Thursday, October 29, 2009

There's still hope

Well the Cats dropped a tough one in Cheney last week. Poor tackling to end the second quarter and again on a limp wristed screen play in the third cost them two touchdowns and the game. Don't listen to what the football morons at Bobcat Nation are saying that we lost this because our kicker was out with the flu. That's a bunch of bullshit. Poor tackling and soft underneath pass coverage lost this game. Again.

This week the hapless and winless Bengals of Idaho State come to the chilly slopes of the Bridger Mountains. I can see this as a trap game. ISU is hungry for a win and are hoping to catch the Cats in an emotional state of mind similar to Glen Close in Fatal Attraction where she is sitting on the floor just turning the lights on and off but I don't think they will get that lucky.

Even though the defense isn't up to MSU's usual standards, it is still decent and the offense is really coming together. 592 total yards last week. That is two weeks in a row where we led the conference in total yards. Beware of the Bengals? I'm not throwing anyone under the bus, but I like our chances this weekend. 51 degrees and a light drizzle is the forecast for Saturday. Looks like I'll be drinking beer with my gloves on. Que the jokes about my beer drinking gloves now....

As a part of my continuing effort to bring some culture to you and as a friendly gesture to the fans of ISU, here is a William Blake's The Tyger. I'm here to help.

Meanwhile, in Missoula.....................................

The griz play the Wildcats of Weber State. Weber is coming into Missoula angry at having lost to the Cats in Ogden and not having forgotten giving the griz a playoff victory in Missoula last December. In that game WSU wet themselves, er, turned the ball over to the griz twice inside the WSU 40. Merry Christmas. The griz are playing great in the second half. They are 142-20 at home since they built the Homerdome that is Washington/grizzly Stadium since 1986. That's impressive. Of course when you have home town officials who haven't reffed a game above the peewee level and are on the take, that makes it even harder for opponents to win. Don't believe me? How's this for proof? Nuff said. It finally made news but has been going on for years. Weber is good and has been playing well but beating the griz at home is a tall task. Look for a big second half for the liberal arts/Pizza Hut delivery majors. They take Weber 31-21.

Malta hosts Columbus in the first round of Class B playoff action. The 3-M Company is coming off a 47-0 victory over Wolf Point. Look for Malta to survive the first round but struggle after that. Everyone is playing for second place anyway. Huntley Project is 8-0 and have outscored their opponents 371-31 this season having only been scored on in three games. Their average margin of victory is 43 points. Um, I think they are pretty solid.

Notre Dame backed into yet another victory last weekend. That makes them 5-2 for the season. They could easily be 2-5 but have been able to pull games out of their asses. This isn't the sign of a good football team but with the rest of their pitiful schedule they should go 10-2. They will make a BCS game and be totally dominated. I guess that's something to look forward to. They aren't even worth talking about until the bowl games but that won't stop me. The Bobcats could go 3-2 against whats left for the Irish. Their schedule is that easy. Honestly, if you root for Notre Dame, how do you look yourself in the mirror every day and think that this program is somehow still relevant? If they played a full fledged Big 10 schedule they wouldn't go 7-4. Yeah, this is a program to be proud of.

I wonder if Brady Quinn sold his house yet.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random thoughts #14 and one year of nothing

Things I thought of while wondering what goes through a dog's mind.

Wow. What a difference a year makes. I started this mindless drivel a year ago. Somehow I was found on the ol' blogosphere and now here we are.

This thing was started so I could post about Bobcat football for the faithful here in Bozeman and now I'm being read by over 20 people nation wide. Lookout Deadspin and The Onion, you are in my sights.

I would love to do this full time but I'm not wealthy and my job gets in the way, despite this I'm still having fun.

I still like watching cartoons. Family Guy, King of the Hill, The Simpsons. They are just funny.

Hank,"I bought this whetstone the day Bobby was born. I can't believe he is ready to sharpen his first mower blade."

Too many good quotes from the episode entitled "An officer and a gentleboy". "That boy ain't right"

Peggy "I don't know how Bobby gets his cape so wrinkled."

My beautiful dog is getting old. She's 14 but still going as hard as she can. When we used to walk, she would have the 30 feet of rope tight and go like hell. Now she's behind me most to the time. She sniffs things a lot longer than she used to. Makes you wonder about the old saying with the roses.

