Saturday, March 26, 2011

Forget Ralph

Ralph and I talked tonight. He questioned my drinking ability.  Really?  We are in our late 40's and you're still throwing this out? Why? Because you had two beers with Marlo and now you think you can party? How dare you condescend to me!  How many nights of me kisssing you on the forehead will it take for you to know that you can't keep up with me (again we're straight, despite what my drunken typing may imply. Yes, I've kissed Ralph on the forehead on numerous accasions, he can't hold his sauce). Talk is cheap you little dwarf. Delmer just moved into "best friend" position. We talked for two hours and it was kind and gracious. Much unlike the our talk before that. OK, maybe that is just the Crown.  No offense Delmer. You'res still way up there Delmy. I'm still thinking about that rock fight we had with the Webbs back in the day. You were on the wrong side of the fence that day and forgiveness isn't really an option. ya feelin me? Ralph wins. Thems just the rules Holmes. Catholics and all.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ralph, you are the best.

Ralph sent me this CSN song,  You fucking ass. Why? Why would you send this to me?  At our stage in life, this song rings volumes. To hell with your incitfuelness. Be damned with your appreciation of lyrics. I hate you with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns for reminiding me of our impending mortality. Damn you Ralph. I never want this to end and yet you keep reminding me that it will.

I don't hate you, you miserable Notre Dame/Red Sox loving fuck (was going to say "homo" or "faggot" but we live in a politically correct world, so calling him a "fuck" is as good as I can do. We grew up at Catholic school so those terms were completely acceptable at the time. I still use them. No offense intended.)

Very few of you can relate to how much love I have for him, or maybe you can, that would be great. I'm 48. He's been my best friend for 44 of those years.  Every post I write about Malta, I write for Ralph. He has been there for all of them. Now he sends me this video.  Fuck off Ralph. Quit making me cry.  This is a song about three buddies. God, how you make me mad. None of this is to imply we have a "different" relationship. Just for the record. We both love women. Despite what you may have read into the "waterbed" statement. We are very much straight. 

Here's the deal for all of you bloggers. Ralph is the complete salt of the earth. He is a man that if you met him would say to yourself  "what a great guy". The fact that I've had this great friendship for 44 years just gives me the right to call him out and say "fuck off" for this video.  See you in July Ghoulies.  Words cannot even begin to describe how much I miss you. And Skeets, and Delmer, and Adrian, and Ernie, much less brother Bill.

Here's a cool thing. Tomorrow night, Ralph (in Carson City, NV) and Delmer (in Malta you lucky fucker) and MRM will be all on the Skype.  Drinking beer and bullshitting like old times. God I love the 21st century.

Am I back? Maybe. No alliteration though. For all of you keeping track.

Songs on my way home

My letter to Adam Ant.

Adam Ant ( why would call yourself that?) Here's a video that sucks. Why are you doing this Adam? Oh wait, I know, it's because everything else you've done sucks.  Here is the oringinal which is good. EnjoyAnother version here.   Here's what pisses me off /has another glass of crown and tries to gather his thoughts. Don't pretend to want women when you really don't.  You just fuck it up for all the straight guys.  Be gay. I'm fine with it. Just don't prance and pretend you want women when you don't. You mess it up for the rest of us Adam. It's hard enough out here without you fucking it up. Just sayin. And yes for the record, I've had a Crown or three.

Adam Ant, I'd beat your eyes shut. Just for a little life lesson. Oh, that seems harsh. I'd better go to bed.

Songs on my way to work

I've been thinking about starting a daily feature where I put up a video of the best song that I heard on my casual 15 minute commute to work every day.  Then I thought "what the hell are you thinking about?  You can't do a daily meme/theme whatever deal.  You barely participate in Haiku Monday, it took every ounce of creativity you had to host Movie Clip Wednesday and now you want to have a DAILY post? Pull your head out of your ass!"  Ah, the voice of reason.  So seldom does it make an appearance that I barely recognize it.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A bit distracted

As you all know by know, my job situation is changing.  With everything going on I'm a little out of sorts.  Be that as it may, I wanted to tell all of you faithful followers that whatever happens, happens.  I haven't been much of a blogger for a while and this week I haven't even been a follower of all of your great posts.  I don't have the want or the energy until I know were I will land, much less the great people who I work with ( or is it with whom I work? God how I hate the English language. It's supposed to be easy and I have a minor in it for crying out loud) and the people who will come on board with the merger.

Anyways, a hiatus is what is going to happen for the next few days.  Bear or bare (don't think it's the latter but too lazy to grab my dictionary) with me and I will let all of you know what transpires after next week.  Might throw a link or video just so I don't lose anyone in the mean time.

On a side note. We all get a song in our heads.  This morning as I showering Prince's great song "When Doves Cry" jumped into my head for whatever reason.  I was singing it to myself all day. As I drove home tonight, it came on the XM.  How freaky is that.  I found this version it is incredible.  Prince, as whacked as he is, is a very talented man and the lyrics are incredible.  I'll be back in a few days. 

