Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A new leader

Well, we have a new president. I wish him the best. I also weep for the future.

Barry is not a leader of a country. He is a charmer and he fooled many people, myself not being one.

Predictions for his first 180 days in office:

1) He will pass a tax increase that will not even come close to his campaign promise. He will raise taxes on everyone making more than $80k a year. The democratic congress will change his tax plan and he will sign their bill proclaiming "it isn't what I wanted but what this country needs" that makes him not a liar, but a fucking liar.

2) He will pass a bill ( or at least try to) that makes abortion, not only like getting a penicillin shot, but he will also make parental consent non-existent. If he has his way, you will be able to kill a two week old child after the fact if you think that is not right to have it.

3) He will outlaw (or at least try) ALL semi-automatic weapons. Barry hates guns and gun owners. He will disguise this as "a law being against assault weapons". Please, how does a shotgun that can only fire three rounds qualify as an assault weapon.

4) Lastly, he will re-institute the "Fairness Doctrine" which is an abridgement to free speech. If he is really a "man of the people" as he claims, then this will be a travesty to all of us. It won't end with talk radio. It will go to print and the blogosphere. Even his own website would not let opinions be published that were contrary to his. John McCain allowed all comments.

He is a Marxist and those of you that have voted for him will reap what you've sown. I'm not one of you.

If, in four years of his presidency, I am proven wrong I will apologize for the world to see. I have four years to work on it and I won't start until day 1459.

Again, I weep for the future. Palin in 2012.

Barry has not, for one minute fooled me, and I am sad that he has fooled so many.

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