Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cat/griz post two

There is just a little over 48 hours until the 109th Brawl of the Wild.  The greatest rivalry in sports.  This is a pure good vs. evil matchup.  Montana State University, the land grant college established in 1893 for the  common good of our great state.  A place where an education gets you more than a low entry level government job.  We produce engineers who build our roads and bridges.  We produce chemists who cure diseases and send projects on the space shuttle to be studied.  We have one of the top agricultural programs in the nation to help feed the world.  Pre-med degrees from MSU can get you into almost any medical program in the country.

The university of Montana produces hippies who live off of welfare.  They have a major in protesting so that trust fund babies can go to college and pretend to be educated and "make a difference". You can get a law degree at um.  Just what the world needs, more lawyers. They vote for liberals who are against logging and then complain when the mills are shutdown.

The coaches are in complete contrast.  We have  Rob Ash, as classy as the day is long. A man who stepped into a program that was on the verge of imploding. Academic probation, loss of scholarships and practice time, a sub-par APR all stood before him.  He took over in July of 2007 when his predecessor had been let go just before the start of the season. None of his own recruits on this team. Some resentment from the players.  Nothing that looked fun.  What has he done since?  Well, the Cats are off probation, have their full slate of scholarships back as well as full schedule of practices.  All of this before the start of this season.   In 2009 Ash was named second vice president of the American Football Coaches Association. According to AFCA tradition he would move up first vice president in 2010 and president in 2011. Guys like Mack Brown from Texas and Jim Tressel from OSU are on this board.

 Coach Ash sums up his philosophy this way, “We instill a commitment in our players to win every day,” Ash said. “We want our players to win in the classroom and win in the community by making quality choices. Winning on the football field follows, as does shaping the lives of these young people in a way that will lead to success throughout their lives.”  Nuff said.

Meanwhile, down the road:

They have  a man who is so despised by his own fan base that despite his record, there is a slow movement asking for him to leave. His name is  Satan  Bobby Hauck. His reign of terror tenure over this football program has been significant.  Robberies and murders by players were all but been ignored by the local and state media.  His latest  negative publicity comes from a feud he is having with the college newspaper because they dared report on a couple of griz football players  assaulting another student..  The feud has been featured on Sports Illustrated's website. Yeah, the guy wins football games but a bigger douchebag in the state, outside of the governor's office, is hard to find.
This is Aragorn vs. Sauron.  Churchill vs. Hitler.   Batman vs. the Joker.  Ghostbusters vs. Gozer the Gozerian.  Luke Skywalkler vs. The Emperor.  Delta House vs. Omega. You get the picture. Its time for the Bobcats to cast out the dark pink demons.  Let that time be Saturday afternoon.


h said...

I was rooting for the Emperor to kill Skywalker but I get your point.

In the small world department, a buddy of mine played football for Ash at VERY VERY small-world Juniata College.

Milk River Madman said...


That is a small world as that was one of Coach Ash's first jobs. I was fortunate to have lunch with him right after he was hired and have been a fan ever since. A sincere, genuine guy for sure.