Friday, July 23, 2010

MCW theme,Top Chef, and a couple odds and ends.

OK loyal readers, here's the deal.  I'm heading to North Dakota on Sunday to drum up some work in the oil patch.  I don't know when I'll be back next week.  I'll try to auto-post my MCW theme as I don't know what kind of computer access I'll have. 

Drove to the Ruby Dam this morning and closed a pretty good rental contract.  Boss is happy so that makes me happy.  Much work to do in ND with the Bakken Oil Field going strong.

Here's the theme and it's for the ladies and I hope I can explain it well enough (sorry Buzz, don't hate me because I'm beautiful).  Pick the romantic comedy you would like to have starred in and why.  Maybe it's not your favorite but it has the actor/Diane Lane actress you most want to smooch.

Top Chef was booooooooooring again this week.  The guest jugs judge was giving Gayle and Padma a run for their money and that was the highlight.  Oh yeah, whatshisface helped Tameesha get knocked out of the compettion.    That's it.  Heading to Miles City on Sunday for golf and steaks and then on to Williston to ply my wares.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Here's a few more pictures from the 21st annual LBOH.

After the break.

This is camp around 7:30 Thursday night.  11 guys counting Uncle Scott who is taking all the pictures.  My friend Shoey showed up after lying to my face in Malta saying he had some convention in Chicago to attend and wouldn't make it.  It was a great lie and even greater surprise that he made it.

L t R - MRM, BW, Ralph and Frenchy.  Notice that Ralph is the only one in the picture not drinking alcohol.  How's that diet Pepsi tasting at sundown?  I can't believe I let him run with me.  It was a great set up as we all knew why Uncle Scott was taking the picture. Well, everyone except Ralph. We can be buggers at times.

I can't remember what I said that was so funny right here, all I know is that Adrian (laughing his ass off) was very amused.  I also know that it was directed at Ralph who is just off camera.  He, like the Queen, was not amused.

Ernie, Skeets and Shoey.  81ers.  Shoey is a graduate of Montana State University and recieved his MBA from Gonzaga.  Chicago convention my ass you lying mofo.

Frenchy and not-so-big Len.  He used to be Big Len but then he lost 80 pouonds in the last year.  He's running the 5k here in Bozeman at the Sweet Pea Festival August 7th.  In case you're wondering what the Sweet Pea is, its like the Grady Squash Festival (in the movie Doc Holliday starring Michael J. Fox) only not as cool. 

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