God I hope the Yankees win the World Series.

It's fall here in Montana. Leaves are falling, frost in the morning and snow coming soon. That means snowmobiling isn't far behind. I can't hardly wait.

I'm starting to like texting. It has its place and I'm fine with it.

"You know what us ultra liberals say when it come to children and drugs, lies are OK". That was either Harry Reid or a guy on South Park. Either way its spot on.

So in the last year I met a woman. She's from Butte. Pretty proud of that she is. I refer to her as Butte Girl or BG. She doesn't put up with my shit, thinks I'm obnoxious and won't let her dad read my blog ("he likes you, I don't know if he will if he reads it. It's like your alter ego"). I like her anyway.

Conversation between BG and me this Sunday going to pick up my sister.

Me "blah blah blah, I should put that in my blog."

BG "Your blog is kind of, uh, aggressive. Especially when it comes to the President"

Me "That's because he's a dipshit."


Me "Is that what you mean?"

BG looking at me like I am a dipshit. Point taken.

While we're on the subject. The health care plan is great. I only have one question: how are we going to pay for it. The CBO says that we can't. Montana's own Senator Assmunch, er Baucus, says that we'll tax insurance companies. Great fucking plan Max! One question, when the insurance companies and all their employees go out of business, where are we going to get the money? Waiting. Waiting. What's that Max, then we'll tax everyone? I'm all for it. Let's tax everyone including the poor which is in your bill. Hey, if they can afford two packs of Camels and a six pack of Old Mil Light a day, they can afford insurance. I'm in.

Cap and trade is up next. Let's tax the companies that provide millions of jobs right out of the U.S. They can move their plants to Mexico, Canada and Brazil. We'll all see the price of EVERTHING go up at least 20 percent, never be able to give our children the life we have and saddle them with at least a 50 percent tax increase. I'm all for that to. I have enough money to move to Ireland and live like a king until I'm 60. Then, I'll move back to America and as a citizen get all the health care and retirement that these stupid lazy asses can give me. Again, I'm in.

Maybe the last two paragraphs are what BG means when she says I'm "aggressive".

I'm going to Malta next weekend to shoot a deer for BG and hunt with my brothers. If the deer are farther away then 100 yards from the truck and we can't drive to it, the deer will live another day.

I need to learn how to post a youtube video. BG won't help me. Doesn't want to contribute to the aggressiveness. "It"ll be fun" I say. Maybe she'll come around. To quote Luke Skywalker "there's good in you, I can feel it." She'll really like that. Like she liked it when I said I wanted to download "Darth Vader's theme" for her ring tone. Maybe I bring this on myself. Maybe. Nah, its not me.

Senator Lieberman has said he won't vote for the "public option" (read gov't plan) and the Dem's are already mounting a campaign against him. Hmmm, lets see. Olympia Snow voted for the bullshit Baucus bill and was given keys to heaven as a sign of bipartisanship. Joe says no way and he's cast aside as a traitor. Every republican amendment was voted down in committee. One was even ruled "out of order" and the puke from Nevada says that Republicans won't come to the table. Tell the former boxer Harry Reid I'll fight him anytime, anywhere. Bipartisanship does not exist because liberals, ie democrats, only have one objective, their way or the highway. What losers.

Was that aggressive?

Tug McGraw, Phillies pitcher, on his $75,000 salary:
Ninety percent I’ll spend on good times, women, and Irish Whiskey. The other 10 percent I’ll probably waste.”
SI, April 21, 1975….

Its been a fun year for my small but loyal following. If work didn't get in the way, I'd post much more.

To all of you, thanks for reading. Every comment makes my day. I never thought it would be this much fun.

I'll try to do better.

MRM aka Chip

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tunes 10/27/09

Wow, another post within a week of the last one? I know what you're thinking, "MRM, you're blogging to much, take some time for yourself, don't over do it." Don't worry trusted readers, I'm going to ease into posting more blogs. I won't get carried away.

So, I think it was Friday night, I started making a youtube list of oldies for Ralph and the boys and before you know it "Shazaam!" I have a playlist. You see, when you're as good as I am, sometimes finding something to post just falls in your lap. This is one of those times.

I really, really want to post about our political situation as Barry and his henchmen are doing everything in their power to destroy the U.S. from within but just can't bring myself to bitch about it. Well, maybe I can. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy this collection of some of my favorites from sunny slopes of long ago. "one thing led to another, we were young" that's a great lyric right there. Enjoy.

