Friday, November 20, 2009

ITS ON !!!!!

In Helena (supposedly)

The time draws near. As I type these words, our town is being invaded by hippies.   Hippies, malcontents, tree-huggers, liberals.  The whole nine yards.  They'll be drinking their dark beers and singing their horrible fight song.  I am weary of them already.  Tomorrow the great unwashed will enter our stadium and bring their dark pink sweatshirts with them. The horror.

Coach Bealzebub Hauck prepares his team.

We must prevail.  The Earth depends on it.  First Obama and now a 12th straight conference title for the minions of hell. 


Ralph said...

My condolences on the game Chip, but on a brighter note the Irish will finish 6 and 6. My twenty will be in the mail.

Milk River Madman said...

6 and 6 and fucking lucky to do that. I am going to miss Charlie. They will get someone good this time.

Just like 'Bama did for 10-15 years, they will not settle this time. They will hire a true, proven college coach but until they join a conference, they will always be pussies.