Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some light reading

Its always time to talk politics here at Crown on the Rocks.  So I went out and found some light reading.

First an article by Byron York about the coming divide in the Democratic party.  The thing that is interesting to me is that if far left loons, are there any other kind, keep pushing moderate/conservative Dems out, where will they go?  Don't buy into the notion being presented by the MSM about a divide in the Republican Party.  GWB took hold of the party when he was in office.  He ran on the right and governed in the middle just like his dad.  He was better at it than his father so he was able to stay for two terms, but lets not call him a conservative. I never have and never will.  He did manage to keep the conservatives from power within the party and that's where the division came from.  Now that he is back in Crawford enjoying his retirement, the moderate establishment is being taken to task for their poorly ran campaigns of 2008. 

Make no mistakes, conservative Republicans will be back in force in '10.  And let this be a word to the wise, if you run as a conservative, you'd better damn sure vote as one.  Last night's elections show that this country is already weary of Barry.  If he continues down this communist/socialist path, his demise is all but ensured.  The damage he can do along the way though will be irreparable.  We must hope that health care and cap and trade both go down in flames.

At The Daily Beast there is a nice article by Matt Latimer, a former speech writer for GWB and D. Rumsfeld. It's about how Rush and the others didn't have the ear of the last administration as much as people like to believe.  Maybe if they had, we'd be in better shape.

Here's an article about tipping that is pretty good.  Goes along with the  scene from Reservoir Dogs (I didn't want to post the scene up directly so I just gave the link.  Rated "R" for strong language and sexual content but I like how Tarantino writes.


Pam said...

Wish I could really comment on this post. However, I will say that there is always a divide in a party. My experience is that there is a Repubs divide between the conservative Christian aspect and the fiscal conservative aspect. And the two don't always meet in the middle. And probably there are divides even in between all of that.

Milk River Madman said...

You are 100% correct. The fact that the MSM pretends that this only occurs in the Republican Party is what bothers me. They will do whatever they can to further drive the wedge but there is nary a peep when the same thing is happening in the Dem party.

Its like when Zell Miller spoke at the 2004 convention. He was "angry" and not a "real Democrat" yet whenever John McCain goes against republicans he's a "maverick"

h said...

You're right in saying that the MSM is obsessed with yakking about "the divide" in the GOP and trying to make it bigger problem than it is.

The truth is this:

1) The GOP has a BROAD range of people who do more than merely vote every 2-4 years. People who volunteer their time, contribute money, and support candidates in primary elections. I know because I've been involved in 4 counties in two States. The ACTIVISTS are as broad as the party. No one group dominates.

2) By contrast, the ACTIVISTS in the Traitor-Democrat-Party-Of-Filth are mostly leftist nutjobs. They're about
the ONLY ones who volunteer. A tiny group of wacko leftist uber-rich provide about 92% of donations. And they're the only kinds of democrats who consistently vote in primaries. A tiny group dominates their process because of commitment and money.