If you like the first track, here is a great video of Phil lip syncing "live". You just don't see guys playing the tambourine like that anymore. Its a lost art. On a sad note, Phil Seymour passed away in 1993 from lymphoma. Kym and Pam probably already know he was from Tulsa. RIP Phil.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The worst blog in the universe

This is the worst blog going. Nine posts this month is all? Pathetic. I've got some good stuff roughed out but just haven't put it in cyber space yet. Pitiful effort for October especially since the one year anniversary of this crappy site is coming up. I'll have to do a montage. Well, I guess a montage without all the pictures and videos anyway.

No pregame this week. Cats haven't won in Cheney since 1990. I would hate to jinx them now.

Headlines from Missoula about how the refs screwed Eastern Washington. Really? That's news? Cheese and rice!!! Do these dumbasses watch any games in Missoula? Was this the first one? There are at least two chickenshit calls against the opposition in Missoula every home game for the griz. The over/under on "how many homer calls" there will be in Washington/grizzly stadium on any given weekend is usually closer to six. The news isn't that EWU got homered. The news is that someone actually decided to say something about it.

In South Bend, Charlie Weiss aka The Touchdown Grimace, is waiting for the real Catholics from Boston College to come to town. I originally thought that BC would beat ND this weekend, but the superfrauds from Cape Cod will be lucky to stay withing two touchdowns. I noticed that the laminated sheet that Charlie Weiss carries on the sidelines is not a playsheet but is actually a menu from Wafflehouse. No wonder Jimmy Clausen looks confused. Its hard to exactly what a "XYZ triple stack with extra sausage" really means in football terms.

Malta will win, but I don't know who they are playing, Plentywood I think. No matter. I'll just look for the Mustangs on the winners side of the score sheet tomorrow.

Go Cats.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Separated at birth

Mongo, indestructible villain in Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles

John Lackey, your game six starting pitcher for the California Angels.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top Cheff week whatever

Are shitting me? Did you really expect me to blog about Top Chef when the Phillies were putting the beat down on the Dodgers? C'mon people!! Its the playoffs! Chef Troll will have an excellent post on the throw down tonight. As for me, well, I'm looking very much forward to a Yankees-Phillies World Series. It will be awesome. Yankees in seven. Or Phillies in seven. I'm a gambler I'm betting on the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Good night! Don't forget to tip your waitresses. The Duke is out.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why I root against the Red Sox

I'll try to put this subject into some perspective. I have five true best friends from my childhood. To this day, we all stay in constant contact. Its why the LBOH was started. One of the guys is Ralph. You've all heard me talk about him on many occasions. I can hardly write about him, or any of the others, without being flooded by the thousands of memories we've all shared. They are all great men who I consider myself fortunate to be associated with. Yes, I have an English minor and ended that sentence with a preposition. I had a couple of Crowns with Eric so I don't give a rats ass.

I met Ralph when I was four years old. That's 42 years ago for those of you keeping score at home. I didn't like him then and don't like him now. That might be a lie. I'd step in front of a bullet for him. But we have this thing. We don't root for each other's teams. There are two exceptions. We both root for Malta (of course). And he likes to see the Bobcats win and I root for alma mater, Eastern Montana College and Country Club. You don't really have to go to class there, just pay your tuition. Okay that might be three exceptions but my point is that we root for our HS alma mater and each other's college team so lets not nit pick. That's not my style. Well, its my M.O. but I digress.

Anyway, we when were little shavers, we picked our baseball teams. I had been a Cincinnati Reds fan since the first grade and he had been a Red Sox fan. Things changed in 1975 for us and how we rooted for each other. That year, the Reds played the Sox in what was one of the greatest World Series of all time. The Reds prevailed in seven games. My team had won and the rivalry was on. The next year the Reds one again athis time against the Yankees and the Sox had stunk yet again. Then in 1990 another title for the Reds. In 1986, the Sox lost a pivotal game six. The Buckner game.The Mets won game seven and the Sox were losers yet again.

I'll say the Sox could always be competitive but a World Series threat they never were. My life's dream was to have Ralph go to his grave not seeing the Sox win a title. Those dreams were dashed in 2004.

