Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Worst Movie Ending -

It was kind of a tough choice for this.  I was originally going to choose Unforgiven but I've already hammered on it.  Besides, it was a bad movie from the get go.  So instead I chose the ending from No Country for Old Men.  I didn't like to do it because the movie was incredibly good.  I understand the purpose of the story and everything, it just made the movie end shitty.  I think if they would have had Tommy Lee telling the story while whatshisbadass was leaving the house after killing Luellen's wife that it might have been better but just the way it was with him telling the story and ending like that, really made me go "what? That's how you're ending this?"  I did the same thing at the end of The Departed so this was really a coin flip for me.  Make no mistake, this is a great film, I just thought the ending sucked.  I'll have a theme for next week picked in a day or two, until then, here is Tommy Lee with the "dream" story.  Don't listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery.


Jenny said...

I haven't seen this movie, although it's on my list. I wish I had gone to the theater when this was first out because I think it's one of those movies that need to be seen in the theater.

I'm up with: Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End.

Happy MCW!

Princess said...

Hey Madman,
I'm yet to see this but it had a great cast and reviews. TLJ is always good value.

I'm Up at "The Palais"

Pam said...

I love Tommy Lee, always have, but have not seen this movie. Looks like it would take 'too much watching' ... maybe I should watch it anyway. I'll be up early in the a.m. with my choice. Oh heck, I'll just go post it now.

5Wood said...

I was stunned to not see my pick on your post MRM!!! Return of the Jedi has to be the worst ending of all times... Mainly because it starts about the time the first ewok enters, and last the entire second half of the movie. Sad too, because the first 45 mins are some of Lucas' best work.

Joanna Cake said...

No Country for Old Men is a great film, not too much watching, honestly Pam :)

I certainly dont recall being disappointed at the time but he does ramble a bit...

Im up with another disappointment

Buzz Kill said...

I'm with you on this one Madman. This was my 2nd choice and the only reason I didn't use it was (well 2 reasons) that I used it before and to avoid blogger jinx. I was correct on both counts.

It was a very ambiguous ending and I think there should have been some kind of retribution with Chigurh. I don't want to say good choice for a bad movie ending, but it was.

I'm up a the Buzzkill with some cool, French, confusing summertime fun. Intrigued? Bwahahahaha

I'll be around to visit everyone tonight.

Happy MCW!

moi said...

I LOVED the ending! First of all, it was in keeping with the book, and the movie is nothing if not a near blow-by-blow duplicate of the novel. Secondly, I think it was the only way to end the movie. The light that men of justice must always carry, regardless of the dark. Brilliant, in my opinion.

So, we'll just have to agree to disagree :o)

Oh, and I'm up, with a chick flick. Happy MCW and thanks once again for hosting!

Milk River Madman said...

Boxer, its a great flick and fine to watch on your 54" flat screen at home.

Princess, see above.

Pam, its not too much watching and Tommy Lee is great.

5, I have to be me.

JC, I'll watch this every time its on.

BK, at last someone who agrees. I'll be honest, I didn't think this would go over well but it just made me say "you're kidding me, right?"

Moi, I KNEW you would not agree and that is great! Actually, the coin toss between this and "The Departed" was more like "which one will I get a better reaction from?" so I chose NCFOM because I thought it was a FAR superior movie.

chickory said...

i agree with Moi. I loved the movie - has one of my most favorite scenes of ALL TIME (pitbull swimming after llewellyn in the river at night) and the ending is the world weary realization of what. it. is. its harsh, but true.

happy MCW

Milk River Madman said...

Chicky, agreed that its a great flick. The ending just caught me way off guard. And like I said, I'd already bashed "Unforgiven" so my choices were limited.

Anonymous said...

Well Chip, when I saw your theme for this week, No Country for Old Men was the movie that came to my mind. I hated, hated the ending. I actually thought the damn satellite cut the movie off, I was like that was the ending.

Good movie, but ending sucked.
Kim C

Karl said...

Good afternoon MRM,

After Moi posted this movie I put it on my want to see list. So I won’t watch the end. May know too much already.

I'm up late with The Abiss.