Thursday, November 19, 2009

I don't do much

This is the biggest sports weekend of the year for me.  The Cat/hippy game is huge here in the state of Montana.  On this weekend, there really is no gray area. You are a Bobcat or a griz.  I know that I have some out of state followers so I'll try to put it into perspective.  Montana is a state of about one million people. Most of them are from small towns like me. When you meet someone its "oh, do you know so and so" . Montana is really a large city with really long streets.  However, this thing has been going on for 109 years, so here in Montana it is HUGE.

I am excited for this game.  The superbowl, the BCS championship game, the Masters, the World Series? They mean nothing to me compared to the Cat/griz.

So for all of the out of staters who read this mindless rabble, if you want to take a break I don't fault you a bit.   I bought a new wind top that is so obnoxiously gold and loud that it hurts my eyes and I love it!

The griz are much better than most Cat fans will give them credit for but I'm hoping we will be ready to play. They are ranked 3rd in the country and if we can knock them out of a home field advantage run for the playoffs that will be awesome.

Go Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tanaya said...

I'll be wearing my lucky everything tomorrow and crossing every digit, but I probably won't watch the whole game. I can't stand it and feel like the Cats start doing poorly as soon as I begin watching/listening.

Please God, have mercy on me, I cannot take one more smirk or back handed compliment from Bobby Hauck.