Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The future is now.

Today is, as we all know, is election day. I believe that Barry the pseudo Christian will be elected. Hopefully what damage he does to this country will be minimized by one four year term.

Barack Obama brings nothing to the table that virtually every other candidate had except his skin color. You see, its cool to vote for Barry and say you helped elect the first black president, even though he is really an Arab, which, if you are Arab, is totally different but we will talk about that another day.

Obama's ideas were barely different than Hillary's but the media's love affair with Hillary was waining so they put their full might behind a man who's political experience was very light and whose voting record in the US Senate was non-existent. His ideas virtually mirror those of Dennis Kucinich but there really isn't anything cool about ol' Dennis except for his hot wife.

No, Barry will be swept to the presidency on a wave of white guilt from voters over 30 and the attitude of "its cool to vote for the black guy" by voters under 30.

Of course, this isn't totally the fault of the aforementioned. I lay a good part of the blame on east coast republicans, or as we call them in Montana, democrats. You see, east coasters aren't true conservatives. They bought into the notion that a conservative couldn't win in November. They believed the New York Times when it said that McCain, their favorite republican, could mount a challenge against any democrat where a conservative candidate would most certainly fail.

The east coasters and mid-westerners bought into this and by the time the rest of the field could figure out what was going on, the "Maverick", was on his way to the nomination and this election was all but over.

I've never liked John McCain. Yes, what he did in Vietnam was incredible and he truly is a war hero but as a republican, he has always put himself first and the party second. His narcissism is second only to that of his opponent's which to me says that he really is a democrat. He did his best to undermine President Bush with campaign finance reform (how's that treating you now Johnny boy?) and the gang of 14 to keep Bush from nominating the justices he really wanted. He did all he could to distance himself from GW. Until he won the nomination. Now he is trying to pass himself off as a conservative, which he most certainly isn't. His lack of support from the base will cost him this election, the sad part is that it most certainly will cost our great nation by electing a man whose political ideals more closely resemble Lenin's than Roosevelt's.

I believe that an Obama presidency will be devastating on both the economic and homeland security fronts. His economic plan cannot and will not succeed without raising taxes on virtually everyone and especially the middle class. This probably won't come totally in the form of income taxes, but will come in the form of other taxes that adversely effect the middle and lower class. I'm talking about a federal raise in sin taxes and fuel taxes and other similar taxes that rich people can afford and that make the rest of us struggle.

On homeland security it is amazing that his call for a "domestic military" has gone unchallenged. Does he plan to declare marshall law immediately or will he wait until he has his "domestic military" in place? What is its' real purpose? Why do we even need this? There should be hundreds if not thousands of questions being asked about this and yet the media is very silent.

For those of you who vote for Barry, live with your choice. In four years, or less, you will realize what the rest of us already knew. He is a snake oil salesman. Geraldine Ferraro was right when she commented about Barry earlier this spring. It's too bad the future of the nation will suffer for what was so painfully obvious back then.

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