Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Phoenix quick post

So, The Prodigy (TP) and I spent 5 days and 4 nights in Phoenix we golfed Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tim is a 6.4 and I am a 19.9.  We determined (and when I say "we" I mean "I" and the USGA) that I would receive 13 shots a round as determined by the handicapped holes on the golf courses we were playing.

Long story short, in 54 holes, at a dollar each, I lost one American dollar. ONE!  Now, TP didn't play to his ability but then neither did I.  The 13 strokes difference in our handicap worked out just like the USGA thought it would but if you could have heard "you're not playing like a 19" as many times in 54 holes as I did, and you were me, then you would be quite happy with the outcome. As I am. I mean, I lost a $70 dollar bottle of scotch at our Masters weekend in Sheridan this past April and I didn't cry like a churlish little girl. But, that's just me.  I win and lose like a champion.  If I had a better putter, I would have crushed him on Saturday. I eagerly await your response to this my vertically challenged friend.

We played golf, I taught TP a card game that he now hates and will never play again, we had a great time at the race, we drove in the "big city" traffic like it was no big deal. Well except for a little slip up leaving the rental car center but, hey, no harm no foul. We found a great track, the Golf Club of Estralla and it was AWESOME!  I put that in caps for a reason.  $40 for 18 holes and a cart. The flipping Coronas made up the difference, $30 a six pack, but nonetheless a beautiful layout. Great holes, nice views, rattlesnake country, the entire package.

The race was kind of boring as Jimmy "I'm so fucking lucky that Jeff Gordon found me and sponsored me" Johnson dominated but a fun time nonetheless. Our seats were just to left of Kurt Busch's car (the blue one) in this picture. This is the first lap. Good times, a great trip.  I'll post some more pictures later.


Pam said...

Sounds like a great trip! We never did find the Nascar track when we were there this summer. What part of Phoenix is it? The car racing has been totally boring to me. Only good thing about Jimmy Johnson? Married to an Okie girl. Otherwise, if he would just lose his temper and throw a tantrum, which surely must be lurking inside, he might win some fans or at least some love-to-haters.

Milk River Madman said...


Its in the NW corner about 8 miles off of I-10. Jimmy doesn't lose his temper. He's cooler than the other side of the pillow.

The Prodigy said...

Okay... Let's establish 2 things. A) I wasn't the 1st of the foursome to mention the "not playing like a 19", it came from a guy who had seen 14 holes out of you! And 2... You take pitch and shove it up your Highline, Milk River lovin ass! Maybe if the rules could have been laid out completely instead of through your recollection of one point for Chip at a time I might entertain it again! "Oh yea, I think that Joker might be worth something, I'll have to ask Eric"

Milk River Madman said...

On the contrary my vertically challenged friend, on the FIRST hole at Estrella on Friday, I striped my drived down the middle and you immediately mentioned that I "didn't hit that like a 19", now our two playing companions mentioned it as well, but they were only following your lead.

On the card game, I NEVER took a point upon remembering a rule. The only rule I questioned was whether the Joker counted in the total count after all the tricks were played, and we deteremined we would not count it. Your powers of recollection are extremely poor when you are on the short end of the stick. Funny that.

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