Friday, April 13, 2012

Hanging with The Prodigy

So last week I went to Sheridan for the annual watching of the Masters with TP. This week he and his lovely bride LB came to Bozeman for the Montana Beer Festival.  I attended with them tonight though I'm not a beer guy. TP has his own brewery. I'm not saying this because he is just a good friend, I'm saying this as a non-beer drinker. His beer is fabulous.  His partner is a multiple award winner at beer fests all over the northwest and they have won awards in every competition they have entered. Well I think they have. He can verify that if HE even reads this anymore.

Buzz, you need to make a vacation plan and come to Montana. See Yellowstone and then drive to Sheridan, it's only four soft hours. You and TP will be immediate friends even without dropping my name ( which you should do to get the MRM discount). I say this to you because I think you have mentioned that you like good beer. I'll buy you and your family dinner. They can have anything they like as long as it fits through a straw.

LB, TP's wife, is more fun than stepping on baby ducks. She just tells it like it is with sarcasm and a great smile on her face. She would read that comment and say "what does that even mean?" and then just laugh.

Keep up the faith kids. It's a long row to hoe.

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