The Sox came back from a 0-3 deficit against the Yankees in the ALCS and swept the Cardinals to win the title. I was happy for Ralph, kind of. You really have to be around us to get the dynamic of how we root against each other.

Sidebar, in 2001, I was in Billings for Ralph's birthday. His wife was out of town so the day and night was ours. "We need to do something crazy while Anjie is out of town" he said. Before I could stop myself, I said " Let's get tattoos." "That's a GREAT idea." Ralph replied. So the next morning we had ink done. Ralph with a Red Sox logo on his left ankle and me with a Reds logo in the exact same spot.

After the Sox won in 2004, Red Sox fans crawled out of the woodwork. There were so many fucking "B" hats in Bozeman I thought I was living on Cape Cod. You see, I never hated the Sox, I just rooted against them to watch Ralph be miserable. There was joy in that. He feels the same joy watching the Reds wallow. But now, there are all of these pseudo Sox fans out there. They chant "Yankees suck" at my pub when they are playing the fucking Blue Jays. Sox fans today are losers. They have no appreciation for the history of the rivalry that, except for 2004, the Yankees have dominated. If they don't win in 2004, the Cat-griz is a bigger rivalry, but they did so now they think they are great.

To all the Sox fans not name Ralph (or you 5wood, Bob or Tooey) kiss my ass. You are bandwagon dickheads. You don't know the first thing about the intricacies of baseball. Do me a favor and go play kickball on I-90. Fags. Just saying.

It's still painful

Last week's 23-10 loss to the Lumberjokes of Northern Arizona is still bitter. The Cats moved the ball all over the place in the first half and then came out in the second half and sat on their hands. I would rather have watched my nieces play chutes and ladders than the football I witnessed last Saturday afternoon.

Most people are still claiming that the Cats have a tough defense. Really? Is that why they had another quarterback throw for almost 400 yards. Rushing four guys straight up and playing the ice cream soft defense in the middle while your corners start so far off the line they aren't even in the camera view half the time isn't what I call a stiff defense. The offensive play calling has become so predictable that I almost know what plays are coming.

Sorry folks but I am more than a little pissed off. This team hasn't come from behind at halftime under Ash in the last 1 1/2 season. Read that again. If the Cats are losing at halftime, they lose. Period. This trend needs to change. I'm also getting sick of the excuses I'm hearing. Look, I like Coach Ash and what he has done has been pretty good all things considered, but I want to see more and I want to see it now. 6-5 or 7-4 every year isn't going to keep you around long. Ash has maybe two more years after this one to show the fan base that he can coach in this conference.

This week the South Dakota Coyotes come to town. I expect nothing short of a 20 point victory. Anything else will be considered a loss by me. They will be lucky to be 6-5 if they don't elevate their game. Not a lot of optimism after this weekend for me.

Chiefs vs Redskins. Forecast for this game is horrible football.

I'm ecstatic that the Red Sox are out of the playoffs. It used to be fun to root against them. i would watch Ralph drink himself to Bolivian, softly smiling outside, high fiving myself inside. Then Boston won a title and every where you looked there were Red Sox fans, claiming to have been fans all the while. And they all hate the Yankees. Hate them. Yet none of these "lifelong fans" can even tell you the story of the history of why the Yankees are the greatest team in all of sports and the Red Sox aren't even in the top 10. Now, thanks to my LA Angels, I don't have to listen to these ignorant bastards. It used to be fun rooting against the Sox, now it's like a job.

The good news is that now that the Sox (and Twins) are out of the playoffs, baseball will be fun to watch and I can root against the Yankees. I can't do that when the Sox are in. Can't. Won't.

I hate the grizzlies and hope they lose. I will continue to DVR their games so that if they lose, I will have a fun game to watch.

Notre Dame has SC this weekend. I'm not feeling good for the Trojans this weekend. They don't have a real QB and have no real shot at the national championship. However, this will be the most speed ND has seen this year, especially on defense. Twill be interesting. Honestly, I think that SC wins by 20+. Pete Carroll could spend the week in a meth house in Compton and still have his team better prepared than Charlie Weiss. Just sayin.

