Thursday, November 6, 2008

NAU Pregame

I'm excited about this week and I like our chances. I'm not thrilled that Iddins is being thrown in the deep end of the pool. As noted, I would like to have seen him start against Suck State but hey, we will see what he's made of.

The defense was spectacular last week and I still think Kempt had an OK game. He had four drops, three of which would have went for first downs. I like that he is at least taking off if he can't find a receiver. What I don't like are two things. First, it looks to me as though he really locks onto his receivers. Second is just the opposite. When he isn't locking on, he takes way to much time to check down. I'm convinced that he looks great in practice but game day is not his cup of tea. Let's see what Iddins can do.

DC ran great last week but Palmer needs some carries and not just when they are in Remely formation. NAU will be wanting to exact some revenge after getting their asses kicked the last two weeks. I say we make it three and keep our playoff hopes on life support. If we win the next two, the dark pink just may get a little nervous come November 22. First things first though, beat NAU.

Speaking of cheating queers, um is playing pretty good football right now. Their defense is stepping up, their running game is half solid and Cole Berquist is playing as well as any QB in the conference. Please God, let someone beat them besides us. Amen.

From Kissing Suzy Kolber:

Okay, Everybody: The Snapcount is Two Snaps and a Twist

Heeeeyyyyyyyy fellas, gonna check out my big coming out party this evening? It’s be there or be there with a bear. Much better than those spontaneous…things…that happened when the Barry won the White House. I’m still not ready to talk about it. A lot of pumpkin spice Blue Moons went into drowning out that sorrow.

That’s not even funny. I wasn’t for the Obama man. I was all about my homegirl Palin. Shit, Homegirl was gonna do it up right and spend half the treasury on interior design for the Naval Observatory. I could go for some navel observation myself. Ooooooooh. In-spir-RAY-tion!
I hope I don’t get tackled too rough now. It’d really scuff this argyle sweater Homegirl bought for me at Neiman Marcus. I better not have to give it back now that she lost. I already spilled seminal fluid all over it.Who knows? Maybe if I do good we get one of those
Super Bowl things people get all torqued up about.
So c’mon, Denver. It’s on like throbbing dong. You’ve already let a few offenses have their way with you, you little sluts. What’s one more reaming from Brady gonna hurt you?
I’m just so happy to be off the sideline. Everybody’s all Gloomy Guses over there, always complaining about when Romeo wastes timeouts and never in the mood for letting be
Sasha Fierce. All’s I know is whatever that Super Bowl thing is, I’d be hard pressed to beat the bowl I already got. KSK***

KSK is a great website. A big thanks to them for having lots of crap about Brady. It sure makes life easier and its nice to know there are other great minds out there.

You have to feel sorry for the goldendomers. They come out beating Pitt 17-3 and are in total control of the ballgame. They let Pitt back in at 17-17 but go up 24-17 with 6 minutes to play only to let Pitt score and put it into quadruple overtime where ND would eventually lose. It breaks your heart really bwhahahahahahahaha bwhahahahahahaha I almost made it through that without laughing my ass off. Nice work you disgusting pile of blubber. Hey, why can't Charlie Weiss go skinny dipping in Japan? Because the haven't outlawed whaling yet. They will get beat again this week by God's real team Boston College.

The class B football playoffs are over. We will not speak of them again until 2009.

My Denton Trojans play the very tough Twin Bridges somethingorothers. C'mon Denton. Make it happen. The tradition.

I was in some store the other day and they had Christmas decorations out. Good grief. What are you gonna do? I'll join em. In the spirit of the season, I've written a Christmas carol. This is to be sung to the tune of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

Oh, I'm starting to pout
I'm telling you why
He's gonna raise my taxes way to high
Obama Claus is coming to town

He's taking my guns
Thats not very nice
ACORN made sure that we could all vote twice
Obama Claus is coming to town

He'll tax us when we're sleeping
He'll spend when we're awake
He'll look at all the 1040A's to know just how much to take and take and take

Soooooo its making me sad
I'm telling the truth
Stupid people shouldn't be allowed in the voting booth
Obama Claus is comi i i i ing
Obama Claus is comi i i i ing
Obama Claus is comi i i i ing to town.

Safe journeys,
Go Cats,


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