Friday, November 16, 2012

Yankees and Red Sox have nothing on this

Hello friends.  Greetings from the Casa de MRM. 

Tomorrow is the greatest rivalry in all of college football. It is the 112th meeting of the Montana State University Fighting Bobcats and the liberal arts school just down the road (hey, the world needs artists too, supposedly).

The Bobcats face a team in turmoil.  Allegations of sexual misconduct has sent the dark pink into a tailspin this season.  The head coach and AD were both dismissed in March and the griz are on the brink of there first losing season since 1985.

The Bobcats are ranked second in the nation and have played great football all year. Yes, they lost to Eastern Washington, but since then have crushed their opponents and have not turned the ball over once.

This is a rivalry.  Montana has no professional sports teams. The biggest sporting event of the year is this football game. You are either a Cat or a griz tomorrow. If you are on the fence or don't care then you are a homo.

The griz have had a tough run but Cat fans who think that tomorrow's game is a walk are sadly mistaken.

Despite the griz record, they are a solid team.  This is their season. They aren't going to the playoffs even if they win tomorrow. No. Tomorrow is for pride, and pride in a rivalry, is a huge factor.

The Cats can't afford to be full of themselves. The have to execute. Control the ball and stop the griz pass rush.  The Cats have a lot on the line. A potential #2 seed in the playoffs which gives them home field until the championship.

Washington-grizzly stadium is the most intimidating place to play in all of FCS football. 30,000 fans who will be rabid and vocal unless the game gets out of reach.

I like our chances but only slightly.  Don't ever count out a rivalry. Too many Cat fans are doing so.

I'll be at the Grantree for the game. Hanging with the Cat faithful.  I'm sure there will be some dark pink fans in there as well.

You are either a Cat or a griz tomorrow. Be a Cat.


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