Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A little juice

Was on the road today. Went to Billings and back. 300 miles. I know most of you can't follow that but in Montana it's just a day. Two hours there, two hours back

That's Montana. A big town with long streets. Driving 2 or 3 hours for a meeting, or golf, or to watch the Mustangs, is nothing to us. We are the fourth largest state in the Union. Alaska, great state, Texas, good but really full of themselves (Hey Texas! You are just south Oklahoma) California (a total wreck) then us. 350 miles long, 520 miles wide. You can drop any other state inside our borders and they wouldn't touch the sides. Its big. It's why a 300 mile round trip doesn't even phase us. Just another day of the week.

Life is good. The new job is a hassle and the kids have the flu but its sure nice talking to you Dad. Some Harry Chapin for ya!  It is good. I love the challenge. And believe it or not (Ripley has the trademark) I think it will give me more time to blog.

I know! Kind of hard to wrap your arms around it. But yet, here I am, posting again.

Pam has set the mark. Though the rest of you have given up, she continues to comment. The gauntlet has been thrown.

Grab what little respect you still have left for this miserable place and match her. I dare you. Do you have the pills? Make it so.

COTR is back (hopefully, he meekly types) with a vengeance.

No longer will I be politically correct. No longer will I continue to be held back. I will wear my emotions on my sleeve. So different for me. I really want to call someone a cocksucker. But I won't. It's the dawn of a new time.

More respectful of other viewpoints. More open. Hearing what someone else has to say. Weighing those options before I tell them they are full of shit. That they have no idea of what is going on. It's a new, gentler MRM.

Wait. That's crap. I am me. Can't change it.

Stay tuned for more.

Just sayin



Pam said...

Your posts are easy for commenting, since they are so few and far between. Easy to catch them before the next one rolls around. Heh. Also, turnabout is fair play so they say. Comment?

Love that Harry Chapin song, but not as much as "Taxi". Now there is a song. It was raining hard in Frisco. I needed one more fare to make my night. A lady up ahead waved to flag me down. She got in at the light.

Milk River Madman said...

Pammy posted. I will let the "they are so few and far between" comment slip.

What say you Troll, Boxer, Chickory? BK, Karl?

Fair enough. I've been anything but reliable.