Thursday, April 12, 2012

If you think I'm a poor blogger now, just wait

Life has been good.  The position with the new company has born much fruit for me. My job was very uncomplicated.  I had my own deal.  My own list of equipment to sell, making good bank.  I really didn't have a boss.  I was the "go to" guy for a lot of salesmen in the company.  Developing a great reputation.  People liked me. They said good things. All was well.

Then a position of responsibility opened up.  I was asked to apply. So I did.

Sonofabitch if I didn't get the job. What the hell was I thinking?  Now I have employees in my charge. I have a budget to watch over. I have several hundred pieces of equipment to keep track of. What a dipshit I was.

Yes, it was a promotion. And yes, I did want it.  I applied for the same position in January and was one of two finalists.  The other guy was awarded the position. He's a great man but the job really didn't fit his skill set. It does fit mine.  I'm ambitious.  I work for a big company with lots of opportunity. This presented itself, again, so I went after it again.

I am the regional rental manager for Montana, Gillette WY and Rapid City SD. No more sales. Well, I'll still sell to my good customers and give my former office mate the commissions. He's a good guy and having a baby in July so he'll need it.

Was working about 45 hours a week. Now it will be a few more. Wasn't traveling. Each night at home. Now some travel. Not a lot but I have to visit every location at least once a month.

Maybe I'll find some gal on one of my excursions. A deaf mute who owns a bar perhaps.

Buzz (if you read this anymore) tell your sister I'm making lawyer money, but I'm not a goddamn lawyer.  So I have that going for me. Just sayin.

In other news, I spent last weekend with The Prodigy. We have spent the last 17 Masters weekends together. Five years ago we decided to play the first 18 for a bottle of scotch.  For the fifth year in a row I bought.

TP " I have an idea.  Instead of calling this 'Masters Saturday' we should call it 'Chip buys scotch Saturday". I really don't like the sounds of that.  Combine that with the fact that the bottle has to stay there really puts a burr under my saddle.  Check that. It pisses me off.

Life is better than good. It's great.

Take care my beloved band of malcontents.  I would say that I'll try to be a better blogger but that's been done to death by me.  I'll just try to blog when I can.


Pam said...

Hey MRM, congrats on the new gig! Sounds like lots of movement lately for people I know (even through blog world) ... Don't be flashing that lawyer money around or you might attract the wrong kind of lady.

Milk River Madman said...

I won't "flash it" I'm humble and subtle. That's why they call me The Duke. *sarcasm intended