Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brother Bill, Captain Mike and Me (lots of pictures)

Let the stories be told from on high.  Stories of men, battling the elements. Of obstacles most would think could not be accomplished by mere mortals. Stories of great deeds, heroic efforts and the kind of feats that you've only read about in story books.  This is not one of them.  Sorry. This is just a day on the river.

Back in May at the annual Citizens For Balanced Use fund raising banquet, I bought a guided fishing trip donated by my good friend Captain Mike.  I happened to catch Captain Mike at The Mint Bar in the proper state of mind to donate a day on the river.  "You donate the day Captain Mike and I will buy it."  He agreed that night and again the next day when the Absolut had worn off.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don't bug me when I'm eating

It’s a tough world.  The challenges of the new job are formidable but I’m still liking it very much.  Having worked for one man for 17 years and having free reign on almost everything I did, it’s a challenge to have, well, rules.  I don’t mind the rules it’s just that there are a lot of them and no real manual.  Still the cooperation I’m getting when I need it is good and helping me to succeed. 

I drive to Williston, ND every other week.  475 miles one way and I only cross one state line. The crew here is in the same boat as I am. They are all new Titan employees as this location only opened in January.  The entire staff is great and they give my all the help I ask for.  There is also a former ABC employee here so that is a tremendous help as well.  All in all, good things.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Random thoughts #24

Things that crossed my mind while wondering if Ralph will ever admit I let him tie me in the alumni wrestling tournament. ( I could have crushed him, just for the record ).

1) I went to Salt Lake City to watch my beloved Bobcats play the Utes in both teams opening game.  The Cats gave up 17 quick points to the 28th ranked Utes and settled down to only lose 27-10.  This is game one of my "perfect season" with the Bobcats. I have every intention of being at every game.  As a season ticket holder the home games are a given. Every game is 6-7 hours driving distance from Bozeman with the exception of Portland State which I've take an extra day from work to drive to.  If you're a sports fan, keep track of this team. Something tells me this season is going to be special. That's why I'm going to every game.  I could be wrong and if I am, it will still be a great thing to do.