My sister is coming home for a visit. She usually flies into Billings and I'm lucky if we get to spend two days together. This year she is flying to Bozeman. Going to be here today, going to Yellowstone tomorrow, then the Cat game. Wait. There's been a little change, now she isn't getting here til tomorrow afternoon. No trip to the park. A full day of not being together. I even had the day off tomorrow. Good thing I didn't rearrange my schedule for her or anything. Of course it's not my style to bitch about this kind of thing. I mean, I'm using a full vacation day, had big plans where we I was taking her to dinner, that kind of thing. She doesn't think taking a day off from work is a big deal. Wait again. That's why she's waiting til Friday. Because of a little flight change she is now leaving Friday so SHE wouldn't have to miss a day of work. Good thing this trip isn't all about me.

Rush Limbaugh is not going to buy the Rams. I hope they end up in Mexico City. Or Canada. That's what the NFL deserves. I say this as a Rams fan.

Short today.

Go Cats.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Really Oslo??

So, President Teleprompter is the Noble Peace Prize winner. Wow! North Korea and Iran are becoming nuclear powers. Afghanistan is a mess. The economy is still crap and we are going to have socialized medicine. My question is this: who was the president up against? Ryan Seacrest? Lady Gaga? Jon and Kate?

Honestly, how in the hell does this borderline imbecile win this award? Interesting way to start the day. It matches the three inches of snow and 18 degrees on the thermometer. I hate starting my Friday with "how long til Happy Hour?" but it looks like its going to be a long one.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Homecoming and some ramblings

I'm on the road most of this week. Going out in the great state of Montana to see if we can drum up some business so I have to post stuff now as I'll be too swamped Friday when I get back and I'm too cheap to own a laptop so I can't blog from the remoteness of my hotel rooms this week.

First, the Cats had a huge win against Weber this week in Ogden. Although the defense gave up almost 500 yards they came up big in the redzone only letting WSU score once in six trips. I still do not like our pass coverage. Way to soft everywhere, the middle, the edges, the seams. Name it. The Cats need to rush more than four or at least mix in some stunts. When they brought five or blitzed, the completion percentage was way down and turnovers were caused.

Its a big test this weekend against Northern Arizona. The Lumberwussies pissed one down their legs against the dark pink of missoula and squeaked one out against Northern Colorado last week. The Cats have always had a difficult time with NAU. They've also had a tough time following up a big win with a big win. This is a huge, and I mean HUGE game. A must win!! hahahahaha. Honestly though, the only way they make the playoffs is run the table. Big chance for this to be a statement game for the Cats. If they hand NAU their asses and send them home with a big beat down, there will be fear instilled in the rest of our opponents.

Before anyone starts getting big bulges in their pants for Bret Favre's performance last night on MNF, let me just say that there are at least 10 QB's in the NFL that could have done as well if not better than Asshat did last night. Honestly, it was as if Mike McCarthy and the Packers took a dive to apologize. I don't remember a game in my recent memory where the pass rush was as none existent as it was last night from the Packers. I was going to root for the Pack this year but after that pathetic showing, I'd rather watch my Rams complete their perfect 0-16 season.

On those same lines, Aaron Rodgers is a stud!!! Dude got sacked 8 times and still threw for almost 400 yards. McCarthy not kicking the field goal early was as stupid as the people who voted for Obama and it really changed the game late. Rodgers will be fun to watch but the Packers, who really haven't been significant for most of the last ten years, will always be 8-8 as long as McCarthy is running the show. Too bad for Rodgers. He'd look great in blue and gold.

Now that Chicago won't get the Olympics, I wonder if Obama will tend to more important matters, like the war and job creation. Maybe this is all a hoax. Maybe the puppeteers who got Obama elected are keeping him at all these ribbon cutting ceremonies so that the real man in charge can run the country. That man: Joe Biden. I can almost believe that.

When Michelle Tafoya, who knows nothing about football and isn't any fun to look at, kept after Favre last night about the "revenge" factor, I was just waiting for Favre to look at her and say "Hey Michelle, get in the kitchen and make me a pie!" Give him a break already.

Insert in Missoula. (This item temparily out of stock.)

The griz draw a tough one this week in the Cal Poly Mustangs. The Mustangs are ranked anywhere from 13th to 15th depending upon which poll you are reading. The minions of hell are coming off a bye week. I like CP's chances except that Missoula always cheats at home and the refs are bought and paid for so they will have to work extra hard to win this one.

Homecoming parade in Missoula

Yep. That looks like lots of fun. Remember, Cal Poly's school colors are green and gold so wear a little of that somewhere on Saturday with your blue and gold. Go CP Mustangs.

