Friday, November 6, 2009

Cats vs PSU

Short blog today as I am heading to the center of the universe.

The Cats have PSU in Portland tomorrow.  The Cats will be a little healthier than last week.  Not a lot to report here.  MSU can win out and have a decent shot of going to the playoffs but one loss in the next three sinks any chance of playing after Thanksgiving.

The griz all but sewed up there 370th consecutive conference title last week with a dominating performance against Weber State.  Hmmm, maybe Weber was just a one-hit wonder last year.  The griz and there gay flamboyant head coach will coast until November 21st when the dark pink invades Reno H. Sales Stadium for the 109th "Brawl of the Wild".  The girz are rolling right now.  The only edge I give the Cats is home field.  Maybe rushing defense but that's it.  One thing though, in a rivalry, anything can happen.

ND could still lose two more games this year.  U Conn and Stanford will give Coach Largepants all he can handle.  You can watch this entire scene from the 1979 classic Meatballs or just skip to the 2:24 mark for the reference.

Malta lost in the first round.  I'm seriously worried about the Earth imploding.  The first round? Really? "And then depression set in."  This blog with the youtube thing is really starting to take off. "Talk about massive potential for growth!"  Rated R for nudity.  1:56 mark for the reference. 

Have a good weekend.

Go Cats

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