running.  If I win you can expect an awesome post with pictures and hole-by-hole highlights.  If I don't win, you can expect not a goddamn thing. Not a mention except I'm sure he'll comment in some post I make.

Sloan hated fireworks.  The loud noise made her bark and get all excited. I haven't been out on the 4th in years because of it.  I'm sad that she's not in my lap tonight and that I don't have to worry about coming home to comfort her.

I make great hamburgers.  I'm not a great cook. I'm better than average but not great. I know what I do well and it's not much but I'll match my simple 'spiced" burgers against anything in this town.  It's all in the preparation. Oh yeah, and buying great beef, which I do.  I buy a half a beef that is finished for 60 days.  Have a red angus in my freezer right now.  Haven't had any burger from yet.  BG did and said it was awesome.  We've had a couple of steak from it as well.  They were specfuckingstacular ( OK so I'm in the Crown, who knew?).  The best part is all the steaks so far have come from her part of the cow.  Even better.

Summer is finally here in Bozeman.  70's and 80's all week. Thunderstorms, hail the whole maryanna. Its nice to have to finally open a window and its even nicer to have finally shut my heater off.  In June.  Are you kidding me?

The LBOH is in two weeks.  For those of you new to this site full of drivel, I'll explain it later.  The fact is that I get to see Ralph.  We all do.  I went to Vegas last year with him and it was great but the rest of the guys haven't seen him for two years.  You've read my stories about growing up in Malta so you know how close we are.  We are going into camp a night early this year.  One more night of drinking.  How is that a bad thing?

Boxer and Moi pay attention.  At happy hour tonight the drink special was "Titos" vodka.  My blog says what I drink but I was a Stoli vodka guy for years.  Said to my man Scott "What's the HH special?"  He says "Titos vodka"  "Is it good" I asked.  "Very".  I told him to pour me one dirty.  "Chip, you need to try it on the rocks."  I could put this stuff on my cereal.  Smoothest vodka I've ever had.  Potatoe not potato made from spuds.  Great stuff.  You vodka girls need to give me your report. I'm taking it to the LBOH this year.  That's how impressed I am.

I was throwing baseballs to my nephew Spencer last week.  He hits the hell out of it. I quit throwing lobs and started being kind of an ass.  Giving him the high inside stuff I call the "high cheese".  Spence swings and misses about three of them and says "Uncle Chip QUIT THROWING ME THE HIGH CHEESE!" Classic.

Mom is driving Spencer home. Mom says "There sure a lot of gopher here."  Spencer says "Yeah Gramma. There's snakes too. But I'm not afraid of them anymore. I'm 6 now and I can't be afraid of snakes." Dead serious Mom said.  Another classic.

There is no other country I would rather be in.  I would like to see some of the world but if I don't, my life won't be any less complete.  I also wouldn't want to be from anywhere else except Malta, Montana.  The town has a mystique.  You can say you're from Cut Bank, or Miles City, or Whitehall or wherever and people usually shrug.  You tell them you're from Malta and they say "do you know so and so".  There's something about it.  The best thing about it is that it is in the United States of America.  Happy 234th birthday my belovend nation. We will survive.

Safe journeys,



Pam said...

Awwwww on the gunpowder! There is nothing like that smell, very 4th of July memory there. Have a great weekend!

5Wood said...

I wouldn't hold your breathe for that hole by hole recap.... "I'm just sayin' " 5Wood 1up... now if my wife will let me display the cap on the shelf above our bed all will be good.

5Wood said...
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Pam said...

BTW, I'm already up with my MCW because blogger wouldn't let it auto-post later tonight. Also, haiku this week is "Summertime and the living is easy."