Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday - best/favorite actress of the 1970's

Boxer's meme has been left temporarily in my less than capable hands.  I'm kind of like Homer Simpson running the nuclear power plant right now.  I don't know what I'm doing and I'm pretty sure it's going to end badly.  Sounds like most of my relationships as well.

My favorite actor from the 1990's is Kevin Spacey.  Not only did he star in one of my favorite movies of all time "The Usual Suspects" but..............oops............this is the week for best/favorite actress from the 1970's.  Almost stepped in it again.  

My favorite actress from the 1970's is Diane Keaton and it wasn't easy. Who's coming up with this stuff anyway?  I mean, I was alive in the 70's and went to a bunch of movies and I couldn't come up with a good one.  Most the "award winners" were people I wouldn't go watch because all of their movies were too serious.  After some research I made my decision on a couple of things.  Did I see any of her movies, did I like the movies and did I like her?  That really narrowed things down as I never saw anything Meryl Streep did.  Only saw one Julie Christie Movie and I watched a lot of Talia Shire including, Prophecy , but I had to go with Keaton.  It was a judgement call.  Plus I think she's just a touch better looking and in my world that's usually the tiebreaker.  Especially given that they are almost the exact same age.  I think Diane jumped on the Neutrogena band wagon just a a little bit before Talia. I'm guessing 15-20 years by the looks of things.  Anyway, here's a clip from Looking for Mr. Goodbar.  As usual I couldn't find the one I wanted from The Godfather so this is what you get.  Richard Gere in a jockstrap.

Reminded me of this clip from Strange Brew.

Another great clip from Strange Brew. "Some British new wave band. Beauty sound." Just for you TP.

Haven't quite decided on a theme for next week.  Still kicking a couple of ideas around but will have one up in the next day or two.  Kudos to Pam for getting her post up early thus avoiding a blog jinx.  Well played.


Princess said...

Nice call with Dianne K.
I'm up at the palais and ready to go.
Happy MCW.

Joanna Cake said...

I loved her in Annie Hall but I wasnt so much of a movie watcher in the 70s which is the reasoning behind my own selection this week :)

Buzz Kill said...

I thought I was running the nuclear plant...doh!

Yeah, Diane Keaton was a sort of a wholesome hottie in a bar-hopper role in Goodbar. I forgot Gere was in it and didn't need to see him in a jock. The 70s was a tough time for movies and especially actresses. The 80s and 90s were much better.

I'm up at the Buzzkill with - UNION (yeah, I know but you'll understand).

I will try to get around to see everyone tonight but that didn't work out too well last week and the Mrs has me doing something tonight. Plus it's so friggin hot I don't feel like doing anything.

Happy MCW!

moi said...

I have always liked Diane Keaton. A true original in many ways, and Looking For Mr. Goodbar was a truly shocking movie. Rare thing, these days.

Thanks for hosting again and I'm UP at Bitetheapple. I'll be around later to scope out everyone's picks.

Pam said...

Oooh, good choice. I thought about Diane Keaton based on Annie Hall, totally forgot about this movie. And those early Richard Gere movies????????? No problem viewing them for this gal. :)

Heff said...

Dayum, can I get a "Raquel Welch" out of ANYBODY !?!?

Buzz Kill said...

How you went from Richard Gere to the McKenzie Brothers is a little bewidering to me, but Strange Brew is a great movie.

Heff, we're talking about actresses here. Raquel was eye candy. Joanna Cake had a good one for you.

Milk River Madman said...

Thanks everyone for playing and for your great picks. BK, Richard Gere and Bob M are both wearing jocks.

wingaling said...

I've never paid much attention to Annie Hall before. To me it was just okay.

But thank you, Honey, for reminding me that Richard Gere was HOT HOT even before American Gigolo.

By the way, I would like to note there is not much of a stretch physically speaking between Dianne Keaton and and Diane Lane? Hmmmm....if only my name was...Di..?

You know I love you!