In case most of you don't know, I'm not a huge fan of Notre Dame. They got so lucky last week. Hey, when Ralph is telling me how lucky ND is then you know it's true. They get a week off before USC comes into Southbend.

So, I just returned from a bid opening at a neighboring county. During the course of the meeting the commissioners decided to create an HRDC position and begin advertising. This is a position that currently does not exist. Though my bid was lowest by $24,000.00 it was awarded to one of my competitors for various reasons that I obviously do not agree with. 24 large is a lot of cake and would go a long way toward paying for this new position. Though the rules were followed, the bid process was still circumvented. I never had a chance. The decision to purchase had been made and only the formality of the bid invitations remained. It is what is wrong with politics at every level. The citizens of Madison County got screwed today and they don't even know it.

Glasgow squeaked by Malta 13-7. That sucks. I hate Glasgow.

All right things to do and miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Chicago is out.

Former IOC member Kai Holm said that the brevity of his appearance may have counted against him. The short stopover was "too business-like," Holm said. "It can be that some IOC members see it as a lack of respect." BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Its precisely moments like this that I should be allowed to drink on the job.

Random thoughts #13, short version

Things that crossed my mind while wondering, well, nothing really.

We are in a recession. The economy is still very shaky. Domestic terror plots are popping up all over and we are fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. President Obama decides to go to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago to get the Olympics? Are you kidding me? Great leadership. The next three and a half years are going to seem like an eternity.

So Montana's own stammering boob of a U.S. Senator Max Baucus has his own health care bill. "The time for reform is now." Really dipshit? The last 20 years of you asshats in DC not doing anything that hasn't been in your own self interest wasn't a good enough time for you? Thanks for the attention to detail Max. Here's hoping you get syphilis.

It's comments like the syphillis one that keep BG from sending my blog link to her parents. "You don't have to be mean." Yes, yes I do. I can be mean on this blog or go shoot a family of squirrels. Its a no brainer really.

El Paso by Marty Robbins is the greatest country song ever. About this subject there will be no debate.

IM-ing with Ralph and we both commented on how much joy we take in watching each other's teams do poorly. I don't care what you say, that's friendship.

Part of the Baucus plan was to fine you if you didn't have health insurance. Hmmmm. Let's see. If you couldn't afford health insurance, then we are going to fine you. Only in liberal economics does this make any sense. It does lend credibility to the fact that the vast majority of people not insured can afford it and are making other life choices and that this isn't at all about reforming health care but a power grab by King Obama and the rest of the liberal establishment.

I owe President Obama an apology. I was accusing him of serving Clinton's third term. It's obvious that this is Carter's second term only worse. My bad.

Quote of the week from who else but Tyler Durden regarding Roman Polanski"Many of the Hollywood elite defending Roman Polasnki say he shouldn’t go to jail just because he drugged a child then raped her while she begged him to stop, and that he’s already suffered enough by living his life in exile. It’s easier to understand that part if you pretend that he’s American. He’s French, so I’m not sure how a French guy living in France is considered “exile” but whatever. The point is he’s suffered. Or something.

But don’t think that Roman is unwilling to pay for his crimes. In fact he’s agreed to be placed under house arrest. Specifically, this house. This chalet outside Gstaad, Switzerland, where singing bluebirds presumably pull your sheets back in the morning and Mr Sun gives you a big thumbs up. Oh that poor man. He’ll never make it!"

I see that Brady Quinn is no longer the starter for your Cleveland Browns. Strange that. What with his hefty 62.9 quarterback rating and 1 touchdown pass this year. Is Eric Mangini mad? How can you bench someone from such a quarterback factory like Notre Dame? I mean it's produced Joe Montana and...well...goddammit if Joe "Big Sky" Montana isn't good enough for you than I don't know what to tell you. I mean Alabama has only produced Bart Starr, Joe Namath and Ken Stabler. Two of those guys are in the Hall of Fame and Stabler should be. You can have all the Heisman's in ND. Alabama produces NFL Hall of Famers and in the end, I really think that's what matters. Oh yeah, and real national championships. You know the ones where Alabama played another super tough team in a post season bowl and won. Not like those pseudo ND ones where they finished a season undeafted and then went and hid in a cave. Fags.

