Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cats vs Sac State.

So, the Cats dominated PSU on a very rainy Saturday 28-10.  Sac State this weekend and then the dark pink on November 21.  Sac State isn't a game they should overlook but it isn't one they should lose either.  I'm not trying to keep it short but I have a lot to do this week.  I leave Wednesday for Billings then hopping a plane Thursday at 6 AM with The Prodigy for Phoenix. We have some golf and NASCAR to get in so my blogging time is limited.  If the Cats can win, and then beat the minions of hell next week, then they should go to the playoffs.  Lose either of these games and its next year.

The dark pink and gray squeaked out a last second win over win-less Idaho State 12-10.  It's what good teams do but the griz may have been exposed, especially in the secondary.  If there is one thing to learn from this game its that Mariani needs two guys to cover him and when the game is on the line, he is there go to guy.

In South Bend, Navy kicked the living shit out of ND.  Again.  Its the second time in three years and ND got lucky to win last year.  Ask not for whom the bell tolls Charlie. It tolls for thee.

For the  Midshipmen.

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BigSkyFlyGuy said...

Good Luck in Phoenix...GO MARK GO! I think your presence alone should fuel OMB to victory lane! Cheers.