Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Haiku Thursday - oil spill

Golf while oil spills
Blaming his predecessor
Teeing up in Maine

Oil spill no concern
It affected gulf, not golf
thats par for the course.


Pam said...

Absolutely brilliant. You're my pick so far with #2. But I'm not the judge! Enjoy your weekend out and about.

fishy said...

Morning Madman,
We should all be mad men/women/children in the streets showcasing our ire for greed and golf trumping decency. I agree with Pam, I like your second haiku best but loathe the reality it represents.

I'm up at the Pond 1 visual + 3haiku

fishy said...

..... just read your tag
NO this is definitely not leadership and yeah,
it is par for "his" course not "the" course.

Buzz Kill said...

Golf, yachting, there's no real sense of urgency here. Wait until they find out this new 75 ton cap is leaking. dumdeedumdeedum They'll just try plan "Q" next, then plan "R".

I liked your 2nd haiku best.

Jenny said...

I'm liking the second one.Nicely worded with "par for the course."

Aunty Belle said...

par fer the course--ain't it true? An' SAD.