Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here comes Elvis

Soooooooooo, I've had a couple of drinks with my friend Mike Derzay from Anaconda. It's always good to see Michael. He owes me a ride in his Comanche. I don't care what anyone says, a little Crown never hurt anyone.

The Cats won't make the playoffs. Anyone who thinks so is smoking crack. The loss against EWU was a back breaker. However, they can finish on a high note by pounding Jerry Glanville this Saturday. Hey Jerry, Elvis is dead. Dead like disco. The Cats will run all over PSU this Saturday and I can hardly wait. The boys played their asses off in Flagstaff this weekend. They came from behind, got the lead, gave it back and still came out on top for only the fourth time in the Walk Up Piece of Shitdome. What a hole. No concessions to speak of and there were more fans at any Class C home game. This (NAU) is a good program but absolutely no support. Flagstaff is a cool town. Way up in the mountains. Lots of old brick buildings but no one comes out for the game. Kind of like Missoula before Denny got paid to build their stadium. That is when the griz bandwagon formed and they've always had room for one more person who never even sniffed going to college there to be a "fan".

I'm drinking milk right now.

The other school down the road has been playing great football. I mean really good. Cole Berquist is the best quarterback in the BSC right now. I don't care what anyone says. Weber was lucky. I mean, lucky like like that guy from Havre who won the lottery in '91 picking numbers on his cow ear tags lucky. They will absolutely roll ISU this weekend.

A sign outside of Missoula "Fill up and get three credits. Stay elligible".

However, our defense is stellar. They haven't played against a defense as balanced as ours. But here's the wildcard. Mark Desin. The dark pink homos will only have one game to watch with Desin quarterbacking. Will that be the difference? I don't know, but I do think that gives MSU a bigger advantage than they had last week. I'll be honest though when I say I don't like our chances. Time will tell.

How about those Irish! They managed to squeak one out against Boston College. My bad, ND was SHUTOUT by BC 17-0. They are still not bowl eligible. I'm sure the fighting hackysackers will win against either Syracuse, who sucks, or whatever military academy they play. Lets remember, the Irish played the sixty-seventh easiest schedule in I-A this year. Kudos to them. Its the hardest schedule they've play in at least 20 years. Coach Obese is in jeopardy of losing his job, no one of any worth wants to coach for this overrated shithole of a college football program. Their demise is almost complete. I couldn't be happier.

As I mentioned last week the Class B playoffs are over until next year.

Our Denton Trojans fell to Twin Bridges this past weekend ending their run for their fallen teammates. Hats off to all of the boys from Denton. What might have been if they had not suffered their tremendous tragedy. What a great effort by these young men. To go onto the field every week with this great burden, carrying the memories of their classmates with heavy heavy hearts and playing so well for so long. They are truly THE TRADITION. Godspeed to all of those fine players and their tremendous fans. You have nothing to hang your heads about boys. You did your fallen classmates proud. We all wish we had the heart all of you showed us these past few weeks.

I'll end this on a high note. After Barry won the election last week, I was listening to Opie and Anthony on XM radio. A point was made that President-elect I wontgetanythingdone won the women's vote. One of the guys in the studio said "women can vote now?" the response was "yes they can." The gentleman replied " who drove them"? If you don't think that's funny, you are retarded.

Safe journeys

Go Cats,


PS I'm gonna have a Crown.

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