Thanks to all of you who don't know me from Adam for your great support. It warms my heart and is greatly appreciated. To all of my homeboys who read and never comment, I thank all of you as well.  One way or another I'll be fine. No sense in worrying about me. None at all. Thanks again though, you weary band of malcontents.  It's nice to know there are so many friends I haven't met yet. Who knows where I will land, but knowing that you are just friends I haven't met is comforting. God speed to you all. Meanwhile enjoy this great acoustic version. Peace out.                         Did I really just say that?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Change is a good thing, I guess.

The company I've been working for since 1992 has been sold.  Bought out by a huge publicly traded company Titan Machinery. Titan currently has a location with 8 employees in Belgrade.  Those employees are going to move to our location as we have a beautiful 3 million dollar facility that is only three years old. There will be some changes but in a positive way.  I'll keep you posted as things develop.

Friday, March 18, 2011


It's been a long week.  Actually, it's been a long year.  More stress than I am accustomed to but that corner is about to be turned.  More on that this Monday so stay tuned.   Meanwhile, as it is Friday and I'm in a great mood, well, because it's Friday, I'll treat you all to a video.  It's what was playing on the XM when I rolled into work after having breakfast with my good friend KB.  Happy Friday everyone.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday "Best drunk scene"

It's that time of the week when I search youtube to find the perfect clip for this week's theme for Movie Clip Wednesday.  It's also the same time of the week where I can never find the clip I want.  I wanted to use a scene from Porky's. It's when Meat learns he didn't get the football scholarship, get's drunk and passes out in his chili.  It's nothing we all haven't done at least once. What's that you say?  You've never passed out in your chili? Or a plate of food at all.  I haven't either.  It doesn't look like much fun.  One time back home my brother was at the all night cafe waiting for a table when a fight broke out.  One of the patrons heard it was his buddy and ran outside to see what was happening.  Just as he turned to leave, the waitress served his breakfast.  Brother Bill sat down, ate it and then called out "Thanks for breakfast Barry".  Barry didn't figure it out for a little bit, when he got the bill I suppose.  He laughed hard.  Barry and I were talking about it at Christmas.  Good times.

Then there are a couple of great drunk scenes from "Blind Date" with Bruce Willis and Kim Bassinger. One was on youtube but the quality was so crummy I didn't use it. Of course there's Arthur but you're just asking for a blog jinx. 

So in the end I went with a scene from Porky's. There's no drinking but its funny. Its the scene where the old bag gym teacher wants to have a tallywhacker lineup.  I'd forgotten how funny it is.  I just love how all of the men are giggling and the old principal has to hold it together.  He almost makes it.

Head over to Boxer's for more real good stuff.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Attempting a comeback

Between a major personal life change a couple of weeks ago and company the last 10 days, I haven't been much of a blogger.  I do have some things in the works (no, it's not poems Shoey) and hope to get back in the swing  this week.  Thanks for hanging in there. Hopefully the batteries are recharged and I can put some crap up that's actually worth reading and do a better job of keeping up with the rest of the merry band. Fortunately my breakfast of coffee and Girl Scouts thin mints has my energy level up and maybe it can carry over this week.

Lots of potential business out there.  Boss had the reins pulled for a bit but is turning me loose again. More travel in the greater Bozeman area and maybe a trip or two to Williston *fist pumps while choking back puke.

Supposed to be in the 40's and 50's this week and maybe some golf but I'd like to ride one more time before that season starts.  We sit in first place in pool league with three weeks to go and play the second place team tomorrow night on their home felt.  Should be a great match.  Good shooters and good guys.  Looking forward to it.  Last week we played the #3 team last week and they are still in intensive care from the beating we gave them.  Oh, that sounded boastful.  My apologies.  I hope we can keep it going.

Have a good week all.  See you on MCW if not before.


Haiku Monday "Pulchritude"

A dictionary
So I could write this haiku
Of course, Diane Lane

I may have issues.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One room school

30 miles south of Livingston.
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Movie Clip Wednesday "Favorite Movie set in the British Isles.

Boxer picked favorite movie set in England, Scotland or Ireland.  I'm in a time crunch but my first thought was one of my all time favorites "An American Werewolf in London".  This clip is graphic but it's the dream scene. I like it for the very end.  Ralph, I couldn't find our favorite exchange.

Jack "Debbie Cline was there"
David "Debbie Cline?"
Jack "Then she went to bed with Mike McMann. Life mocks me. Even in death" bwhahahahahaha

Anyway, hope things can get back to normal so I can get back on the blog horse.  I'll be around later to visit everyone. Happy MCW.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Haiku Monday "Signs"

Going home

The Robinson Bridge
Then Alkali creek, soon mean
Entering Malta

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pretty little philly.

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