Thursday, November 19, 2009

Letter to the editor #4

Recently the daily rag of a newspaper added a couple of local columnists to its opinion rotation.  On, Rich Sherlock, is a local business owner.  His first article was about the impending financial disaster health care bill.  It didn't take long for some liberal wussy with a shrivelled up nut sack to make a bunch of stupid statements my comments are in blue.

I was extremely disappointed to read Rich Sherlock’s maiden column (Oct. 28). His writing reveals the same non-thought processes as those of Tamara Hall, then he should be an excellent read every week. Two examples:

“Only individuals can be compassionate; government can’t.”

Why not? Government is a reflection of the people (at least in my democracy) c’mon John, don’t you mean our democracy which is actually a representative republic, and if I am compassionate, then why cannot my representative government pass compassionate laws, for example those regarding handicapped individuals or the victims of crimes or disasters? Compassion is an emotion, and governments do not feel emotion. Governing with emotion instead of logic will lead us to destruction. Hey, wait a minute. We’ve done that. Anyone who can use the public library (another government social program) what? The library is a government social program? or access the Internet the internet is a government social program? could discover these “compassionate” acts of government.

“No social program has ever succeeded in solving the problem for which it was created.”

Like the Food and Drug Administration? Uh, not a social program there John its a regulatory agency Which did not get rid of the sale of diseased meat, poisons posing as medicines, and misleading labeling? Like the GI Bill, designed originally to provide educational opportunities for WW II veterans and reduce post-war unemployment. It didn’t work? It worked but is it a “social” program? No.

Get out your history book, Mr. Sherlock. Like the Marshall Plan, to rebuild war-torn Europe and keep it from going communist? What are your views to doing this in Iraq I wonder. History book time again, Sherlock. Social Security, compassionately designed to provide retirement saving accounts for those without the resources to buy stocks and bonds. Hasn’t worked? Its broke you fucking moron. There is no money in it. Besides that, it was designed as a way for people to supplement their own retirement. It was also never supposed to be higher than 2% of your personal earnings and its been raided sinced the 60's.  Thats why it doesn't have any money in it. Why don't you read a book, dipshit.Talk to your grandmother. Voting Rights Act. Mr. Sherlock, do you know anything about the history of racial discrimination in our nation, and how effective this 1965 legislation was, and is, in providing social justice for people of color in the nation? It provided social justice but is it a social program? The answer is no.Yes, they can vote, and the democrats have been making the same tired promises to them for years. It also was passed because Republicans blocked southern Democrats from filibustering it but I digress.

Editor, are you not embarrassed to provide a showplace for such ignorance in your publication? If the editor wasn't embarrassed before, he/she definitely is now. Please provide us with an intelligent and educated local conservative to share his or her opinions in the Chronicle. Just read my blog.

John Imawuss,   Bozeman

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