Ralph and I talk a lot on MSN instant messenger. He has it set up so that when I'm typing his display says "blah, blah, blah is typing". That's actually pretty funny. I'm more surprised that he had the skills to figure that out. Guy types like he has 5 thumbs and a hook.

Kind of a short random nothingness this week but you get what you pay for.

Cats vs Weber

Well, well, well the Cats go to Ogden tomorrow to take on Weber State in what is the first of seven "must win" games for the Bobcats. Don't you love the term "must win"? Like some games aren't must win. I know, if you've clinched your division blah, blah. Still, all games are must wins, especially if you root for MSU. Weber is tough. They are ranked 11th in the I-AA and have the best QB in the conference. I wish I felt good about this game but the truth is that I don't. Yes, the Cats looked better against UNC than they did against Dixie State, but I still wasn't blown away especially on the offensive side of the ball. I know that Coach Ash plays conservative and that he limits the plays he runs. That's all fine and dandy if you're the cream of the conference. My problem with that approach is that when it comes time to let it all hang out, your players don't know what to do. I love seeing the Bobcats blow teams out. It relaxes me. Beer tastes better as does whiskey and vodka, hell pick a drink, it tastes better when the Cats are up by 30. And I don't overly excited and spit my sunflower seeds into the hair of the lady sitting in front of me. I can't remember her name. Lovely woman and her husband is a rowdy rooter. It will be fun to see how big there three girls are this year.

The fact is this, if the Cats lose more than one conference game, they have no chance at the post season. They have the talent, they have the coaches. It just a matter of execution and desire. Tomorrow will really show me what this team is made of.

Meanwhile, in the land of the dark pink.........

The grizzlies have the weekend off before taking on Cal Poly next week for homecoming in Missoula. If you ever get a chance to go to homecoming in Missoula, pass on it. Its the largest mixture of hippies and potheads outside of a Phish concert that you can find in the western hemisphere. The grizzlies backed into a win at Fagstaff last week (oops, forgot the "l". No I didn't. Its what they deserve for handing one to the griz). As I stated two weeks ago "There is something about NAU and how they just make a mess in their pants when they play the griz. "

I really don't know how I can be right this much and not have my own sports talk show. Its amazing really. I truly am a diamond in the rough. And how much fun would it be to be able to make fun of grizzly fans and Irish fans every week? I don't thnk the amount of fun could be measured in human terms.

Speaking of the Irish, they truly backed into one as well. Are you fucking kidding me Purdue? Are you trying to make Jimmy Clausen look like the second coming of Joe Montana? I hope the Boilermakers lose every game this season after that pathetic defensive stand. Clausen could have thrown left handed on that drive and the Purdue defense couldn't have stopped him.

This week the Irish get my Washington Huskies. This is a much improved Husky team and will be the first really good defense the Irish have seen all year. Look for Clausen to get hit often and spend a lot of him on his back (as opposed to all fours like he's used to heyoooooooooo!!). Also look for Coach Lardbelly to finish of a 24 inch pizza by himself at halftime. Don't you Irish fans get excited if they win this one. UW is still a team on the rebound so this is a no win situation for the Irish. Unless they come away winning by 20, this is a defeat.

The 3M Company takes on Glasgow this week. I don't think there is any other town except for maybe Chinook that I love seeing Malta beat. I was going to say "I don't think there is a town I hate more except for maybe Chinook than Glasgow" but I changed it to be more positive. Its all part of the kinder, gentler me. That and the fact that my dad was born in Chinook so I really don't hate the town. Actually, I feel sorry for the kids from Chinook. Their mascot is the Sugarbeeters and their school colors are orange and black. It breaks your heart actually. Knowing those poor little buggers have to root for a member of the tuber family (beta vulgaris). Is this a mascot that sends fear into the heart of an opponent? I think not.

Look at its little arms churning the eggbeaters!! Its hilarious. I expect to see something like this on Yo Gabba Gabba. Anyway, I do hate Glasgow and hope the Mustangs party stomp the hell out of them. Malta's D has not given up a point the last two games but Glasgow has some talent (finally) and this should be a good game.

Alright, that's all for now. So here's how we are rooting 1) for the Cats over Weber, 2)the bye week over the u of m, 3) the Huskies over the nutless wonders from Southbend, and 4) the Mustangs over Glasgow.

Enjoy your weekend.

Go Cats!!