Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What a crummy night for television. No Family Guy, no good Monster Quest and Top Chef sucked donkey balls.

The elimination challenge was to make your own hot dog. You grind some meat, put it in cow intestine, throw some mustard and relish on it and wa la. How hard can that be? Some Indian chick (from India, not Fort Belknap) won the quick fire. She was immune from the challenge which was to prepare a meal at Tom the judge's restaurant.

Jill was your loser tonight. I'm not going to lie. If they keep booting all the hot cooks off this season's show and keep the lesbian and uggos on, the only thing that will be worth watching will be Padma. Or as I like to call her, the next Mrs. Gibbs.

Jill's mistake was trying to make a quiche with an ostrich egg. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times and that is don't make quiche and use an egg from a bird that's taller than you.

They are down to fourteen. Its late. I'm tired so I'm going to pack up my knives for the night.

Tomorrow though. I'll try to bring my "A" game. Its Cat/griz baby.


rr256 said...

How many "Next Mrs. Gibbs" are there?

The Prodigy said...

There is a "Next Mrs. Gibbs" for every dollar of Federal Bailout money spent!