Friday, May 18, 2012

Random thoughts #25

1) Yes I know I said I was on hiatus.  I guess I decided to say that because I was tired of making promises I wasn't keeping. It's not who I am. Rather than say "I'll be back" and not be, I decided to just quit and do it when I can. Maybe that is why I'm posting a bit more. Because I said I wouldn't. Who knows.

2) I talk too much. I'm a talker. Way overboard in that aspect. I admit it. That being said, if I say anything tonight that I've already said it's because I've become to dumb I can't remember if I've said it or not. However my subconscious takes over and I suppose that is why I may repeat myself. Because I think it's worth saying again.

3) I stepped into a shitstorm with this new job. I knew I was getting into something that was in a bad way but had no idea how bad. That being said, I will play the hand that was dealt, do my best and see what happens. I have a theory about renting equipment. Now is my chance to see if it works. I will sink or swim on it. Bet my house that, if followed through, it is right. At the end of the day, if I'm wrong, I'll live with the consequences. Stay tuned.

4) The LBOH is  eight weeks away. I hope to have great pictures and videos of this remarkable event that my great friends have been carrying on for 23 years now. Buzz and Karl, did you book your flights to Bozeman yet?

5) I love music and Ralph, Delmer and I share it constantly. Youtube is a great thing. Music is our youth. It takes us back to when things weren't so complicated. Cherish it. Share it.

6) I miss Malta everyday. You all know how much it means to me. Somehow now, at 49, I keep thinking about it. If I hadn't left, my house would have been paid for ($197.00 a month) I could be working with my brother, have his kids at my house a couple of nights a week, see my Mother every day. Despite how good I have it, and I do, it makes me long for Malta so.

7) That being said. Life is good. I welcome the challenge, and as stated, will sink or swim. If I lose, so be it. I'm debt free, except the house which I'm not crooked on, and go on. I'm luckier than most.

8) If you want America to survive then you have to vote against Obama. Plain and simple. I'm not saying that Romney will make life perfect but Barry will crush this nation. Plain and simple.

9) I had a phone call from a friend of mine this week. He is a great man. Haven't heard from him in a bit.  His kids are involved in sports and school activities. He follows them closely. I however do not. I need to do better now. When I first met him, his boy was active and his daughter in diapers They are in high school now. He needed a favor from me which I quickly granted. He said "I know from your blog how busy you are" Kevin, I had no idea how faithful you followed this bit of bullshit. Thank you KB. St. Louis is on the map.

10) I've switched from Crown to VO.  I had an epiphany a while ago. Ralph lost his brother in 2007 in a freak accident. Growing up with Ralph in the manner I did, I was blessed to be good friends with his brother Matt.  Matt, or Butch as I knew him, always drank VO on the rocks. It's a great Canadian whiskey. Has a little more tart than Crown but good nonetheless. The last time I saw Matt was in Bozeman. He was the mayor of Wolf Point. My brother Bill was in Bozeman and we were having a drink at the Grantree. Butch walked in and spotted me. "Gibbs! How are you?"  He looked down and saw my brother Bill. "A pair of Gibbs', that's a losing hand." Bill and I drank with Butch and never saw him again. If you ever get to Wolf Point, Montana go into a bar and order a Golik. They will know what you want.

11) Blogfest 2013 will be in Bozeman the week of February 9th. Mark it on your calendars.

12 My brother Pat bought land next to the golf course in Malta a couple of years ago. I told nephew Spencer that I would buy any golf balls he found that were Titlest or Callaway for a dollar if they were in good shape. Spencer called me last week "Uncle Chip. When are you coming home?" I told him Memorial Weekend. "You'd better have lots of money because I have lots of golf balls." I asked my sis-in-law "How many does he have?' She responded "48 by Spencer's count".  It will cost me less to buy drinks at The Mint next Friday.

13) My Mother's husband has been stricken with Bells Palsy. He is 84. As good a man that has ever walked the Earth. My heart aches.

14) Have nothing after that.

Safe Journeys,



Buzz Kill said...

I just went to a bar last night for a couple of beers with one of my brothers and one of my sisters for the first time in many years. I can't even remember the last time. And even though I had a pass from The Mrs to do it, she's already giving me grief. Do you really think I can come to Bozeman?

Sorry to hear about your Mother's husband. I looked it up and it seems the prognosis for recovery is pretty good. Hope that works out.

Milk River Madman said...

Thank Buzz,
Just give me Mrs. Buzz's email and I'll get you out here. Easy enough.

BigSkyFlyGuy said...

When can we expect to see the first Blog at 'VO on the rocks?'

Milk River Madman said...

Great question BSFG. How about when you have your third child? Or when you can come over for a drink? My money is on the third kid. Just sayin.

Ralph said...

Thanks for the kind words about Matt Chip. He was a great man and I still miss him a lot. LBOH, here I come!