Friday, March 23, 2012

Just getting by

Life is pretty good. I had a great talk with my mother. She is happy.

Work is good though there is still a challenge with the transition. Some people are still in the mold of the old company and I hope they get past that.

My sister bought a house and has moved out. I'm ecstatic for her and me. What was supposed to be a few month deal turned into two years. No bad words or ill feelings. I'll never do that. She found a nice deal. I'm happy for her. And me.

Golf season is just around the corner. Leaving Wednesday for St. George, Utah. A golf haven. Haven't swung a club since October but will hit some balls this weekend and be ready.

My youngest brother Pat turned 35 today. Hard to grasp. He has three great kids and my sis-in-law is the bomb. Happy for them.

I want to let you all know that I am ready you weekly. Though I might not comment, don't let that be a reflection. You are all putting out great posts.



Pam said...

Hey Chippy, good to see you out and about. Sounds like things are going smooth and nothing wrong with that!

Jenny said...

I love St.George. It's glorious with those red mountains and wonderful warm weather. You'll have a wonderful time. Nice to see you post. more please.

how about a Haiku? It's Monday! :-)

chickory said...

you sound good. enjoy the golf, chippy

Milk River Madman said...

What, am I "Chippy" now? Not MRM or Crowny?

Just kidding. Eric and Monika have trained their three year old daughter Danika to call me Uncle Chippy. Just different hearing it from you all.

It will be a great weekend. Threw in the camera just in case.